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4. Secret Stages

Secret Stages are unlocked by liberating worlds, which has mostly nothing to do on your part except for getting through a certain stage in the story. You don't need S Ranks for any of these six stages, and you also don't have to complete any in a certain time frame. The playlist below contains my own best times just to use as an amateur reference to completing the levels quickly if you find yourself interested in improving your time.

Sonic Forces | Personal Best Times

Mystic Jungle - Fire Cannon 1

This mission unlocks after beating Stage 14, which is Mystic Jungle - Aqua Road. It's really simple and takes about 40 seconds or so to do on your first try. Again, you don't even need an S Rank, which is 950,000 points or higher, but you'll likely get one anyway.

City - Vanish Panel 1

This mission unlocks after you complete City - Red Gate Bridge. The catch here is that the yellow panels disappear within a few seconds of you touching them. You can jump straight through the thinner ones like you'd be able to with other platforms you've seen in other stages, so you can do that to speed things up if you wanted. An S Rank is earned by scoring at least 930,000 points.

Green Hill - Bomb Block 1

You can play this stage after finishing Green Hill - Guardian Rock. Bomb blocks start ticking once you touch them, so you need to focus on making your way to safety after touching one. It's a pretty straight-forward level, as are all of the Secret Stages. An S Rank requires 950,000 points.

Chemical Plant - Plasma Cannon 1

Secret Stage 4 unlocks after completing Chemical Plant - Network Terminal. There are a bunch of circular-ish machines, obviously plasma cannons, that fire plasma balls in circles every once in a while. The only challenge is learning when and where the plasma balls are fired. You need 950,000 points for an S Rank.

Death Egg - Laser Cannon 1

This stage unlocks after Death Egg - Death Egg, which is a little after 2/3 of the way into the story. The stage is simple; all you have to do is avoid being hit by the lasers. Even if you get hit, you should be close enough to safety, so it doesn't really matter all that much if you get hurt. Especially since you don't need to get an S Rank for any of these stages. For this stage, like most before it, you need 950,000 points to earn an S Rank.

Metropolis - Reverse Block 1

The last Secret Stage unlocks after finishing Stage 24, Metropolis - Null Space. Reverse Blocks are destroyed upon being hit, but they reverse themselves back into existence after a little while. The Burst Wispon is the best choice for this stage due to its reach. The stage as a puzzle is very easy to maneuver, but don't forget that you can also use wire attacks on enemies instead of jumping over blocks and such. This final stage requires 950,000 points to get an S Rank on.

Sonic and the Secret Stages

Cleared all Secret Stages.

Sonic and the Secret Stages
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