Sonic Forces Walkthrough

2. General Hints & Tips

The story to this game is incredibly short, ranging between 2-4 hours for the average player, but finding the collectibles is what really beefs up the time you play the game. Challenge Missions are also available, and you should try to complete those when you get them so you don't have to do as much backtracking later. As for collectibles, finding them is technically a lot easier compared to the last PlayStation title that had Red Star Rings in them, Sonic Generations. Unlike that game, each set of Red Star Rings has a specific order to them, and you can see exactly which ones you're missing from the world map with ease. After collecting all five Red Star Rings, Number Rings appear, and after those are Silver Moon Rings. Thanks to this brilliant design choice by Sonic Team, you'll now have to go through each level a minimum of three times to get all of the collectibles inside of it.

S Ranks, which you need to earn on almost every level, are fairly easy to get once you know the level well enough. If you don't get one on your first try, I suggest coming back to do so after you've gotten all the collectibles so you can better work with the level and its various paths. Back to Challenge Missions, there are some stages that must be completed before a certain amount of time passes; I've included my personal best times as videos to help with this, as specifically describing what to do for each portion of those levels would be ridiculously long. I can't imagine someone would rather spend five minutes or more reading some long and winded description for every one of those challenges instead of simply watching how to do it, which would likely take less than three minutes.

Note: If you have the Episode Shadow DLC, you'll be able to start it at any time from the main menu. I suggest only starting it once you're at least 20 levels into the main story of the game to avoid any confusion plot-wise and so you're familiar with the game first.

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