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11. Episode Shadow: Collectibles

Like the base game, there are Red Star Rings, Number Rings, and Silver Moon Rings hidden inside each of the three levels of the Episode Shadow DLC. Number Rings won't appear until you have all five RSR's, and the Silver Moon Rings won't appear until you've collected the NR's in that level, just like usual.

Sonic Forces | Special Rings

City - Enemy Territory

Boost through the initial part of the stage and you'll automatically hit some springs. Perform homing attacks on the silver balloons above the ground to reach a boost ring at the end of this short area, which takes you to a higher path. The first (1/5) Red Star Ring is here, guarded by a laser robot. Next, drop down to the circular plaza and you'll find another (2/5) Red Star Ring just floating above the center of one of the spike ball pieces. As soon as you get to the 2D half of the level, a string of flying enemies will appear. Perform a homing attack on any of them and hold cn_X so you blast through the entire strand, and quickly attack another silver balloon off in the distance at the end of the trail to get the third (3/5) Red Star Ring. The fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring shows up not much later between two rotating spike ball poles; all you have to do to get this one is jump into it at the right time, and then attack the spring to the right to get out of there once you have it. A little later in the level, Shadow will ask Omega what's wrong, and you'll soon reach another checkpoint. Keep an eye out for another enemy strand that shows up to the right of some rings on ground level. Attacking these puts you near some more silver balloons, and attacking the one to the far right should launch you into the last (5/5) Red Star Ring.

The Number Rings appear in the area just past the last RSR. The one ring that should give you any trouble at all is Ring 4, but all you have to do is stomp down onto it before you touch Ring 3.

You can find the Silver Moon Rings in the same area as the last RSR. They're grouped closely together on the ground, but you're barely given any time to get them. Because of this, you're really going to want to get a running start towards the first SMR. Don't be afraid to force yourself to die in a pit by the Number Rings as many times as necessary so you can try again without having to restart the entire level.

Mystic Jungle - Eggman's Facility

As you should know, the first water slide area splits into two paths; one goes straight forward, and the other goes to the right. You can find the first (1/5) Red Star Ring on the path straight ahead, so take that route instead of the other. The second (2/5) Red Star Ring is above one of the hovering enemies at the end of the first water slide. Just perform homing attacks on the enemies leading up to it and you'll get it just fine. The third (3/5) Red Star Ring is very close to this one, and is above a spike ball pole on the first piece of flat ground you get to after you get through the hovering enemies. Making things even easier is the fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring. This one is stuck inside a golden robot on the higher ledge ahead. Attacking it three times will open it up and release the RSR. The last (5/5) Red Star Ring is at the very end of the level. Attack hovering enemies as far to the right and as high up as you can so you can reach the boost rings above the last bit of solid ground in the level.

The Number Rings are placed above enemies in the same area that you find the second RSR. Just move cn_LS in the direction of the next NR until you get all five.

The Silver Moon Rings are on the path leading to the right on the first set of water slides. These can be particularly frustrating to collect due to the numerous robots floating around in the water, so it may end up being a test of patience.

Green Hill - Virtual Reality

The first (1/5) Red Star Ring should be clearly visible in a corner at the start of the stage. The second (2/5) Red Star Ring is plain in sight along the main path, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding that one. There are two big areas in the stage filled with Phantom Ruby energy that moves in circular paths. In the first one, you can find the third (3/5) Red Star Ring on a ledge to the far right side; don't forget that you can boost in the air to get it. After you make your way out of this area, you should be able to see a few blocks below a ramp on the ground in front of you. If you can manage to jump over the ramp and land down there, drop down to the left so you can use a spring down there to reach the fourth (4/5) Red Star Ring. If you accidentally use the ramp, you can easily jump to the right side of the blocks and you'll land on the spring at the very bottom, so you can still collect all five RSR's in one run this way. Finally, on your way to the second big room with all of that energy moving in circular paths, you should spot the last (5/5) Red Star Ring on a small platform to the right of a chunk of land. Boost on the ground and you'll safely land on the platform with the RSR on it.

The Number Rings are in that second big room. They're all easy to see, and the only thing that might slow you down as you get them is waiting for the energy to pass out of the way so you can move around to them safely.

The Silver Moon Rings are in the first big room, where the third RSR was. Don't collect the first SMR yet, but stand next to it. Look up and find the third SMR on a single, one-piece platform all by itself. You should start collecting the SMR's as fast as you can when the tail ends of the energy surrounding that solo platform meet up. If you're running a bit behind, don't be afraid to take a hit from the energy so you can use your small invincibility time given to you to continue collecting the SMR's.

Chaos Spear!

Collected all Red Star Rings in Episode Shadow.

Chaos Spear!
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Chaos Blast!

Collected all Number Rings in Episode Shadow.

Chaos Blast!
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Chaos Control!

Collected all Silver Moon Rings in Episode Shadow.

Chaos Control!
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