Son of Scoregasm (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Son of Scoregasm (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Where's The Point
Where's The Point16TrophyTypeComplete a level without scoring a single point.
Simply Score
Simply Score17TrophyTypeScore over 600,000 on Gentle Start
Who Need Bullets?
Who Need Bullets?18TrophyTypeComplete a level without shooting a single bullet.
Figgy24TrophyTypeFind the King's fig roll.

Least Earned

The Expert
The Expert15TrophyTypeDefeat Expert Mode
Medallion Man
Medallion Man30TrophyTypeEarn every score medal.
Hardcore30TrophyTypeFrom the start, complete the game taking only hard exits.
Jammy64TrophyTypeFind the King's jammy ring
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Son of Scoregasm Announced for Vita

Son of Scoregasm is an upcoming twin-stick shooter designed to be unique among others in its genre. Not only are you able to shoot repeatedly and fire beams in this game, but your ship is able to emi

Posted 4 years ago by Peter Stojanov, 1 comment

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