4. Sniper Elite V2 Co-op walkthroughUpdate notes

The Co-op required trophies are, for the most part, very simple. All can be done on the "Easy" difficulty and only one of the trophies would be considered a "grind".

We will start off with an easy one. So grab your friend and load up Chapter 2. When the mission starts, either you or your buddy, can silent kill the first enemy. Now look for the wall that is on fire. Go stand in it and you will fall down. This gives you an opportunity for your partner to revive you. Once you partner brings you back from your bleeding out phase, continue to stand in the fire and repeat the process until your friend unlocks this trophy:

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Then switch spots and have your friend stand in the flame while you get the revives. Very simple trophy and this shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

Now grab your buddy and load up the Overwatch mode. This mode will have one of you on the ground and the other perched up high with a sniper rifle. The player on the ground is only armed with a SMG, a Pistol and some binoculars. So basically what is going down is the guy on the ground must "mark" targets via the binoculars while the friend perched up high puts bullets in their teeth.

The first trophy tied to this game mode requires you to tag 50 enemies. You MAY get this in the first map you play but more than likely you'll get it on your second map, which is fine. Once you tag your 50th enemy, you will unlock:

And since you are tagging so many enemies, your friend will be working towards this trophy:

Once both of you have one of these trophies, switch places and start working on the other one.

The final trophy tied to Overwatch is to complete all 3 maps. None of the maps are difficult if you are playing on the "Easy" difficulty. Just take it slow and call out targets for each other. After completing the 3rd map you will pop:

Now it's time for the kind of grindy/stupidly repetitive trophy. You will be playing in a new mode called Bombing Run. Load up this mode on Kopenick Launch site. You will get used to this map since you have to successfully complete it 10 times. At the start, it will take you roughly 12-15 minutes to complete one "match". By the end, you should be breezing through these and doing them in about 8-10 minutes.

On the launch site, you will notice 5 markers; each is labeled as A, B, C, D and E. ALWAYS leave part A for the very end piece. Parts B and C are located in a church. And parts D and E are way across the map. You have to go through some underground tunnels to get to them. I would recommend going for parts D and E first. You can only carry one part per person. So both of you travel together and watch each others backs. Only kill enemies if they are in your way - do not shoot at guys far away as this will only alert more enemies. When you successfully grab pieces D and E, bring them back to the truck and start "repairing".

Now both of you go for parts B and C. The church isn't too far away from the vehicle. There are lots of enemies around though. So take your time and at least pick off a few of them. Grab the pieces and head back to the truck and start "repairing". For the final piece, BOTH of you must head towards part A. Alarms always go off once you repair the 3rd/4th piece. One of you grab the final piece and the other cover their approach. Sprint back to the truck and "repair". Once the final piece is in, the mission will be complete! Now you have to rinse and repeat 9 more times for this:

That wraps up the co-op required trophies! Nothing too harmful right? Well except for that silly Bombing Run. That mode really bunches my shorts.

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