3. Sniper Elite V2 Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Now for the bulk of the trophies! Welcome to the story mode! I am going to be writing this and assuming you are on Elite difficulty because not everyone wants to play through more than once. I still highly recommend starting on Cadet, but the only differences between the two difficulties are as follows:

On Cadet difficulty, you can take more damage before dying and have more ammo to start the mission. It's nice to familiarize yourself with each level by playing this as you aren't getting creamed and reloading checkpoints all the time. There is no bullet drop and you do not have to worry about wind.

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On Elite difficulty, you have less health and much less ammo to start the mission. Enemy snipers WILL kill you in 2 shots. If you do not know where they are sniping from, lay down immediately and hope you don't catch a second bullet. And to go along with less ammo, your sniping shots now must be adjusted for bullet drop and wind. There is a little HUD (heads-up display) to help you compensate for wind.

I did my Elite playthrough first then went through on Cadet and did mop-up. I am also going to throw in certain trophies that you can earn in each level. Some levels you may earn an extra 3-4 trophies (not story included) and some levels the only trophy you will get is just the story mission trophy.

I am going to include a link to a video walkthrough that I used for the collectibles. There will be a link for each chapter as there are collectibles in each chapter. But take a deep breath. Relax. And get ready to enjoy takin' faces!


Prologue Collectibles

The first level is the Prologue. The game will teach you all the basics that you will need to know. Ironically enough, you could possibly earn a whopping 5 extra trophies in just the "tutorial" of the game. You will probably have to play the Prologue twice just because it's hard to do one of the trophies on your first run.

After getting through the introduction screens you start by getting a few lessons in the tutorial. Just follow along and do as you are told. Once you are looking through your scope at your target, take precise aim at the guy on the right (he is wearing a black jacket). You need to plug him in the head. If you successfully do this, you will earn:

Alright. Now load up your last checkpoint. Yeah you heard me. Just trust me on this!

Okay now you are looking at those 2 clowns again. While you're looking through your scope, inch over to the right a bit. Look for a pillar that is practically right next to the man in black. It may take you a few attempts but you need to snipe this pillar and have the richochet kill him. Pretty badass huh? It took me a good 4-5 retries to find the sweet spot. You will know you succeeded if you get a slow-mo kill cam. It will show the richochet and then it will follow the bullet into the guy's body. Once that is done, this trophy is yours:

Alright. You can continue with the Prologue now. So after sniping the target, make a 180 and start re-tracing your steps. You will see some scrub bounce off your landmine that you planted. Wax the other guy quickly. Descend the staircase and make way to the marker.

Didn't see that coming did ya?! Run to the hole in the wall and go prone to escape this courtyard. When the building behind you collapses, be very careful as a bunch of guys are now in the street you crossed earlier. Try to either silently take out a few or start shelling. Your call. During the melee, you will hear an explosion. Some poor schmuck ran into your tripwire! That nets you this trophy:

Once the street is cleared, go up the stairs in the building across from you. You will now be facing 3-4 enemies that are in an elevated position. Take them all out and head towards the marker. Glue your back to the wall but do NOT jump over it just yet. There are 3 enemies. One is sniping about 115m away and you will see 2 dorks just standing in the street. Do NOT shoot these dweebs just yet. Snipe the sniper. Then you will see another sniper that is closer to you. He appears in a window in the busted up building in front of you. Nail him. Now focus on the 2 dingbats that are probably shelling you at this point.

It takes MUCH patience but you need these two to run past each other. It takes awhile but they will eventually cross paths. And that means you have to be scoped up and ready to shoot because you will have literally 1 second to make the shot. But if you can successfully line them up and take them both out with 1 shot, this trophy is yours:

After those 2 fall, 2 more enemies will show up. Clear them out then jump the wall and move towards the marker. You have completed the Prologue! And your first "story" trophy is yours:

At the mid-mission screen it gives you 3 choices. Resume, something else, and exit game. Exit game. Now load up the Prologue again but this time on Cadet difficulty. You need to do this entire tutorial/mission without getting shot. If you take 1 bullet, you fail the trophy requirements. You can always reload checkpoint if needed. I don't have any tips that will ensure you get this other than you need to shoot true. When you scope up, you must kill whoever you are aiming at with 1 shot. If you miss, duck down. It make take you a few times to get it but this is by far the easiest mission to do without taking a bullet. So have some patience and you will earn yourself a very nice trophy:

Not bad for only doing the tutorial huh? Nothing like a good haul of trophies and you're only 15 minutes into the game!

Chapter 1: Schoneberg Streets

Chapter 1 Collectibles

Your objective in this mission is to plant a couple explosive charges on a certain street and ambush a convoy. It's a fairly quick level. But you have the opportunity to snag up to 4 trophies just in this mission. So we better get started!

The first one is incredibly easy. I'm not sure why you cannot unlock this in the Prologue, but it works just as fine to unlock it here. All you need to do is snipe an enemy in the eye. Doesn't matter if it's his left or right eye. Just pick one and deliver a headache. Once you blur someone's vision, you get:

Progress yourself until you are in position to ambush the convoy. When you shoot the satchel charge that blows up the first vehicle, aim your sights at the end of the second vehicle, where your target is. When he jumps out of the back of the truck, nail him to the ground. Once he falls, get your cheeks out of that building! The trophy we want requires you to kill Kriedl while up in the ambush point, then go to the ground level and kill everyone else. As long as you don't shoot anyone else while you are up there, you'll be fine. When you kill that last convoy member on the ground, you unlock:

You have probably noticed that huge tank in your face by now. On the back of the tank are two fuel tanks. You will see them by the glowing red cap on it. Snipe one of these caps to make the tank go away. If you successfully do that, this trophy will pop:

The last trophy you will be getting for this level is the story based one. You *may* unlock this once you kill Kriedl. I had it unlock at the end of the mission on one account and on my other account, it popped as soon as the target hit the concrete. As long as you pop it, that's all that matters right?!:

Chapter 2: Mittelwerk Facility

Chapter 2 Collectibles

Alright so on to Mittelwerk! This is the first chapter where loud sounds can mask the shots of your sniper rifle. This is a huge advantage for you, considering you have a wee bit of patience before each shot. You will know your sniper shots will be silenced when you see a vibrating symbol on the top right-hand corner of your screen. When that is flashing, let the lead fly. The first kill you get when your sound is masked you will earn this trophy:

The only other trophy you will be getting from this level is the mission end trophy. No real big tips to complete the level other than to use the loud sounds to mask your shots. Also take note that near the end of the mission, you are required to backtrack and leave the way you came in. Up on the hill that you walked down in the very beginning are about 5-6 enemies. One is sniping up in that tower where you killed the first guy of the mission. And the others are brought in by truck. I don't know if it's just me...but these guys were super aggressive. They all would charge down the hill with guns blazing. And that sniper is a spot-on shot. So take your time and eliminate them. When you get back up the hill and out the fence you will pop this trophy:

Chapter 3: Kaiser-Friedrich Museum

Chapter 3 Collectibles

This level is pretty straight forward. You will probably only be netting yourself 3 trophies in this chapter. We will start with one that you may have already gotten. But if you haven't, this is a prime opportunity. Once you pick up the Mosin sniper rifle, head out of the building and turn to your right. You should see 4-5 soldiers all lined up. Look for the soldier that has the grenade on his belt (the soldiers are all facing you...you can't miss it!). If you are on Cadet, this is an easy shot. If you are on Elite, compensate for distance and wind and snipe the poor chums grenade off his belt. You should kill all 5 with the explosion. Should you miss/fail, just reload checkpoint. You will be placed at the spot where you picked up the Mosin. If you're successful, you will unlock this trophy:

The second trophy is for sending a tank in the river. It's a pretty epic setup but when you are in your position to take the shot at the satchel charge you placed earlier, make sure the tank is actually on the bridge. I pulled a retard moment and blew up the charge early and thought the tank would keep going and fall in. Apparently the enemies aren't THAT stupid. So make sure the tank is above the charge, then blast it. Doing so will earn you:

And the only other trophy you will be getting in this level is for finishing the chapter. Take your time on your advances and be prepared to have loads of guys shooting at you at once. Try and keep elevated on the enemies as well. Take out as many as you can from as high as you can. That way you can at least lay down and recover health while you reload. Once you finish the mission, this trophy will pop:

Chapter 4: Opernplatz

Chapter 4 Collectibles

This is the first level where you will only be focused on getting one trophy. And it's the end-mission trophy. Progress yourself through the story. When you get in position to stop the execution, make sure to snipe the officer first. Then go for the two guards. This is a very easy mission. As I said before, this is the only trophy you will earn from this level:

Chapter 5: St. Olibartus Church

Chapter 5 Collectibles

This level has you creeping around a city filled with enemies. And I mean FILLED with enemies. Make your way to the church and begin your ascent. The package that was dropped off is a fancy new sniper rifle! You get to test it out by defending the church from 3 vantage points. Then you have to descend the church and leave the way you came in. Only one trophy again...once you complete the mission you get:

Chapter 6: Tiergarten Flak Tower

Chapter 6 Collectibles

I hope you are ready for a hair-puller. What I believe is the hardest trophy in the game MUST be obtained in this level. Let me start off with the good news. You can always reload checkpoint if you get caught! You are required to ascend a tower and never be seen or enter any conflict. You can blast away all you want at the beginning of the level. Once you make it to the tower (you know you will because there is a huge staircase to it) enter the front door and you get a checkpoint. From this point on, you must NOT alert enemies to you. You need to sneak and Welrod pistol your way to the vantage point. Here is the video I used so you can study up on a good strategy on how to get through this:

I am not going to lie. You will fail. Probably many times. But have patience and learn from your mistakes. Once you get to the winch room, this trophy will pop:

After you blast the target, you need to escape the tower. There are going to be quite a few enemies on your descent but nothing overwhelming. When you get to the beginning of the tower (where you entered) there are going to be MANY enemies outside. Sit back in the tower and snipe as many as you can. Normally the enemies will not come charging into the tower. Once you clear the area out, head towards the marker to end the mission and snag this trophy:

And now you are done with what I felt was the hardest chapter in the game (on Elite difficulty that is)!

Chapter 7: Karlshorst Command Post

Chapter 7 Collectibles

This mission is a fairly short one. But the end of the mission is quite difficult. You need to first destroy a tank that is patrolling the rubbled city. Once that is done, head towards the marker and keep eliminating enemies.

After you kill the higher ranked officer in the underground barracks, you exit through the way you came in. You need to kill all the Russian Snipers that have infiltrated. There will be 6 in elevated positions. There will also be 4 snipers that are mobile and will chase you around the destroyed city. Once you kill the final Russian sniper, which is located in the big tower off in the distance, you will complete the mission and earn:

Chapter 8: Kreuzberg Headquarters

Chapter 8 Collectibles

Down to 3 chapters! And to be honest, this one is on the more difficult side. Take your time though. It's better to take 5 minutes and clear the area than to kill for only 3 minutes and then get creamed and have to start it over again. Once you make your way to the underground tunnel and emerge on the other side, I found it best to hug the left wall and enter the huge building on the end. Climb all the way up. There are lots of staircases but this will give you a great elevated spot to snipe the enemies.

Once it's all clear, go to the marker and watch the cutscene. More enemies show up in the courtyard so blast them. Head to the next marker and start climbing that building. Enter the command room for another cutscene. Now the fun begins!

An elite sniper squad is gunning for you. And I will warn you now, you will mostly likely die. Many times (if on Elite difficulty). But just look for the glints and take care of them. There are 8 total snipers, but there will only be 2 shooting at you at the same time. So when you kill one, another sniper will spawn somewhere else. Take your time and once you blast the final sniper, you will unlock:

The mission is practically over after you kill the 8th sniper. Continue walking on the rooftops to the marker and you will earn this trophy:

Chapter 9: Kopenick Launch Site

Chapter 9 Collectibles

Only one trophy that you will be gunning for during this mission. And it's the one for completing it. This level is quite big. First you need to sneak your way to the church so you can locate the trenches. While you are up in the church tower, eliminate as many enemies as you can. Once you are content with your work, start heading to the trenches. Enter and try to stay silent. If you get noticed, whip out the machine gun and watch your corners!

While you are making your way up the hill to the train station, keep an eye on the church tower you were in. Some cheeky basta'd has taken position there and doesn't miss often. Head through the train and into the building with the launch commander. Kill him and start laying land/trip mines on all the doors. You are going to be defending this position and there will be a lot of enemies charging you. After awhile, the rocket will be fully fuelled. Snipe the gas cap on the rocket to make it explode. Doing so will complete the mission and you will unlock:

Chapter 10: Brandenburg Gate

Chapter 10 Collectibles

Welcome to the final mission in the game! To tell you the truth...this one really sucks too! Be prepared to go prone quite often. This level has enemies all around you. Snipers will be on the rooftops in front of you, behind you and on both sides at the Brandenburg gate. Oh and there is a tank in the middle of the area. And to top it off, there are about 20-25 foot soldiers with PPSh's and they are gunning for you.

Take out the tank then focus on the infantry. Usually only 1 sniper will be shooting you at a time. If you move to certain areas of the courtyard, then you unleash another sniper. So kill a sniper, then you are clear to move forward a bit. Once you reach the gate, ascend to the top to see a quick cut scene. Climb to your sniping position and take down Wolff. Once you do, you will earn:

And if you completed all missions on Sniper Elite difficulty, this will also pop:

If you followed the collectibles guide and shot all the wine bottles you will have unlocked this trophy:

And if you collected all the gold bars (remember to grab the gold bar right before you shoot Wolff!) then you will unlock:

Mopping Up

There is one trophy that is easily earned after you complete the campaign at least once. Once you beat the game, disable the tutorial option and then load up the Prologue (preferrably on Cadet). Your goal here is to ONLY use your sniper rifle and maintain 100% accuracy. And before you get any ideas, no you cannot just run through the level without shooting your gun. Make sure you snipe and hit your enemies. If you fail, load checkpoint. I will be honest with you...near the end, instead of hiding on that side of the wall (you know the wall where if you jump over and move forward it will end the level) and sniping at the enemies, just make a run for it. I found that if you can hop the wall and be lucky enough, you can just end it without having to take an extra 5-6 shots. If you can pull this off, you will earn:

There a handful of trophies that are cumulative. You don't have to specifically go out of your way for the cumulative ones. By simply playing the Campaign and doing the Co-op missions you will either unlock most of them or get dangerously close to doing so.

Now I will go over some of the trophies you accumulate during your playthrough(s). Just remember you can always check your progress on these trophies by going into the Main Menu screen and looking at your stats.

The first trophy that I will go over is one where you need to snipe for a distance longer than a marathon. As long as you use your sniper rifle and score a kill, the distance of the kill is tallied up. This will slowly add up to the distance of a marathon which is just over 26 miles. You will unlock this earlier than you think. Just remember to try and use your sniper rifle as much as you can. If you use a Thompson or the Welrod pistol it will NOT count towards this trophy. You can also unlock this by playing game modes such as Bombing Run and Overwatch. Once you successfully snipe a distance greater than a marathon, you will unlock:

Next is a trophy for killing enemies with headshots. They must be scoped headshots however. Using your machine gun or pistol will not count. You will get this eventually and you will probably not even expect it when you do pop it. You can also unlock this by playing Bombing Run and Overwatch. Once you put one in the teeth for your 100th headshot, this trophy is yours:

There is a fairly simple trophy that you may have to try a little bit to get. To get this trophy you need to crouch (by pressing cn_S) and get close to an enemy. Once you are close enough it will say "cn_X" on the screen to perform a stealth kill. Once you complete stealth kill your 25th enemy, this trophy will pop:

Now I will go over an trophy that will most likely require you to replay the Prologue as it's easier to just grind it away instead of trying to do it with all the other stuff you will be doing in the campaign! The Detonator achievement can be done quickly in the Prologue. After you snipe Von Heisenberg you have to crawl through a hole in the wall. There will be some enemies standing around a truck. Shoot the fuel tank cap on the truck. Next loot the bodies around the truck. Hopefully you get some explosives that you can lay down and shoot (just make sure you are standing far enough away from the explosive so you don't kill yourself).

Towards the end of the Prologue you will be in a building that requires you to jump a wall. But do not hop over the wall right away! There are 4 big red fuel canisters and also 4-5 big ammo shells (that have red tips and red ends). There are about 3-4 gas cylinders (with red valves) making a total of at least 12 explodables in this last bit alone. After you've shot all of those you can finish the level and check your progress. Then load up the Prologue again and do the same thing. Once you shoot your 50th exlposive, you will unlock:

The next trophy is simply earned just by killing 506 enemies with your sniper rifle. It will take quite a bit of sniping to get this but you will over the course of your campaign playthrough. There really isn't any particular level that is good to "farm" kills as all levels have you sniping during some point and there are no "infinite spawns" of enemies. So just keep playing the campaign and if you end up beating the campaign you can always get the rest in the Co-op modes. Once you snipe your 506th enemy, this trophy is yours:

While you are logging in your sniping kills, try and make sure some of the enemies are moving. There is a trophy that requires you to kill 100 moving targets via sniping. If you are playing on Cadet, this is much easier to obtain as you don't have to adjust for wind or distance like you would on the Elite difficulty. You can also log these kills in by playing Overwatch and Bombing Run. After the 100th moving target falls by your sniper rifle, you will unlock:

Who's ready for a glitched trophy? Don't worry...it's glitched in a good way! The Iron Lung trophy calls for you to hold your breath while sniping for a cumulative time of 30 minutes. I will be straight up honest with you on this...but I completed my first playthrough and had maybe 9 minutes or so for this trpophy. I found that holding down cn_R2 to bring up your scope and then hitting cn_R1 to hold your breath was awkward. So I didn't use it that much.

Thankfully though, there is a way to get this and you don't even have to be at your Xbox. Locate any enemy (on any level) that is UNAWARE of your presence. Scope up on the guys face and let fly. If you get the killcam sequence you are in luck! Wait for your bullet to hit the enemy. Once it does, pause your game. The time for holding your breath will keep counting even though the game is paused. Now go take a bathroom break, make a sandwhich or maybe you could floss your pitbull. Just let it sit until the trophy pops:

The final trophy I will be going over in this sections is for getting kills with explosives. I am going to start off by saying that this is much easier to get if you are playing on Cadet. I did my first playthrough on the Elite difficulty and ended up with about 35 explosive kills. But I switched to Cadet for my second playthrough and I was literally walking up to enemies and heaving grenades at them.

The only way a kill counts towards an explosive is if it's a kill with grenades, trip mines, land mines or dynamite. Explosive kills by shooting trucks or tanks do NOT count towards this. You probably will have to replay some missions to get this. No mission in particular is better than the others in my opinion. I found that I would tend to use grenades if there was a group of 2-3 guys just standing around. You can look at the stats sheet on the Main Menu screen and see where you are at with this. Once you blow up your 100th enemy, this trophy unlocks:

And that's it for cumulative trophies! Just remember that by playing through the Campaign and Co-op that you are working your way to unlocking these babies!

And that's it for the story related trophies! I hope you were able to get these without much frustration. If you still have any trophies to mop-up, now would be the time to do it. If you still need some of the cumulative trophies like Gung Ho or World Record, please remember that you can work on these by playing Co-op too. And since I brought it up, go to the next tab so we can get the Co-op done!

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