Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
USA Cobra_Custom Cobra_Custom 13 316
Netherlands de-bizon de-bizon 61 3,341
Canada Dudebot121256 Dudebot121256 53 2,041
USA Falcon_man90 Falcon_man90 27 699
NathanDarko NathanDarkoKills for Money! 1 15
Australia NismoGTRZ NismoGTRZHoping to boost some trophies 51 1,951
USA Prophet_Tom Prophet_TomMessage me via PSN if you want to boost. No random friend requests will be accepted. 4 83
USA ThePowerofhouse ThePowerofhouseLooking for anyone down to play CO-OP on any games we share? 53 2,162
USA TheTrueHMD TheTrueHMDWow I got my first platinum in about a year. Wonder if that'll get me back into my old gaming ways. 43 1,697
Mexico Traumacx TraumacxXBL: Traumacx 41 1,432