Slyde Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed155,961
    04 Mar 2019
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    It's hard to say whether this game is a serious attempt at making an interesting (yet easy) puzzle game or a test for getting a game out there. It is only 99p, however, so expecting too much from a game that costs a quid, may be a little extreme.

    The harder levels are worth the challenge they provide if you really want to, they are fun to play for a puzzle game afficianado,but for the more relaxed gamer, it isn't neccessarilly that interesting. Based on a title slide game you can buy at your local arcade, it is a fairly simple idea. The music also drives you insane after a while, so it's best to turn your sound off whilst playing if you're playing normally.

    The good news for trophy hunters? You can do all the trophies in one puzzle. A medium puzzle done fast enough will unlock all "ranking" trophies and otherwise. Completing the Platinum Trophy in about 20minutes. If you want a quick platinum, this is one to pick up, especially now that Youtube is drowning in "walkthroughs" for a quick platinum, can litterally take your pick.

    Not a game for people who want to really earn their platinum, but good to get your platinum collection off with if you're just starting out.