Slice, Dice & Rice

PlayStation 4

Slice, Dice & Rice Trophies

Most Earned

Vagabond15TrophyTypeBeat Story Mode using Kojiro.
Determination21TrophyTypeContinued 10 times in Story Mode.
Feather-weight21TrophyTypeBeat Story Mode using Tengu.
Dance of the Hooks
Dance of the Hooks26TrophyTypeBeat Story Mode using Tomoe.

Least Earned

The strong feed upon the Rice
The strong feed upon the Rice30TrophyTypeWin 10 matches in Duel mode.
The Rice is salty!
The Rice is salty!30TrophyTypeContinued 50 times in Story Mode.
The One With Unagi
The One With Unagi90TrophyTypeBeat Story mode with all characters in the game without continuing.
Rice up!
Rice up!37TrophyTypeWin a match in Duel mode.
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