Skylight Freerange

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Skylight Freerange Trophies

Most Earned

To Save A Province
To Save A Province15TrophyTypeComplete "The Briefing"
Introductions20TrophyTypeContact one of your allies socially
I Forgot Whose Side I Was On
I Forgot Whose Side I Was On21TrophyTypeHave an enemy defeat one of their allies
Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch25TrophyTypeComplete a city side quest in Manitoba

Least Earned

The Tables Turn
The Tables Turn67TrophyTypeDetect 10 Betrayers before they reveal themselves
Prairie Powerhouse
Prairie Powerhouse805TrophyTypeObtain all trophies for Skylight Freerange
Pantheons Be Cursed
Pantheons Be Cursed402TrophyTypeComplete "Golden Opportunity"
Necrobeasts Be Cursed
Necrobeasts Be Cursed134TrophyTypeComplete "Terrible Destruction"
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