Sketchcross (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Sketchcross (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Just Starting Out
Just Starting Out15TrophyTypeFinish your first puzzle.
To The Shelf
To The Shelf15TrophyTypeBeat the par times for one book.
Getting the Hang of it
Getting the Hang of it17TrophyTypeFinish 20 Puzzles.
Frenzy Beginner
Frenzy Beginner36TrophyTypeComplete 5 Frenzy Puzzles in a row.

Least Earned

Puzzle Master
Puzzle Master116TrophyTypeComplete all the puzzles on hard.
No Page Unturned
No Page Unturned116TrophyTypeBeat all the par times in every book.
Frenzy Addict
Frenzy Addict39TrophyTypeComplete 100 Total Frenzy Puzzles.
Half Way There
Half Way There37TrophyTypeBeat the par times for 5 books.
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