Sir Eatsalot (Vita)

Sir Eatsalot (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Sir Eatsalot (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Hearty Food for Yearning Hearts
Hearty Food for Yearning Hearts15TrophyTypeEat your first drumstick
Sweets for Stamina
Sweets for Stamina15TrophyTypeEat your first donut
Aspiring Sticker Collector
Aspiring Sticker Collector15TrophyTypeCollect your first sticker
Yes, we actually use the rear touch pad
Yes, we actually use the rear touch pad15TrophyTypeLower the drawbridge on the woolcow ranch

Least Earned

Sticker God
Sticker God180TrophyTypeCollect every sticker
Gluttington, propaganda-free at last
Gluttington, propaganda-free at last180TrophyTypeTear down every poster in Gluttington
Defender of Gluttington
Defender of Gluttington360TrophyTypeAchieve all other trophies
Who Doesn't Love Yarn Balls?
Who Doesn't Love Yarn Balls?57TrophyTypeFind the white catowl
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Sir Eatsalot Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up the trophy list for Sir Eatsalot. There are 41 trophies, 16 of which are secret

Posted 3 months ago by Rich Stone, 0 comments

Screenshot Saturday April 22nd: Farpoint, Super Sky Arena, Anew and More

The usual number of developers and publishers showcased still images and gifs from their upcoming titles -- 14 of them to be exact. The difference is that we have a couple of notable absences from regular titles.

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Screenshot Saturday January 28th: Sundered, Rainbow Skies, The Other 99 and More

PAX South meant that we had a bumper crop of screenshots from 20 titles for you to see. Surely something will appeal to you?

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Screenshot Saturday January 14th: LEGO Dimensions, Mutant Football League

Last Saturday, another 15 games provided screenshots of their upcoming titles. The subjects ranged from new levels to very minor details that might make all the difference when a game is released.

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