2. Silent Hill 3 HD General hints and tips

Pay attention to your actions! Each ending requires you to take a different path, so make sure you adhere to the ending you want.

Run! You very rarely have to engage in combat, which is a good thing. The majority of the time, simply running is by far the best option.

Learn the game! These games aren't linear at all. Some puzzles are complex, and sometimes the way forward is very obscure. Don't expect to nail your speedruns the first time through, play a few times to really know the game.

Save! These games aren't Call of Duty, no checkpoints after every enemy here. For certain endings saves are limited, but usually you should save at every opportunity.

Conserve ammo! Ammunition is rather hard to come by, especially for more powerful weapons. Do your best to save your ammo for more difficult enemies and bosses.

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