Silent Hill 2 HD Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

Silent Hill 2 is the more difficult of the games in the HD collection, and also demands more discipline from the player. You will need to complete the game a total of 7 times, each time playing in a bit of a different fashion. The final playthrough has a list of ultra-specific requirements for it that make it rather difficult, but I will address each playthrough as they come up. So with that said, let’s examine the first playthrough. This one will get a full walkthrough.

For my first playthrough, I went through on a lower difficulty and advise you to do the same. In fact, the only time you'll need to play on Hard is on the final playthrough. Also, make sure you choose a different Riddle difficulty each playthrough. This time around, select Easy. This isn’t a modern shooter with a distinct, linear path and an objective marker clearly outlined. You can very easily get turned around, or just have no idea what you’re looking to find. Take some time to get used to the controls and function of the fixed camera. Be sure to turn on the bullet adjustment option in the options menu before beginning. To start off, we will be going for the “Leave” ending. NOTE: While you may earn the trophies for speedrunning, taking less than 500 points of damage, or picking up items before I specify them, make absolutely sure you don't kill 75 enemies using melee/guns before the final playthrough. There is no tracker for them, but you'll know exactly when you have it if you unlock the trophies. Also, make sure you take your time on the boat stage for the same reason.

For Leave, you have to play the game focused on Mary. Examine her picture often and make sure Maria takes damage, either by your hand or enemies. When Maria is accompanying you, run and keep her away from you. Don’t look at Angela’s knife, ignore the headphones in the hospital as well as the diary on the hospital roof. Keep your own health high, and in the final hallway of the game stay put and listen to the entire conversation.

With that out of the way, it’s time to begin. You’ll start off with some exposition, and see James detailing the plot as we know it now in a bathroom mirror. Once you have control of James, head out of the bathroom and there will be another cutscene. Grab the map off of the car and move left, going down the path you see in the fence. Move down this incredibly creepy path, past the well, and through the door that leads to the cemetery.

Run ahead and a bit to the right to be introduced to Angela, one of those eclectic characters that really define the Silent Hill series. After the cutscene, move ahead and open the door here. The road here only follows a singular path, so stick to it until you reach the town of Silent Hill itself. Make a left on the street, following it down until you come across some health drinks on a table situated on the right side of the street. Now double back and go right, following the trail of blood right after the cutscene. As you keep following the blood, snatch the health drink from the right side of the street. You’ll soon come to an alley, which has a door at the end of it. Through the door, you'll find a health drink and a save point, use it if you wish. Exit the alley and continue following the blood until you see the broken fence. Approach it to enter it for a cutscene which also provides you with your radio, first enemy, and first weapon.

Aim at the Patient Demon and skirt around him until he spits the acid at you. Dodge it, and start beating it with the plank. Keep moving, dodging, and beating until it dies. You actually won’t be doing much fighting throughout this game, but you’ll still need to become familiar with the mechanics of it. From this point on, avoid all enemies unless otherwise specified. Once the Patient has been killed, make your way over to Martin St. (your map will be VERY useful for navigating the town) and go down the street to find a key and health drink. Happy Burger is your next destination, as a First Aid Kit rests to the left, with a health drink across the street. Now head across from the burger place to grab a First Aid Kit from in front of the medical center. Afterward, head down to Lady Jades for another kit and some bullets you’ll need later.

Finally, head to the Wood Side Apartment until you reach a fence gate. Unlock it using the key you found in the Martin Street alley. Go inside the backyard and run left until you find the door. As soon as you enter take the map off the left wall and the health drink below the stairs. You're going to want to go up the stairs to room 205. Move into the room and take the flashlight, then quickly turn around and exit before the Mannequin in here attacks you. Go up the stairs again, to the third floor. Check the bars to the north of you and examine them for a quick cutscene and a new mission; to get that key. Find room 301 while you're up here, snatching the handgun from the carriage. Leave this room and be wary of the Patient Demon in the hall as you head back to the 2nd floor, this time heading to room 208. In this room you'll find a key to room 202, so grab it and head back out to the hall.

Now that you have the key to 202, the hall will have a few enemies wandering around. You can dodge them or kill them, entirely up to you. Room 202 is your destination, so go for it and use the key to enter the door. Grab some handgun ammo and the clock key from here, then get back to room 208 as quickly as possible, using your new key on the clock in this room. Check the wall for the puzzle solution if you want, but the solution on all 4 riddle difficulties will always be 9:10. Once the clock is set, you'll hear a noise to indicate the puzzle is solved. You can now move over to the side of the clock and push it, revealing a hole that leads into the next room over. Exit this room and make your way to the staircase, ascending to the next floor and picking up the ammo from the landing. Once you're up to the floor, clear the path of enemies and get into room 307. You'll get treated to one of the great cutscenes that made Silent Hill 2 quite the disturbing game for its time. After it plays, examine the closet and attain the courtyard key.

Go down the hall and enter the first door on the right, killing the enemies and looting the place for items before heading back into the hall. Go to the bars here, picking up the key that was kicked from your grasp earlier, stopping in the laundry room to snag a health drink. Get back to the staircase and go down to the first floor, making your way down the left passage to get the canned juice. Leave the building entirely through the front before heading left and entering the first door you see. Go straight back and unlock the door here that leads to the courtyard. There's a number of Patient Demons guarding the pool, so dispose of them before dropping down and retrieving the snake coin from the carriage. There's another door out here, exit the courtyard through it. This next hallway contains a few Patients and should be dealt with immediately as the close quarters make it too easy to get sprayed. Once the hall is clear, kill the Patient Demon waiting for you down the left path. Turn around and go down the right path, entering room 101. Take the handgun ammo from the corner and enter the bathroom door. After the cutscene return outside, past the pool, and back into the building.

Go upstairs and kill the enemy before heading into the laundry room. Use the canned juice on the garbage disposal prior to returning back downstairs and out of the front door. Move to the right, into the middle area to retrieve the old man coin from the garbage chute. With that in hand, return to the building you just came from and back up to the 2nd floor. Go to the end of the hall and use the fire escape key, allowing you to access the Blue Creek apartment complex.

Pluck the paper from the toilet and find the safe in this room. The paper is the combination, which will be as follows:

Easy: 09 >> 04 << 16 >> 14

Normal: 16 >> 09 << 04 >> 16

Hard: 16 >> 9 << 4 >> 16 (Incorporates Roman numerals, V is 5 and X is 10)

Extra: The paper will be a mixture of numbers and letters. The letters will be from A-K, with A being 10 and K being 20. So that means B is 11, H is 17, etc.

Unlocking the safe reveals a large number of handgun bullets, which will certainly be necessary. There's also a health drink in here to pick up. Go outside to the hallway and get down to the first floor. Open the door and grab the map, moving to room 109 from here. Find the bedroom and enter, triggering a scene with Angela. Afterward take the prisoner coin and exit, dealing with the enemies now present in the hall. Go to room 105, examining the dresser in this room for the coin puzzle. The solutions are as follows:

Easy: Old Man - Empty - Snake - Empty - Prisoner

Normal: Empty - Old Man - Prisoner - Empty - Snake

Hard: Empty - Old Man - Empty - Snake - Prisoner

Extra: Old Man- Empty - Snake - Prisoner - Empty

This solution will open the desk and reveal the Lyne house key.

Note: On later playthroughs, the White Chrism can be found in room 105, on the kitchen counter, earning you:

Fountain of Youth in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquire the White Chrism.
  • Unlocked by 777 tracked gamers (39% - TT Ratio = 1.59) 1,970

Make your way upstairs to room 209 and go to the balcony. Move across into the next room, taking the apartment stairwell key from this room. Get to the stairwell, keep your handgun ready, and use your key to initiate the fight. Pyramid Head is very easy to deal with here, as he is slow and can only strike using the great knife. Stay in one corner, firing at him until he moves in close. Once you're ready to move, run to the other corner of the room. Continue firing until the air raid sirens begin to sound, signaling the end of the fight. After taking enough damage, he will move down the drained staircase. After the water is drained, follow the stairs and get out of there. Go down the stairs and turn left to take the health drink at a fence. Head backward now, sticking on the left until you see a set of stairs that lead to some handgun ammo. Go back and keep going straight until you see the sign signaling the entrance to Rosewater Park.

The park contains a few useful items, so be sure to pick up the health drinks and bullets lying around. Once you make your way to the waterfront, you will see a cutscene in which you are introduced to Maria. You'll be with her for a while, and the way you interact with her plays a role in a few of the endings. Keep following the path in the park to find a Mannequin and an exit, which you can take to get back into the town. Take a left and follow it, picking up the goodies at the end of the destroyed street before turning back around. Get onto Nathan Avenue, going left from Jack's Inn.

Note: As you follow the avenue on subsequent playthroughs, you'll notice a hole in a fence on the left. Go through the hole and pick up the DOG key from inside the dog house for that ending. Picking up the key grants:

Man's Best Friend in Silent Hill 2 HD
Gold Trophy
Acquire the Dog Key.
  • Unlocked by 510 tracked gamers (26% - TT Ratio = 1.96) 1,970

Use your map to navigate to the Texxon gas station, avoiding the enemies on the wide streets here. A car has an iron pipe sticking out of it, and the white van has health drinks and bullets in front of it.

Note: The newspaper stand here contains The Book of Lost Memories during additional playthroughs, be sure to pick it up. Doing so earns you:

Not So Lost Memories in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquire the book of Lost Memories.
  • Unlocked by 704 tracked gamers (36% - TT Ratio = 1.67) 1,970

Just keep going until you find some ammo and a body holding a map. You're going to want to use this map to locate the Bowl-O-Rama. Once you're there, grab the health drink and get inside.

There isn't too much of a divergent path in here, so follow what you can until you enter into a cutscene with Eddie. After this, go outside and watch the scene with Maria. She'll tell you that she saw Laura running into an alley, so follow her. Maria will open the door at the end of the alley here. Enter the nightclub, picking up the First Aid Kit from the stage, and outside again to another alley. Go down the stairs and follow the road until you see Brookhaven Hospital, the next long section of the game. Enter through the main entrance.

First, take the map from the wall on the left, you're going to need it. Head into the document room, grabbing the health drink in here before opening the door. Grab the purple bull key from inside this room before going back to the main lobby and using the stairs to get to the second floor. You'll encounter Nurses now, which deal heavy damage with their pipes. You don't want them to start smacking you around, so dispose of them. Head into the smaller hall here and into the woman's locker room. The doll in here contains an odd key item, the bent needle. Take that and the shotgun from inside the locker before going over to the men's locker room across the hall for the examination key. Now head up to the 3rd floor.

Up here is a door that requires a passcode to enter. On easy and normal, the code is 7335. On hard and extra, the code is 1328. Once you enter this wing, head to room S3 where you depart from Maria for the time being. Visiting her here (or choosing not to) effects certain endings, so keep that in mind. Take the roof key from this room, making your way back down to the 2nd floor and opening the double doors here. Take the handgun box from the chairs then open the first door to your right, the examination room. There's a first aid kit in here, which should be useful. Also in here is a typewriter containing the first part of a code you should remember. Move to room M2, taking the shotgun shells and Lapis Eye key from in here. Go back to the stairs and go all the way up until you hit the roof, using the key to unlock the access door. Move over to the fence, reading the diary if your ending calls for it, and watch as Pyramid Head knocks you down to the floor below. You'll now be on very low health, so be sure to heal before moving out. Also, check the bloody wall in here for the 2nd part of the combination. Go out and move to the third door from the left and read the bloody code, memorizing it before you move back to the hall.

Get to S11 and grab the health drink. Leave here and go three doors down to S14. Combine the Lapis Eye and Purple Bull keys in your inventory and use them on the box that occupies this room. The other 2 locks will have combinations pertaining to the codes you have previously picked up, so enter them into the locks and take the piece of hair from the box. Go back into the hall and head across to the shower room, combing the bent needle and hair in here to retrieve the elevator key from the drain at the center of the showers. Luckily for us, the elevator is already here on 3, so use the elevator to go down to the first floor.

C3 contains ammo, which you will shortly need to make use of. C2 contains everyone's favorite child, Laura, who will soon lock you in a room with Flesh Lips. What a great kid, really. The only strategy for these guys is to avoid them, firing up with the shotgun when given the opportunity. Stay away from their feet and they can't hurt you. Once their feet curl up, they're dead. Repeat this process of running around the room taking potshots until they've all been killed, earning you:

Where's that Letter!? in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Defeat Flesh Lips.
  • Unlocked by 1,933 tracked gamers (98% - TT Ratio = 1.00) 1,970

After the hospital transforms, the whole town has changed significantly. Exit this room and collect the shells from the lobby. Room C2 contains Nurses and a First Aid Kit, so do some killing and collecting. C1 has more of the same, enemies and items. Clean it out and get in the elevator, riding it to the 2nd floor. M4 has more enemies and items, with some enemies spilling out into the hallway. Leave this room and get into M6, snatching the dry cell battery and basement storeroom key from here. Leaving this room, take the elevator up to the third floor and enter S11 for an ampoule. Get to the stairs from here, descending down to the basement, using your new key to unlock the door. Take the bullets and move the bookshelf, revealing a secret passage. Go down there and grab the copper ring before heading back up to the 3rd floor. Now would be a great time to save if you haven't done so in a while (or at all).

From here, go through the double doors and take the elevator down to the 2nd floor. This triggers a talking scene that allows a puzzle to be solved in a little while. I'll provide the answer, no worries there. Once the doors open go into the day room, interacting with the fridge. With Maria here, she can help you open it for the lead ring. Go back up to the 3rd floor and enter the storeroom. In here, there's a large box in the center of the room. You pop one button on each row to solve it, and the answer is 3, 1, 3. This gives you 5 boxes of shotgun shells and 2 ampoules. With that done, exit this room and head through the double doors to find a door covered by a portrait of a woman. Combine the rings and use them on this door. Once it's open, go down the stairs and enter this lower level. This next section is tricky, as it involves dodging Pyramid Head with Maria in tow. Follow the path laid out in front of you, keeping Maria close. After passing a fence, Pyramid Head will show up. Don't bother fighting him, just quickly run to the elevator at the end of this area for a cutscene.

After this, go into the director's room and take the key. Use this key on the front door to finally exit the hospital and move on. Now, on later playthroughs, this is where you will farm kills. These streets are crawling with enemies, and the spaces are open enough for you to safely take them down. Don't worry about that for the moment though, just get to the Historical Society this time. However, when you're looking for extra items and kills, start off by making a right onto Rendell St. Keep going forward until you reach the end of the road, collecting the ampoule and handgun bullets in the left corner. On your return trip, you'll see a First Aid Kit behind a car. Follow Saul St. down until you reach a door that leads into a disturbing alleyway. Pass through it to the other side, then keep going forward until you see the motor home. Inside is the Hyper Spray, so grab it and leave. Check the front of the motor home for the First Aid Kit and ammo. Make a left from Saul, then a right until you get to Neely's Bar. There are enemies and tucked away items along the way, so you should definitely explore. Start off by making your way to Lindsey St; finding the porch which contains a wrench. There are items and enemies all around here, so make sure you mop them up. Get back on track to find the hardware store, passing it and the apartments until you reach the door dividing the town.

From here, find your way back into the park. Close to where you exited the first time is a statue, with a raised mound of soil behind it. Dig up the box here and use the wrench to open it in order to retrieve the old bronze key. If this is your 10-star playthrough, you should have your trophies for killing 75 enemies with melee and shooting by now. If you KNOW you're close, proceed on. If you want to be completely sure, keep running around and killing. Once you have those, leave the park and head down the highway. Soon enough the Historical Society will come up on the right. Go up to it and use the old bronze key on the door to enter.

Go and take the door on the right once you're inside.

Note: On subsequent playthroughs, the Obsidian Goblet will be found in the broken display case in this room. Picking it up triggers:

Unholy Grail in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Acquire the Obsidian Goblet.
  • Unlocked by 675 tracked gamers (34% - TT Ratio = 1.71) 1,970

For now, go into the next door and make your way down the dark, descending stairs. Grab the first aid kit and proceed onward, killing the enemies in these tight quarters before moving into the next door. This room has a well for you to jump down, so don't keep us waiting. Once down there, pull out your steel pipe and examine each section of the wall until James remarks that it looks different. Beat the wall with your pipe to break it, revealing a door. Once through the door, get ready for a fight. There are Patients around here, so take care of them before entering the door on your right to retrieve the spiral writing key. Your flashlight chooses the best time to die, so use your dry cell battery to power the flashlight back up to reveal a roach infested room. Examine the keypad on the right side of the door, the combination being an input of the 3 highlighted numbers on the pad. Once you got the right number combination, leave this room and enter the door on the right using the key to reveal another hole you must jump into.

After the cutscene, take the Tablet of the Gluttonous Pig and health drink from this room before leaving. Once in the hallway, make a left and pick up the handgun bullets and map you'll find along the way. Check the map and make your way through the southern double doors to find the showers. Once in here, beware of Patient Demons. Make a right and check the shower for the Tablet of the Seductress. After leaving here, continue down until you get to the cell block. Check the unlocked cells in the area to find a Wax Doll in addition to some ammo. Leave through the rightmost door, making a left in this new hall. You'll see a door on your left, take it. Nothing in here but a Patient guarding some rifle shells, so kill him and take them. Leave this room and continue down the hallway the same way you were heading previously, taking the top door to reach another cell block. The cell at the top of the block contains the Tablet of Oppressor. With the tablets in hand, you can now set forth on your prison escape.

Go back to the hall and take the double doors on the righthand side of this hallway, leading you to a huge room with a platform in the center. Use your tablets here to trigger a scream. Upon returning to the doors you came from you find a...Horseshoe? Take the odd item and go back up to the cell block here, unlocking the door within to lead to another hallway. Go up and through the left door here to find a First Aid Kit, then exit this room and head up. Move through this next room and open the door here, readying yourself for the Patients in this next hallway. Move down to find the backdoor to the room which had the First Aid Kit, grabbing the lighter from in here. You now have the pieces for a very odd puzzle, so let's solve that. The door on the bottom left of this area contains a Patient, First Aid Kit, and Ampoule, so if that interests you go ahead and grab those supplies. In the next room from here is a bit of ammo, as well as the best weapon in this playthrough; the hunting rifle. Definitely take it before exiting back to the hall, going through the gate here to find a cover on the floor. Combine the horseshoe, wax doll, and lighter on this cover to create a handle to open it with. With that done, jump into the hole.

We'll now be going through a rather linear section, so continue on opening all the doors and jumping into all the holes along the way. Continue this until you reach an elevator with items adorning the corners, clearly a sign for very good things to come. Ride the elevator down into the labyrinth. After stepping out of the elevator, turn left and run by the Patients. Go straight, down, and then use the ladders ahead of you. You just ran past an area with an awesome (but very slow) weapon and items, but the risk of being speared by Pyramid Head is great, and navigation becomes confusing. It's best to avoid it altogether. Go up the next ladder and find yourself face to face with the cube faces. The face you start on is randomized, unfortunately, so you'll need to figure that out on your own. On Easy, Normal, and Hard riddle difficulties the solution will always be the yellow-eyed face, upside down. On Extra, the solution is the red eyes, right side up. After completing the puzzle, you'll see a new passage has opened up behind the cubes. Follow it for a cutscene.

That's Silent Hill for you. Return to the cube room and take the wire cutters from the smashed electrical box. Return back to the labyrinth area, to the doorway covered by wires. Use the cutters here to access the ladders. There are a few ladders going up from this point, so make sure to ignore any enemies and ascend them. You'll get to a room with a save point, which will be helpful if this is your first playthrough. Equip your shotgun and move through the door until you trigger a cutscene involving Angela and a new monster; Abstract Daddy. This guy can take bullets, so you're going to want to strafe around him. He's very strong but rather slow, so running around his peripheral and putting shots into his back and sides work best. If you can lure him into making a jump for you, move to the side and put a few solid slugs into him. Once he's dead, you shall unlock:

Childhood Trauma in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Defeat Abstract Daddy.
  • Unlocked by 1,715 tracked gamers (87% - TT Ratio = 1.07) 1,970

Another scene occurs, then you get to leave this room. Go down the hall and enter the door on the right side. Examine the corpses until you find who you're looking for, then remember the location of the body you need. Here are the criminals you're looking for:

Easy - Kidnapper

Normal - Arsonist

Hard - Counterfeiter

Extra - Thief

Leave this room and move on, going through the door on the left. Go up to the noose which corresponds to the above man from the previous room and pull on it. After doing so, return to the room with the hanging corpses and retrieve the key of the persecuted from the ground. Head back to the far door, using the key to unlock the handcuffs barring this door shut. Head through the hall and down the ladder and continue on until you encounter a cutscene.

Make your first left after this scene and follow it to a ladder. Grab the First Aid Kit from the ground, then proceed into the cemetery. There are an ampoule and ammo on some graves here, and you'll need them. There's also a save available here, and this is one of the two I used during my 10-star run. You can drop down into the grave marked James Sunderland to find a hallway with a door at the end of it. Enter it for a cutscene and boss battle. You DON'T want to get hit by any bullet Eddie fires, so keep close with your shotgun. Move around the meat for cover, and do your best to avoid his punches as well. After taking enough damage, he will run into another room. Follow him inside and repeat the process until you kill the poor, fat man. After Eddie dies and you leave the building, get ready for some fun.

Approach the boat and cast off. If you're playing for any reason other than your 10-star run, count to 60 before moving. After your countdown, aim your boat to the light and move towards it. It's easy enough now, but the last time will be tricky. Just make sure you never do it in under 80 seconds until you're going for 10 stars. Once you're on the dock, go up to the fountain at the top of the stairs and pick up the Little Mermaid music box. Now that you're done out here, it's time to ascend the stairs and enter the Lakeview Hotel.

On the left side of the lobby is a map, which I suggest you grab. Take the door on the right and enter the dining area. Approach the playing piano for a quick cutscene, after which you can get the fish key from the table. Leave this area and make a left to confront the Doorman. These guys are slow and easy to avoid but can deal some serious damage. Either work out how to run past them or kill them. Take the double doors on the right and go behind the reception desk with the door here. Snag the key to room 312 from the key rack here before going up the stairs to the next floor up.

Make your way to the Cloak Room for first aid and ammo, as well as a briefcase you can open with the fish key. In this briefcase is the key to room 204, so you can take a guess where you're headed next. Leave this room and go to the window for some handgun ammo before making your way to 204. If you ever get lost in the hotel, pull up your map and find whichever room you need to enter. There are a number of Doormen guarding 204, so proceed with caution. Unlock the door and head inside.

Nothing in here but a key for the employee elevator. After grabbing that, return to the lobby with the staircase. On the opposite side of where you came from is an ampoule on a table and the elevator you need to use your key on. Look for the shelf on the right of the elevator, placing all your items inside for the time being. Go into the elevator and ride it down to the first floor.

There's another map on the left wall here for you to grab. Take the first right and go into the door on the left with a red light above it. All that's in here is the Snow White music box, so grab it and leave the pantry. Go back to the elevator and through the office door on the left. There is a videotape and can opener in this room, so take these and exit. Go left again, entering the 2nd door in the hall to get into the employee area. This room has 2 boxes of rifle shells, which you'll need in your first playthrough. Leave this area and go right, taking the right side door by the elevator. Go down the staircase here to the basement, opening the door. Get to the boiler room down here, dodging the Mannequin waiting for you in the darkness. There's a first aid kit and bar key in here, which you can grab and leave quickly. Get around the Mannequin again and head into the food preparation area. There are some health drinks in here, as well as a closed can that can be opened with...Your can opener. True brilliance. Take the light bulb from inside the can, then go into the next door. Use the light bulb to illuminate this room, then use the bar key to open the next door.

Go inside the elevator in this hallway and take the can of thinner. Go back through the entire area you just came through, dodging the Mannequins again until you're back at the stairs. Climb them until you're back in the main lobby. Go up the stairs here once again, up to the 2nd floor. Go back to the employee elevator room, retrieving your items from the locker you stored them in.

Return to room 204, slipping through the broken wall here. Use the can of thinner on the picture resting on the bed to get a code. There's a briefcase next to the bed, so use this combination on the case to open it. Within you'll get the Cinderella music box. Unlock the door in this room, returning to the main hall. Go to the large decorative piece here, using the music boxes here. The order to input them will be:

Easy - Any order

Normal - Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid

Hard/Extra - Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White

Play the tune and retrieve the hotel stairway key. Go back to the first hallway and climb the stairway to the left until you reach the 3rd floor. Use the stairway key on the gate blocking your path and the room 312 key on the door to 312. This is where you'll be ending the game when going for the UFO ending, but that's a ways from now. At this point, use the videotape on the VCR and watch the cutscene.

After the scene, leave the room. If you're on a later run, go back down the stairs and enter the reading room. Take the Book of Crimson Ceremonies from the shelf for:

Light Reading in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquire the book of Crimson Ceremony.
  • Unlocked by 624 tracked gamers (32% - TT Ratio = 1.77) 1,970

Now, if you're going for the Dog ending, go back up to the third floor and use the dog key on the observation deck to end the game. Unfortunately, you're not even close to there yet. Go downstairs and open room 202 to the hallway there. Open the door that leads to the outside, grabbing the ampoule and taking the elevator to the basement. Get to the bar, taking any healing items here before opening the door to the kitchen area. Get to the stairwell for a cutscene, then go back the way you came, but the fire has died. Ascend the stairs and enter the hall, taking whatever items you see along the way. Open the door at the other end of the hall. The next long hallway leads to another door which opens to a save point. I suggest you use it, most definitely. Watch the cutscene and prepare for a fight.

Equip your rifle and bounce from corner to corner. Aim, shoot, run when the Pyramid Head's close in on you. Run to each corner, spin, aim, shoot, repeat. You should have plenty of rifle ammo to last this fight and the upcoming fight. Once a PH dies, it moves to the center of the room and impales itself on a spear. Keep pressure on the other until it dies, granting you:

I Don't Need You Anymore in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Defeat Pyramid Head.
  • Unlocked by 1,681 tracked gamers (85% - TT Ratio = 1.08) 1,970

Take the eggs from their corpses, using one on each side of the double door that leads out of this room. Before you ascend this staircase, the conversation here determines the ending you get. Some require you listen to it, others don't. This time, sit and listen to the entire conversation before leaving this area. After the conversation ends, go all the way up until you reach the roof for a cutscene. Try to avoid the tail as much as possible during this fight. Aim up with your rifle, shooting Mary as soon as you have a clear shot. Run around and avoid the attacks Mary throws at you, firing up with your rifle or shotgun as soon as you can. After she falls, you need to put her out of her misery with one last bullet. Defeating Mary and earning the Leave ending will grant you:

Say Goodbye in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Defeat Mary.
  • Unlocked by 1,681 tracked gamers (85% - TT Ratio = 1.08) 1,970

Free to Go in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Free to Go18 (15)
Unlock the "Leave" ending.
  • Unlocked by 1,397 tracked gamers (71% - TT Ratio = 1.18) 1,970

So that's the long walkthrough. Should you get stuck at any point in your subsequent playthroughs, simply refer to the above text. Before we continue on, I recommend playing the added Maria level, Born From a Wish. You can select it from the menu after choosing Silent Hill 2.

This scenario has very little combat and seems to be more focused on puzzles and confusing level layouts. I recommend following the below video, it's not a speedrun with insane tactics, so this should be very easy to follow.

Restless Dreams in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Unlock the "Born from a Wish" ending.
  • Unlocked by 1,124 tracked gamers (57% - TT Ratio = 1.32) 1,970

Now back to the main game of Silent Hill 2. Next, you will be going for the Maria ending, so choose Normal riddle difficulty and observe the following choices throughout the game:

  • Stay with Maria, never run too far ahead of her or leave her behind.
  • Stay with her in the hospital room for a bit, then return to the room every so often before she disappears.
  • Keep her safe. Don't hit her and don't allow her to take too much damage from enemies.
  • Don't examine Angela's knife at all.
  • Don't examine Mary's picture at all.
  • Run to the final door, don't listen to the conversation between yourself and Mary before the boss fight.

With those requirements met, you should get the Maria ending and:

Second Best in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Unlock the "Maria" ending.
  • Unlocked by 548 tracked gamers (28% - TT Ratio = 1.89) 1,970

Next ending is "In Water". Choose the Hard riddle difficulty and make sure you do the following:

  • Examine Angela's knife multiple times.
  • Keep your health low, walk around in yellow/red health for a bit before healing.
  • Read the diary that is on the roof of the hospital.
  • Listen to the headphones in the hotel Reading Room.
  • Listen to the whole speech from Mary in the final hallway.

With those met, you'll get yourself:

Goodbye in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Goodbye24 (15)
Unlock the "In Water" ending.
  • Unlocked by 780 tracked gamers (40% - TT Ratio = 1.59) 1,970

Next up is on the Rebirth ending. You can only get this one after previously beating the game and attaining the other endings, then going back on a new game and collecting 4 hidden items. By selecting Hard as the riddle difficulty here again, you'll unlock Extra riddle difficulty, with different puzzles. If you collect these 4 items and beat the game, as usual, you'll see the Rebirth ending. The items are in the following locations:

  • White Chrism - Found in Room 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments, in the kitchen on a counter.
  • Book of Lost Memories - Found in the newspaper dispenser at the Texxon Gas Station.
  • Obsidian Goblet - Found in the smashed glass case in the Historical Society, right after entering it, before the stairs going down.
  • Crimson Ceremony - Found on the bookshelf in the Reading Room, after the cutscene that transforms the hotel.

Completing the game on Extra Riddle difficulty earns you:

I.Q. Test in Silent Hill 2 HD
Gold Trophy
I.Q. Test197 (90)
Complete SH2 on Extra Riddle difficulty.
  • Unlocked by 412 tracked gamers (21% - TT Ratio = 2.18) 1,970

The Rebirth ending grants:

Say Your Prayers in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Unlock the "Rebirth" ending.
  • Unlocked by 605 tracked gamers (31% - TT Ratio = 1.80) 1,970

We're nearing the end of the endings now! For the next one, you'll need the UFO ending. In the very beginning of the game, still in the bathroom, move to the back and pick up the Blue Gem. Once you've acquired it, select and use it in these locations:

  • The room in Brookhaven Hospital after defeating Flesh Lips (hanging creatures).
  • In front of the row boat on the dock after killing Eddie.
  • In room 312 of the Lakeview Hotel BEFORE watching the video.

This will trigger the strange UFO ending, effectively skipping the Pyramid Head duo and Mary fight. This playthrough will grant you:

We're Not Alone in Silent Hill 2 HD
Bronze Trophy
Acquire the Blue Gem.
  • Unlocked by 768 tracked gamers (39% - TT Ratio = 1.60) 1,970

Never to be Heard from Again in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Unlock the "UFO" ending.
  • Unlocked by 507 tracked gamers (26% - TT Ratio = 1.97) 1,970

So this is it, the big one. 10 star run. You'll also be going for the DOG ending, as it's faster than the UFO ending and also skips the Pyramid Head/Mary fights at the games conclusion. You've already invested a lot of time in this game, so this run shouldn't be a problem. You have to play on Hard action as well as Hard (Extra) riddle difficulty. You must do the following to earn a 10 star rating:

  • Collect 150+ items and the 8 special items (Blue Gem, Chainsaw, Hyper Spray, White Chrism, Dog Key, Book Of Lost Memories, Obsidian Goblet, Book of Crimson Ceremony.)
  • Kill 75 enemies by melee and 75 enemies by gun.
  • Take no more than 500 damage points.
  • Beat the game under 3 hours
  • Use no more than 2 saves
  • Complete the boat stage under 1 minute and 20 seconds.

The chainsaw is located on a log on the way into town. Pass the Silent Hill Ranch and listen for the sound of a revving engine. Seek it out and pick up the chainsaw for:

Overkill in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Overkill42 (30)
Acquire the Chainsaw.
  • Unlocked by 1,023 tracked gamers (52% - TT Ratio = 1.38) 1,970

The Hyper Spray is found on Saul Street, in a mobile home. Enter it, grab the spray from the desk, and head back out. No trophy for that one yet, as you get a different color spray dependent on your performance in the previous game. Be sure to not use these items, as they do automatically deduct a star. The remaining items are found in their usual places. The DOG key is located in a dog house on Nathan Avenue, next to Jack's Inn. Approach the dog house and examine it to take the key. Now take this key with you to the end of the game. After watching the video in room 312, go downstairs to pick up the Book of Crimson Ceremonies, then head upstairs back to the 3rd floor, using the DOG key on the Observation Room door. This will give you the DOG ending and:

It All Makes Sense Now in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Unlock the "Dog" ending.
  • Unlocked by 474 tracked gamers (24% - TT Ratio = 2.03) 1,970

So that's all well and good, but you need actual strategies to make that happen. So above I told you about the 8 special items, but you need 150 regular items. This is very easy and will come naturally by picking things up. You're going to need weapons, ammo, first aid, and health drinks, so anything you come across is fair game. Grab as much as possible. I ended with around 190 items collected, this one gets you:

Keen Eye in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Keen Eye32 (30)
Find at least 150 items + extra items in SH2.
  • Unlocked by 1,708 tracked gamers (87% - TT Ratio = 1.07) 1,970

Next up we have our kills, 150 total. When it comes to melee kills, use your best weapons to disable enemies and then deliver the finishing blow on the ground with your melee weapon of choice. Patient Demons and Mannequins are the easiest prey, as well as the roaches in the apartment complexes. For firearm kills, you must deliver the killing blow with the gun, meaning that if you stomp out an enemy on the floor, it won't count. Once they're down, execute them via gunshot. The best place to farm this is in the streets of Silent Hill after the Hospital, when the area is dark and infested with Nurses. Go around gathering supplies, killing every enemy you see. Once you've killed enough enemies, you'll immediately unlock:

Melee Master in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH2.
  • Unlocked by 1,190 tracked gamers (60% - TT Ratio = 1.28) 1,970

Keep Your Distance in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH2.
  • Unlocked by 619 tracked gamers (31% - TT Ratio = 1.78) 1,970

Taking minimal damage is a bit trickier. You're playing on Hard mode, so evasion is key. Patient Demons and roaches will definitely be able to get a few hits on you, but you do NOT want to take a lot of damage from Nurses, Flesh Lips, Daddy's, or Pyramid Head. Keep your distance and stay away from the business end of enemies, and never rush into a fight unprepared. You're almost guaranteed to be hit by a few enemies and Eddie, but you shouldn't risk it often. If you see your health go into the red before Pyramid Head puts it there on the Hospital roof, you might be in trouble. After making it through the whole game taking minimal damage, you'll get:

Hard to Hit in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH2.
  • Unlocked by 867 tracked gamers (44% - TT Ratio = 1.50) 1,970

Speedrun is next, and it is incredibly easy. You'll probably have 30-40 minutes of breathing room when you finish, just by knowing the game. The first time through the Historical Society, everyone gets lost. The 5th or 6th time through, you know exactly where all the items are. The only detours you'll be taking are for quick item grabs and to farm kills after the Hospital, everything else should be memorized by this point. If you do get stuck, consult the guide. I also had a list of solutions to all the riddles typed up next to me, so I could quickly glance over and see the answer to every puzzle before it even loaded in. The DOG ending also saves quite a bit of time. After finishing in under 3 hours, you'll get:

Warp Speed in Silent Hill 2 HD
Gold Trophy
Warp Speed166 (90)
Complete SH2 in 3 hours or less.
  • Unlocked by 583 tracked gamers (30% - TT Ratio = 1.83) 1,970

Now we have a trickier one, complete the game in 2 saves. Everyone has their own rough patches, and you should save when you feel most comfortable. I did my first save in the middle of the Hospital, after killing Flesh Lips. I did it in great time, and had taken almost no damage the entire run. My 2nd save was on the grave, right before fighting Eddie. Now if you're super confident in your skills, you can save after Eddie and right before the boat. I will warn you though; Eddie is tough. If he corners you, your whole run can go down the toilet very quickly. But if you feel like you can beat him without much trouble, save your save until after this fight. Completing the game in 2 saves nets you:

Playing on the Edge in Silent Hill 2 HD
Gold Trophy
Complete SH2 with 2 saves or less.
  • Unlocked by 570 tracked gamers (29% - TT Ratio = 1.85) 1,970

Now lastly, we have a special one. The boat section in under 80 seconds. Hard action mode is very different when it comes to maneuvering that hellish boat around. You're still aiming for the distant light, but the controls are now very different. You now have to actually perform a "rowing" motion with the analog sticks to steer and move yourself forward. It will take a few tries to get used to, so that's why choosing your save is important. If you nail Eddie the first try, saving after that fight means you can just pick things right up from the boat without re-doing that confrontation. Once you get it down, you should unlock the following once James rows onto the shore of the hotel:

Don't Keep Her Waiting in Silent Hill 2 HD
Silver Trophy
Complete Boat Stage in less than 1 min 20 seconds.
  • Unlocked by 905 tracked gamers (46% - TT Ratio = 1.47) 1,970

If you finish the game with all of those qualifications above, you'll have earned a 10 star rating and unlocked the Green Hyper Spray. Start up the game again and proceed to the mobile home on Saul St. that the spray is found in. Pick it up, and take a satisfying look at these pop up on your screen:

Who Needs a Gun? in Silent Hill 2 HD
Gold Trophy
Acquire the Green Hyper Spray.
  • Unlocked by 291 tracked gamers (15% - TT Ratio = 2.60) 1,970

She Would Be Proud in Silent Hill 2 HD
Platinum Trophy
Unlock all Trophies in SH2.
  • Unlocked by 286 tracked gamers (15% - TT Ratio = 2.62) 1,970

That's Silent Hill 2 HD! Silent Hill 3 beckons, so be sure to continue the story there.

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