Silent Hill 2 HD

PlayStation 3

Silent Hill 2 HD Trophies

Most Earned

Where's that Letter!?
Where's that Letter!?15TrophyTypeDefeat Flesh Lips.
Keen Eye
Keen Eye32TrophyTypeFind at least 150 items + extra items in SH2.
Childhood Trauma
Childhood Trauma16TrophyTypeDefeat Abstract Daddy.
Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye32TrophyTypeDefeat Mary.

Least Earned

She Would Be Proud
She Would Be Proud345TrophyTypeUnlock all Trophies in SH2.
Who Needs a Gun?
Who Needs a Gun?172TrophyTypeAcquire the Green Hyper Spray.
I.Q. Test
I.Q. Test155TrophyTypeComplete SH2 on Extra Riddle difficulty.
It All Makes Sense Now
It All Makes Sense Now49TrophyTypeUnlock the "Dog" ending.
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