Siegecraft Commander (EU)

PlayStation 4

Siegecraft Commander (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Too Many Eggs In This Basket
Too Many Eggs In This Basket90TrophyTypeGet 5 tower kills by destroying the tower it is linked to
Deconstruction91TrophyTypeDestroyed a tower with a building projectile
Spiteful Last Words
Spiteful Last Words91TrophyTypeAs a tower is being destroyed, fire a projectile and destroy an enemy tower
Booster Shot
Booster Shot91TrophyTypeKilled a tower with a full power trebuchet shot

Least Earned

Siegecraft Master
Siegecraft Master185TrophyTypeObtained all trophies in Siegecraft Commander!
Gibbed92TrophyTypeDestroyed 10 units with a single TNT
Winter War
Winter War92TrophyTypeHit 10 enemy units with the Freeze spell
SAM Site
SAM Site91TrophyTypeShot down an air unit with a TNT
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