Shrek Forever After

PlayStation 3

Shrek Forever After Trophies

Most Earned

Ogres Rock!
Ogres Rock!15TrophyTypeWin the training fight in the Forest
Green And Mean
Green And Mean15TrophyTypeScare an enemy as Shrek
Ogre Horn
Ogre Horn15TrophyTypeSound-blast an enemy with Fiona
Swamp Sweet Swamp
Swamp Sweet Swamp15TrophyTypeUse the magic mirror

Least Earned

True Love's Kiss
True Love's Kiss212TrophyTypeUnlock all other trophies
Docks Complete
Docks Complete35TrophyTypeComplete 100% of the Docks
Dragon's Keep Complete
Dragon's Keep Complete35TrophyTypeComplete 100% of Dragon's Keep
Catacombs Complete
Catacombs Complete35TrophyTypeComplete 100% of the Catacombs
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