Shred It!

PlayStation 4

Shred It! Trophies

Most Earned

Second Stager
Second Stager15TrophyTypeReach the second stage
Third Stager
Third Stager15TrophyTypeReach the third stage
Fourth Stager
Fourth Stager16TrophyTypeReach the fourth stage
Super Trickster
Super Trickster16TrophyTypeComplete 10 tricks in a run

Least Earned

Time Traveller Champion
Time Traveller Champion31TrophyTypeComplete Checkpoint Challenge with ALL boarders
Sticker Master
Sticker Master31TrophyTypeTotally fill a page on your Sticker Board
Completionist188TrophyTypeGet every accomplishment
Gold Feather
Gold Feather30TrophyTypeCollect 15 Feathers in a run
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