PlayStation 3

Shatter Trophies

Most Earned

Shardenfreude15TrophyTypeCollect 95% of all fragments on any wave.
Storm Warning
Storm Warning15TrophyTypeTrigger a Shard Storm.
Kinetic Harvest
Kinetic Harvest15TrophyTypeComplete World 1 in Story Mode
Balls Galore
Balls Galore15TrophyTypeLaunch multiple balls into play.

Least Earned

The Boss
The Boss209TrophyTypeDefeat Boss Rush Mode in Under 10 Minutes
Master Batter
Master Batter128TrophyTypeComplete the entire game in a single game session without using a continue.
Fringe Benefit
Fringe Benefit39TrophyTypeGet a score of 10,000,000 in Bonus Mode
Old School
Old School25TrophyTypeComplete a wave without using Blow, Suck, or a Shard Storm.
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