Shadows of the Damned (EU)

PlayStation 3

Shadows of the Damned (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

You Go To Hell
You Go To Hell15TrophyTypeStart a new game for the first time. (any difficulty setting)
An Ordinary Life
An Ordinary Life15TrophyTypeStory Progression in Act 1 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)
Take Me To Hell
Take Me To Hell16TrophyTypeStory Progression in Act 2 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)
Adios George (Human form)
Adios George (Human form)17TrophyTypeDefeat George Human Boss

Least Earned

Fleming's Pride
Fleming's Pride374TrophyTypeComplete all game's Trophies.
High in Las Vegas
High in Las Vegas178TrophyTypeRecover all available Red Gems in the game.
Legion Hunter
Legion Hunter170TrophyTypeComplete all chapters on Hard difficulty setting
Fiesta Caliente!
Fiesta Caliente!26TrophyTypeDefeat 5 enemies at once using the Hot Boner
All Shadows of the Damned (EU) Trophies