Shadow of Loot Box (EU) Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed169,326
    28 Feb 2019
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    What do you do when all these silly single player games include uneccessary loot boxes? Make a parody game ofcourse.

    Shadow of the lootbox is that game. The highly praised PC game came to consoles last year. It's not the most glamorous game, but for an indie developer taking a swipe at big companies like Warner Bros over Shadow of war, for example, you really don't care about graphics, it isn't what drew you to click "purchase" on the PSN Store.

    What you will be expecting is a game that is full of tongue-in-cheek gaming jokes like being able to murder Fallout 4's Preston over and over and even a parody of Assassin's Creed's Leap of Faith. The main story is really about a lootbox that's become so evil it's making making you buy everything as an 'added extra' through lootboxes, that you can buy by collecting currency littered around the world.

    You get this currency by killing mini-lootboxes that want your money and will kill you to get it or by finding it laying around the game world. Also you can complete side quests to earn more to afford the better items. You unlock skills too by doing these mini-quests. You have to unlock everything from jumping to running, from basic movements to guns.

    Even the main boss is a pardoy of itself, a giant money hungry lootbox that you have to fight in amongst waves of its smaller bretheren.

    It's worth a play for three reasons:
    • The little in game jokes
    • The nice smooth gameplay that could actually put some AAA titles to shame.
    • For trophy hunters, it's an easy plat.