Sephirothic Stories

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Sephirothic Stories Trophies

Most Earned

A Small Determination
A Small Determination15TrophyTypeWent looking for Magus.
A Start of Conflict
A Start of Conflict15TrophyTypeWatched the opening.
Adventure Master
Adventure Master30TrophyTypeWalked 50,000 steps.
Amateur Traveler
Amateur Traveler15TrophyTypeWalked 25,000 steps.

Least Earned

World Tree Story
World Tree Story180TrophyTypeObtain all the trophies.
Welcome Back
Welcome Back90TrophyTypeEarned the True End.
Weapon Trainer
Weapon Trainer30TrophyTypeSynthesized a weapon to level 25.
Weapon Meister
Weapon Meister90TrophyTypeSynthesized a weapon to level 50.
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