1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

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Welcome to my Trophy Walkthrough for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the latest release from the Japanese developer FromSoftware. Sekiro is a hack and slash action game focused on sword combat where you control Wolf, a Shinobi who is sworn to protect his lord at any cost.

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The game has four different endings with a trophy tied to each, but you can get multiple endings on a single playthrough via save file manipulation. I suggest two full playthroughs and a partial third:

Playthrough 1: comprehensive playthrough where you get the three good endings

Playthrough 2: shortened playthrough for the fourth (bad) ending

Playthrough 3: shortened playthrough to complete everything else

The walkthrough is written with a lot of reference images and videos. I will guide you through each area in an order that I feel is most efficient and along the way, I mention important items, notable enemies, and anything else I feel is vital to your progress. The walkthrough is not completely exhaustive, though, so I suggest that you fully explore each area- killing enemies and looting items- as you progress through the game.

NOTE: I wrote the walkthrough while playing on Xbox, so my images will be from that version. The only difference will in the buttons shown in screenshots- "A" instead of cn_X and "RT" instead of cn_R1, for example. Text instructions will always use the PS4 buttons.

Each boss will be broken down with an explanation of their attacks along with a video supplement showing the battle.

The Subsequent Playthroughs page will explain what you need to in the second and third playthroughs in order to unlock the remaining trophies.

Completion should take about 60-80 hours depending on how easy or difficult you find the game to be.

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