Section 8

PlayStation 3

Section 8 Trophies

Most Earned

First Drop
First Drop16TrophyTypeComplete the first mission of the campaign on any difficulty
Adaptable18TrophyTypeParticipate in a successful DCM
Passive Aggressive
Passive Aggressive18TrophyTypeCustomize passive modules for one loadout in game
Shop 'til You Drop
Shop 'til You Drop18TrophyTypeChange loadouts 3 times

Least Earned

For the Swarm
For the Swarm297TrophyTypeWin a game of Swarm on Hard difficulty on all maps
Insanity Defense
Insanity Defense47TrophyTypeWin a complete game of Super Swarm on Insane difficulty
Swarming Behavior
Swarming Behavior90TrophyTypeWin a game of Super Swarm on all maps
Boom Goes the Dynamite
Boom Goes the Dynamite88TrophyTypeKill 3 players at once with explosions
All Section 8 Trophies