Scene It? Movie Night

PlayStation 3

Scene It? Movie Night Trophies

Most Earned

Who's The Boss
Who's The Boss15TrophyTypeComplete a round of Quick Pitch? Nailed it!
Three Questions Combo
Three Questions Combo15TrophyTypeCorrectly answer three questions in a row.
Buzzo17TrophyTypeAnswer correctly after buzzing in.
Candy From a Baby
Candy From a Baby27TrophyTypeCorrectly answer 10 Child's Play questions.

Least Earned

Light Speed
Light Speed52TrophyTypeEarn 1,000 points from a Quick Pitch question in Scene It? Sci-Fi.
Distorted Buzzer
Distorted Buzzer314TrophyTypeBuzz in and correctly answer 25 Distorted Reality questions from Scene It? Sci-Fi.
Clip Geek
Clip Geek105TrophyTypeCorrectly answer 20 Movie Clip questions from Scene It? Sci-Fi.
The Know It All
The Know It All119TrophyTypeAnswer every question in a game correctly.
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