PlayStation 3

Scarygirl Trophies

Most Earned

Dreamer15TrophyTypeComplete a Dojo training session.
Novice Collector
Novice Collector16TrophyTypePurchase a store item.
Up, Up and Away
Up, Up and Away17TrophyTypeCatch an Umbrella Seed to the Old Man Mountains.
Unleash the Guru
Unleash the Guru19TrophyTypeStart a Co-op game.

Least Earned

Winning304TrophyTypeAchieve a perfect status on every level.
Hoarder101TrophyTypePurchase all the shop items.
Luminescent Danger
Luminescent Danger68TrophyTypeTriumph over the dangers deep beneath the sea.
Dr. Maybee's Ultimatum
Dr. Maybee's Ultimatum34TrophyTypeMake the tough choice when confronted by Dr. Maybee.
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