Savage Moon

PlayStation 3

Savage Moon Trophies

Most Earned

Imoon Agamemnon Trophy
Imoon Agamemnon Trophy15TrophyTypeThis is the award for the successful completion of the first level of the Xipe nebula.
Imoon-Bane Trophy
Imoon-Bane Trophy17TrophyTypeAwarded for killing a huge number of Insectocytes.
Command Degree Trophy
Command Degree Trophy17TrophyTypeAwarded for completing all of the tutorial sections of the game.
Imoon Technician Trophy
Imoon Technician Trophy21TrophyTypeThis award is for the first successful building of a tower upgraded to level 5.

Least Earned

Waldgeist Imoon Trophy
Waldgeist Imoon Trophy237TrophyTypeAwarded for completion of all 6 levels whilst suffering no damage to the base.
Neophile Trophy (Waldgeist)
Neophile Trophy (Waldgeist)39TrophyTypeGiven to those who complete any 5 levels using only Lasers, Anti-Air Towers, Particle Cannons and Orbital Strike Towers.
Waldgeist Admiral Trophy
Waldgeist Admiral Trophy72TrophyTypeAwarded for completion of all 6 levels achieving the minimum set scores.
Luddite Trophy (Waldgeist)
Luddite Trophy (Waldgeist)36TrophyTypeAwarded for completing any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers without any damage to the base.
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