Samurai Shodown VI

PlayStation 4

Samurai Shodown VI Trophies

Most Earned

Perfect Samurai
Perfect Samurai17TrophyTypeWin a round in Arcade mode without taking any damage.
Relentless Combo
Relentless Combo19TrophyTypeScore a 10 Slash combination in Arcade or Survival mode.
Custom Combat
Custom Combat21TrophyTypeEdit a Spirit.
Champion Samurai
Champion Samurai25TrophyTypeClear Arcade mode with any character.

Least Earned

Enduring Samurai
Enduring Samurai136TrophyTypeClear Survival mode.
Keep 'Em Coming
Keep 'Em Coming63TrophyTypeDefeat 20 opponents in Survival mode.
Full Roster
Full Roster353TrophyTypeClear Arcade mode with every playable character.
Elite Samurai
Elite Samurai105TrophyTypeClear Arcade mode on level 8 without changing any other setting.
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