Salt and Sacrifice (PS4)

Salt and Sacrifice (PS4)

Salt and Sacrifice (PS4)

Salt and Sacrifice (PS4) Trophies

Full list of all 54 Salt and Sacrifice trophies - 47 bronze, 4 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Devoured

    Devour your foes, embody the Inquisition, and achieve all possible trophies.

  • The Wastes

    Uncover the pilgrim's path to the lost city of Bol-Gerahn.

  • The Swamp

    Learn the runes leading to the reeking swamps of Corvius' Mire.

  • The Mountain

    Raise your luminstone and find a path to the bitter wastes of Dreadstone Peak.

  • The Copse

    Rejoin the lost runes leading to the forbidden Elder Copse.

  • Well Stocked

    Help Verdantvoice Trista craft every possible potion, salve, and decoction in the Inquisition's arsenal.

  • Top Shelf

    Upgrade all potions, salves, and decoctions to their maximum level.

  • Waste Not

    Employ Warpsmith Zakiel to craft a piece of Inquisitor's gear from the husk of a defeated Mage.

  • Stock Up

    Help Verdantvoice Trista to craft your first potion, salve, or decoction.

  • Want Not

    Employ Warpsmith Zakiel to enhance a piece of Inquisitor's gear to its maximum level.

  • Make The Climb

    Climb the tree; the gods' rage must be endured.

  • Take Your Place

    Devour the tree; the tyranny must end.

  • Blueheart Runners

    Seek out profit and capital from Hazeburnt Husks by joining the Blueheart Runners.

  • Chaos Hunger

    Wreak havoc throughout the realm by joining the Chaos Hunger.

  • Dawnlight Order

    Aid your fellow Inquisitors in the hunt by joining the Dawnlight Order.

  • Oathbound Watchers

    Protect Inquisitors marked for death by joining the Oathbound Watchers.

  • Sheriff Inquisitors

    Prevent powerful Hazeburnt magic from falling into the wrong hands by joining the Sheriff Inquisitors.

  • Shroud Alliance

    Impede the march of the Inquisition by joining the Shroud Alliance.

  • The Nomad

    Help a fellow Inquisitor reach their full potential.

  • The King

    Complete your royal quest and gain a glimpse of your true nature.

  • The Scholar

    Witness the ascension of a true scholar.

  • The Soldier

    See a weary soldier back to Pardoner's Vale.

  • The Dragon

    Slay Kraeaxenar, guardian of the Elder Tree.

  • The Champion

    Slay Uryks Necklace-of-Ears, bane of the Inquisition.

  • The Firelord

    Slay the Worm That Does Not Die, champion of fire and all that lives below.

  • The Hag

    Slay Marega Gredanya, the child-devourer of Foulmurk Marsh.

  • The Huntsman

    Slay the Green Huntsman, guardian of the deep wilds.

  • The Sacrifice

    Slay the Undone Sacrifice, one of the two who embarked.

  • The Exalted

    Slay the Tireless Exalted, guardian of Bol-Gerahn and those who sleep within.

  • The Matriarch

    Slay the Hate-Cursed Matriarch, whose vile rule set Bol-Gerahn on an unstoppable march toward destruction.

  • The Skylord

    Slay the Icon of Pandemonium, champion of air and all that lives above.

  • The Treeheart

    Slay the Sapblood Heart, filled with the malice and memories of those lost to time.

  • The Two Monks

    Slay the Two That Remain, who bid their fellow pilgrims farewell in the name of the Eleven.

  • The Aeromancer

    Devour Aur Cyrus.