Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Trophies

Full list of all 46 Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell trophies - 35 bronze, 7 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • H-E...

    Complete all open world gameplay in two districts of the city of New Hades

  • ...Double-Hockey-sticks

    Conquer all of New Hades with 100% City Take Over

  • Fly, You Fools

    Fly for 250,000 meters

  • The Wings of Angels

    Be airborne during Supernatural Jumps or Flight for a combined 10 minutes of gameplay

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  • Get Stoned

    Stonify and Shatter Kill 100 Demons with the Stone Blast Supernatural Power

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  • Footprints in the Sand

    Kill 150 Demons with the Stomp Supernatural Power

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  • Purple Demons

    Have minions kill 100 Demons with the Summon Supernatural Power

  • Oxymoronic

    Kill 100 Demons using the Coldfire Aura Supernatural Power

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