9. Saints Row IV DLC: How the Saints Save ChristmasUpdate notes

This DLC, although technically not taking place in any specific period of time in the Saints Row timeline, is one you'd probably want to play after the base game story and Enter the Dominatrix is completed.

How the Saints Save Christmas: Miracle on 3rd Street

Note: There are several sets of collectibles throughout this DLC. They'll be marked throughout this page and will also appear on your minimap.

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The boss reveals that they don't care about winter holidays whatsoever before Future Shaundi travels to your time to warn you about Santa Clawz, a terrible warlord threatening Christmas. Once you arrive in a little wintery town, you should spot the first (01/10) Letter to Santa on the little stage ahead of where you start. Since conventional weapons aren't allowed in this town, you'll need to pick up an appropriate one in the town's shop. Breaking the glass and steal the weapon is a naughty action, but it's all you can do.

In response to your bad behavior, Clawz will appear and transform some of the townsfolk into enemy gingerbread men. Use your new BB rifle to fire at Clawz, knocking Santa Clawz from the stolen sleigh. Revive him and he'll tell you to bring some cheer to this town by ringing the many bells around the place. In order to earn a trophy, you must ring ALL the bells; you will stop if you manually ring one by hand after shooting enough and being prompted that you can, but fire at all of them to ensure you get the trophy.

After ringing all of the bells, Santa will ask you to set up a projector so you can set up a Christmas movie. Before you do that, however, try and locate the main plaza near the southwest corner of the map. You'll find a sad excuse for a Christmas tree, but it's not such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love. Regardless, pick up the present at the base of the tree for a trophy.

You'll be able to find another (02/10) Letter to Santa in front of the clock on the north face of the town hall. There's another (03/10) Letter to Santa on the stage in front of the building as well. To finish this building off, you can find the first portion of a (1/8) Text Adventure on the roof. These are also related to a trophy, so you'll want to collect all of these as well. Behind town hall is a drive-in movie theater, where you'll be projecting the movie later. Pick up the (04/10) Letter to Santa on top of the screen, then grab the (2/8) Text Adventure on the drive-in's roof. Next, return to the shop you stole the gun from and jump to the top for another (3/8) Text Adventure fragment.

Head to the projector's location and defeat the enemies surrounding it so they don't damage the projector. You should now have access to your standard loadout and all of your powers, so you should be able to make quick work of them. After defeating them all, jump to the top of a roof near the projector for the last (05/10) Letter to Santa in this quest. The last (4/8) Text Adventure fragment will be on the ground by some presents as well.

Stomp the ice and use TK to bring the projector to the drive-in. Clawz will crash the sleigh, but in the meantime, C.I.D. will ask you to defend him as he tries to draw power from some incoming lightning using a lightning rod. In fact, looking at the plaza in front of town hall, this looks like the perfect place for lightning to strike. When C.I.D. asks you to lick the pole, I highly suggest refusing all the way through for some extra dialogue.

Licking the rod will push the electricity towards the projector. Turn it on, and Clawz will emerge from the wreckage. Take his health down, prompting him to escape after you try to kill him. It's off to the North Pole to defend it from Clawz.

How the Saints Save Christmas: The Fight Before Christmas

Santa's elves have started a resistance against Clawz, but they've not been incredibly successful. Take your time reaching the workshop, as you can find a friendly, omnipotent snowman near a North Pole sign. This guy is very kind, as you may know from other tales, but there are six other snowmen around here that are really in a bad place. You'll want to find all six for a trophy, but for now, get to the courtyard.

Clear the courtyard of enemies until they stop appearing, then cn_T lick the candy cane barricade on the door until it no longer exists. This may prove to be handy, after all, and is also rewarded with a trophy. It shouldn't take too long, right? It helps to mash the button/key you're using to lick the door instead of pressing it only once.

  • Minty Fresh!

    Lick the candy cane barricade all the way through in 'The Fight Before Christmas'.

    Minty Fresh!
    Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.

After licking the candy canes away, make a super high jump and look around the surrounding area. Now it's time to look for the special snowmen. One (1/6) Snowman is at the middle of a frozen lake almost directly south of the workshop, outside of the buildings that make up the North Pole. You may have to touch it to make it speak and count toward the trophy. A little bit north-northeast of the lake is a set of snowmen, counting as only one (2/6) Snowman, as the one in question is on the roof. He's left a suicide note, or rather a (06/10) Letter to Santa (or possibly both?) on the roof behind him. Make the crowd below him speak as well, just in case. A wee bit north of this snowman is a small square at ground level, where a murder was just committed. The (3/6) Snowman with a gun is the one who'll be doing the talking around here.

Walk (do not run or jump) south out of the square and take the path leading west only a little bit in order to find a small alcove to the south. A (4/6) Snowman lifting weights is tucked away back there. The fifth (5/6) Snowman is a rather unpleasant one - not that the others haven't been - and it's far to the northwest at ground level by the corner of a building. It's got two heads. Finally, go to the far west side of town and look a bit north of the stable here for a space closed in by three walls, with the area opening to the west. A (6/6) Snowman centipede is waiting for you to greet it here.

Head to the eastern stable first, as that one has a (5/8) Text Adventure inside of it. You'll need to disable the two mechanical reindeer here by shoving your hand up the rear to pull out some significant parts. Fight off Clawz's men until you have the freedom to do so, then go to the western stable and do the same. When you finish up, Santa's Judas, Twinkle, will taunt you and lead you into an ambush. Kill Twinkle and his cohorts, then enter the packaging facility and collect the (07/10) Letter to Santa in the corner. Pick up a disguise and enter the workshop proper with Santa as Shaundi stays behind.

Mrs. Claus will already be firing at Clawz's men when you arrive. As soon as you regain control, head to the front door of the workshop (to the south) and pick up the (6/8) Text Adventure fragment sitting there. Once you've got it, take care of the enemies and join the Clauses in Santa's office, and grab the (08/10) Letter to Santa on his desk. That'll be it for the collectibles in this quest, so now you can focus on the story. Pick up a sweet new present in the office and attack Clawz with your new toy. Before you can kill him, he'll escape to another place. Leave the workshop out the now-unlocked front door and use Santa's sleigh to chase after Clawz.

How the Saints Save Christmas: The Santa Clawz

The first thing you'll do back in Steelport is raise the holiday spirits once again; you'll need everything you can get to defeat Clawz. Travel to one of the three locations on the map and blast the marked houses with coal or presents, depending on the way they're marked. Keep firing at a house until it's had its gifts delivered. Before finishing the activity, check the map and fly to the island with a statue on it. You'll want to shoot a present into the statue of Zinyak's hand for a trophy.

When you reach Clawz, his force shield will still be powered. After you land, there should be a (09/10) Letter to Santa at the base of a building. As your friends tell you, you may need to set up the symbols of the other winter holidays to overwhelm Clawz. Start by lighting the kinawa with a fire blast, specifically, then go on to the menorah and light it up as well. After that, go directly east and look on your minimap for the seventh (7/8) Text Adventure fragment. You'll get the last two pieces of these sets of collectibles as a reward for finishing this quest.

Stomp the ground at the Festivus pole and then return to Clawz so everyone can air their grievances toward each other. When that doesn't work, Kinzie will drop loads of presents from above. Use TK to deliver them to nearby pedestrians, ruining Clawz's shield for good. This won't be enough either, however; take everyone's presents and deliver them to Clawz to completely weaken him, resulting in the last push necessary to defeat him.

You should receive the final (10/10) Letter to Santa and (8/8) Text Adventure for finishing the mission.

  • Dear Santa

    Find all the letters to Santa in the holiday missions.

    Dear Santa
    Online/Offline - These trophies can be obtained in either an online or offline mode.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These trophies can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the trophy requirements.Collectable - These trophies are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.


There are two activities that will spawn on the map. Genki Holiday Special will become available on the map after rescuing the A.I. and importing it into the C.I.D. and is something of a remixed Mind Over Murder. The objects thrown into the rings are now holiday-themed and scoring the same item into multiple rings will build up a combo. Naughty and Nice appears in the simulation after you finish these three quests, which tasks you with flying around in Santa's sleigh just like you did at the beginning of the third quest. Neither should be extremely challenging, like the majority of the game.

Text Adventure

After collecting all eight pieces of the text adventure, you're going to have to complete it. You can find the computer the adventure is stored on in the room Pierce tends to hang out in. Go to the lower level of the ship and you should see a small computer in the room. You'll be able to read the letters to Santa here as well. The text adventure is very easy, possibly easier than the one you had to use to save Matt Miller. It shouldn't take long before you beat all eight parts.

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