SD Gundam G Generation Genesis

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SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Trophies

Most Earned

Witness to History
Witness to History15TrophyTypeCompleted first quest.
A Light on the Battlefield
A Light on the Battlefield15TrophyTypeNew Modifications added to the Production List.
Trembling Space, Pulsing Life
Trembling Space, Pulsing Life16TrophyTypeAdded a new scout pilot to Scout List.
Zeonic16TrophyTypeFirst use of Development.

Least Earned

The Universal Century's 100-Year Prayer
The Universal Century's 100-Year Prayer378TrophyTypeAcquired all trophies.
Vist Foundation
Vist Foundation61TrophyTypeAdded all Modifications to the Production List.
Universal Century
Universal Century183TrophyTypeGot 100% completion for all profiles.
MS Era
MS Era61TrophyTypeAdded all MS/MA units to Production List.
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