Rym 9000

Rym 9000

PlayStation 4

Rym 9000 Trophies

Most Earned

Moon Blink
Moon Blink17TrophyTypeKill all Spirals in Area 1
Uberleet35TrophyTypeFinish Area 1
Revolutionaries19TrophyTypeDon't receive any damage from Bombers in Area 1
Diesel & Shomyo
Diesel & Shomyo49TrophyTypeDon't get trapped inside a Ringer in Area 2

Least Earned

Volts30TrophyTypeDefeat the 2nd phase of Area 2's boss in less than 10 seconds
Saint Voyager
Saint Voyager90TrophyTypeDon't receive any damage from Area 5's boss
NX Family
NX Family90TrophyTypeDon't touch the screen borders in Area 4
Margin Vega
Margin Vega30TrophyTypeDon't receive any damage from Area 1's boss
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Over the last three days, we've introduced a massive 45 new titles that will be making their way to PlayStation 4, Vita, and PlayStation VR. Today we continue with the penultimate 15 titles.

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