Rugby World Cup 2011

PlayStation 3

Rugby World Cup 2011 Trophies

Most Earned

First Try
First Try15TrophyTypeScore a try
Between The Sticks
Between The Sticks15TrophyTypeScore a drop goal, penalty goal or a conversion
Showboat I
Showboat I16TrophyTypeTouch the ball down to score a try without diving and without being tackled
Trytime In Quicktime
Trytime In Quicktime16TrophyTypeScore a try directly from a kick-off, or restart kick, which occurred on the 50 metre line

Least Earned

Rugby Purist
Rugby Purist547TrophyTypeAcquire all Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies
Multi-Union87TrophyTypeWin a match with every International team
Minnow No More
Minnow No More86TrophyTypeWin the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final with a team rated less than 60 against CPU (Hard)
That's Commitment!
That's Commitment!257TrophyTypePlay 100 matches in total (including matches played in any mode)
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