Rugby World Cup 2011

PlayStation 3

Rugby World Cup 2011 Trophies

Most Earned

First Try
First Try15TrophyTypeScore a try
Between The Sticks
Between The Sticks15TrophyTypeScore a drop goal, penalty goal or a conversion
Showboat I
Showboat I16TrophyTypeTouch the ball down to score a try without diving and without being tackled
Trytime In Quicktime
Trytime In Quicktime16TrophyTypeScore a try directly from a kick-off, or restart kick, which occurred on the 50 metre line

Least Earned

Rugby Purist
Rugby Purist375TrophyTypeAcquire all Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies
Multi-Union62TrophyTypeWin a match with every International team
That's Commitment!
That's Commitment!183TrophyTypePlay 100 matches in total (including matches played in any mode)
Minnow No More
Minnow No More61TrophyTypeWin the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final with a team rated less than 60 against CPU (Hard)
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