Rooms the Unsolvable Puzzle

PlayStation 4

Rooms the Unsolvable Puzzle Trophies

Most Earned

A Puzzle Piece
A Puzzle Piece30TrophyTypeEarn 30 puzzle pieces.
Blinking Mansion
Blinking Mansion90TrophyTypeClear all levels in Mansion 1.
Wall of Puzzles
Wall of Puzzles34TrophyTypeEarn 80 puzzle pieces.
Adventurous Mansion
Adventurous Mansion116TrophyTypeClear all levels in Mansion 2.

Least Earned

Veteran Saboteur
Veteran Saboteur47TrophyTypeClear all underground levels in Mansion 2.
Twirling Master
Twirling Master24TrophyTypeRotate rooms often.
Tiara of Puzzle
Tiara of Puzzle47TrophyTypeEarn 288 puzzle pieces.
The Toymaker's Mansion
The Toymaker's Mansion285TrophyTypeEarn all trophies.
All Rooms the Unsolvable Puzzle Trophies