Rogue Warrior Reviews

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    30 Sep 2014
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    This game gives so much credibility to the notion of the lack of reliability that video game journalism sources can have many times. If I had given much weight to any of them, I wouldn't have tried this game out for myself and realized that its actually not all that bad. For the record...I found Rouge Warrior to be a fun game to play!

    I think the mistake that many people who have played this game and called it terrible made was taking it way more seriously than it took itself. I'll tell you first hand: If you're looking for a deep, innovative, and cutting edge game to play, this ain't it. However, for those (like me) that don't mind the occassional shallow, cliched, and vulgarity filled FPS...then you'd be able to appreciate it for what it is. There's nothing fancy about Rouge Warrior. You get high powered weapons, kill people and blow sh!t up. You can also perform close range melee executions which you get the best out of if you sneak your enemy from behind. Is it a 100% reliable way to kill someone? If you sneak an unalerted enemy from behind...yes ; if you run behind them while they are alert or facing you Its a stealth mechanic that works most effectively guess it: YOU'RE NOT NOTICED! Now, most games and their central characters these days have some gimmick or signature that establishes their identity amongst other games in their genre...Rouge Warrior's Dick Marcinko is the extenstive display of his mastery of the English language. He has foul mouth...a REALLY foul mouth. So much so that I wouldn't advise anyone to play this game anywhere near children unless you want Commander Marcinko as their personal English tutor. Personally, I found this aspect of the game HILARIOUS! The amount of swears Micky Rourke (Dick's voice actor) strings together are more times humorously incoherant than they are intelligable. It seemed pretty obvious to me (especially when listening to back ground tracks during the credits) that none of it was meant to be serious and that they had fun recording this stuff. I had fun listening to and wonder what Dick had to say next. My personal favorites:

    Throws a grenade: "Yeah hold on to this for me, you little b!tch!"

    Walks into a lab where a bunch of enemies are: "Well it looks like your quiet little day at the office just got f@$ked!"

    LMAO! All I could think off when hearing these quotes was Micky Rourke's character from the Expendables in Dick's place saying them.

    The story is not Metal Gear Solid or Syphon Filter quality. Its pretty straight forward and based on some form of reality. That's right, Dick Marcinko is a real person and one the founders of Navy SEAL Team Six. Basically Dick and 2 other team members are given a mission to retrieve nuclear missile intel from a mole planted by America in the North Korean military. After Dick's teammates die, he proceeds with the mission (against orders) to destroy the missile program and avenge his fallen comrades. Oh, which reminds me:

    "Peyton says he'll have me court marshalled if I keep going...I don't give a rusty f@$k!" LMAO!!!

    My Breakdown:

    What's Good:

    - Great adult humor (imo)
    - Great mindless shooter
    - Expert difficult can provide a real challenge
    - Great voice acting on the part of Mick Rourke

    What's Not-So-Good:

    - The visual aren't the best
    - The sound is a bit inconsistant. Some things sound better than others.

    What's Bad:

    - The game is short
    - The game's shallowness can turn (and did) a lot of people off who are looking for a more indepth or fulfilling experience

    In all, you're simply looking for kicks and giggles while shooting a bunch of stuff up, then I don't see much of a reason why you would hate this game. If you're looking for anything more then yeah, stay away.