Rogue Warrior

PlayStation 3

Rogue Warrior Trophies

Most Earned

Ninja15TrophyTypePerform 3 kill moves in a row. (Single Player)
Not the face
Not the face16TrophyTypeSmash an enemy's face into a wall. (Single Player)
Over the top
Over the top16TrophyTypeThrow an enemy over a ledge. (Single Player)
SNAFU16TrophyTypeComplete SNAFU.

Least Earned

Platinum338TrophyTypeEarn this by collecting all the other trophies.
Smack The Rogue
Smack The Rogue52TrophyTypeCome first in 10 ranked Deathmatch games. (Multiplayer)
Decorated Veteran
Decorated Veteran26TrophyTypePlay 50 games online. (Multiplayer)
SEAL Team Six
SEAL Team Six26TrophyTypePlay a Team Deathmatch to completion with at least 3 friends on your team. (Multiplayer)
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