Rocksmith 2014 Edition (PS3) Reviews

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    Rocksmith is a strange beast of a game - Not quite guitar hero, but too much to be the real thing in a way.

    The core game is of course, a massive tutorial, whereby anyone that buys the game (and cable) can plug in and play along to any track on the immediate playlist available in game.

    The Playlist:

    The playlist is a good mix, with REM, The Kinks and Iron Maiden (to name the big named, fortunate "a few more pound in my bank account" stars a chance to be interpreted in your own way - you can play along so long as the notes are right (given a confusing for a noob) fret management system. However, if you are familiar with tablature then the system will fit in with you in your own home. However, if you want to mark out to a few lesser known stars then it's always there in the stand alone game.

    The Pro's:

    It does help you with finger balance, as well as tone, gain, bass and treble perception.

    Yes - You have to give it a good go, but there are different tones and amp set ups that you can try in-game with which to change the sound of what you're playing - some will work, and some won't (For obvious reasons, an acoustic setting on an Iron Maiden will register as a right hit, but will not sound right at all).

    There are also arcade games that you can play to try and hone your fret management. This can go from notes (single strings) to full-blown chords (multiple strings assigned in a single stroke formation on the guitar), and is a must play if you want to try and advance. This will help you find notes or chords that you may be struggling with, although there is also a slow down option in the learner's menu of the game, just to try and get to grips with the song before they go 100% speed, or gung ho!

    The cons:

    The only downside to this is the need for a real guitar or bass. Whether you play 3/4 length or the real thing, it shouldn't matter as such (although the game is generally catered for full length, and if you can find the workings, you can play 3/4 length) - This can of course cost you around a hundred pounds excess, if you don't already own one, and then more for the new strings (roughly ten pound a go), and perhaps a Capo (again another tenner).

    Value for money:

    As a tutorial, I cannot fault Rocksmith at all. It teaches you all you need to know, inclusive of the elusive finger tapping, sliding and (in my case barrre chords, and what not)..

    But I must say If you've took the time to learn yourself (correctly) there's nothing there for you other than a platinum trophy at the end of it.

    I taught myself what I felt like for years and recorded a fair few tracks. What I did isn't real music; but if you are a first time player of the guitar then it's well worth the punt as it will save you in tutorials in the long run.