5. Rocket League Supersonic Fury DLCUpdate notes

Before starting a season, head into the Garage and pick the Dominus car with the Burnout afterburner and spinner wheels. Add any decal you wish to it then give it a quick paint job. Change the paint finish to either wood, carbon fibre, pearlescent, brushed metal, and metallic pearl. I don't know if it is needed but change the colour too just to be sure.

Now head into the Seasons menu and set the length to 9 games with playoffs to 4. Team size and difficulty is up to you, preferably Rookie since you need to win the Championship. Once the match starts, hit a 180 degree powerslide with cn_S while driving. If you are playing on rookie, hit a2 or 3 goals then start boosting around the stadium to work on the 10 minutes of boost.

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After the match is complete, go back into the garage and switch cars to Takumi. Like before add the paint and decal, then change the wheels to Cristiano and the afterburner to Nitrous. Now, back to seasons and continue your campaign. As before, start the match and hit a 180 powerslide, this should unlock you

Once you have won the match you will also unlock

Keep gaining a lead and boosting around the stadium for the rest of the match and after about 3 matches or so you should have racked up 10 minutes of boost. The trophy doesn't unlock until after the match you hit 10 minutes on finishes.

After you have completed all 11 matches in the season, keep in mind you must win both play off matches, you will unlock the trophy so long as you have been using only the Dominus or Takumi cars (you can swap between them through the season)

Now for the grind, drive for 100km. Luckily it isn't really that far. Just like the 500km trophy in the base game, the tracking on this is a little strange and will unlock way, way before the required amount. I got it around 14km, while others have reported getting it after 10 km and even as low as 7km. You can track how far you have driven in the wheels section of the garage. You must be using Spinners or Cristiano wheels for this one. You should be around halfway to the 14km after the season. You can either get the rest of the mileage by playing normally or you can grind it out. For grinding, just use the same method as before, exhibition mode, no bots rubber band the controller and let the time run out. When the timer runs out you will go into overtime mode and can just keep spinning forever. The trophy will not unlock until after the match so every so often just score a goal to finish the match and check your progress.

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