Robonauts (EU)

Robonauts (EU)

Robonauts (EU)

Robonauts (EU) Trophies

Full list of all 41 Robonauts (EU) trophies - 22 bronze, 15 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • World Destroyer

    Kill the boss on level 2 (Single Player only)

  • Hide and seek

    Destroy 6 disruptors without taking a hit on level 4 (Single Player only)

  • Invisible man

    Destroy all the disruptors without taking a hit on level 4 (Single Player only)

  • Shoot and run

    Destroy all the disruptors with the shotgun on level 4 (Single Player only)

  • Fast and metal

    Each machine must retain more than 40% HP on level 7 (Single Player only)

  • Strategist

    Kill 3 enemies using the laser on level 8 (Single Player only)

  • Peaceful

    Finish level 9 without killing any enemies (Single Player only)

  • Bodyguard

    Don't let the VIP lose any HP on level 10 (Single Player only)

  • 03:40

    Finish level 11 in less than 3 minutes 41 seconds (Single Player only)

  • Hacker

    Finish level 12 without getting hit by a tower (Single Player only)

  • Life saver

    Destroy all the towers without killing any enemies on level 12 (Single Player only)

  • Farmer

    Exhaust 6 nests

  • Space jumper

    Jump between planets 300 times

  • Fight to the end

    Have an enemy die from a grenade after you died

  • Weapon wizard

    Use all the weapons

  • Sniper

    Kill 15 enemies without losing any HP on a single level

  • Explorer

    Find the hidden area on level 3

  • Trained killer

    Kill 150 enemies

  • Killing spree

    Kill 300 enemies

  • Gunslinger

    Interrupt 10 flying enemy attacks with a shotgun

  • Nest overkiller

    Kill 20 nests mid-jump

  • Globetrotter

    Stand on every planet in the game

  • Not so fast!

    Complete 3 levels in a row without dying

  • Runner

    Complete 6 levels in a row without dying

  • Commando

    Kill 7 enemies with a single plasma grenade

  • Bloobs save life

    Catch 5 healing bloobs

  • Green addict

    Catch 50 healing bloobs

  • Space combat

    Kill 17 enemies from a different planet

  • Trickster

    Kill 33 enemies from a different planet

  • Golden guy

    Collect a gold medal on each level

  • Suicide robot

    Hit an enemy 19 times without dying

  • Marksman

    Finish a level (other than level 01) destroying only the marked enemies (Single Player only)

  • Waster

    Let 100 bloobs disappear

  • Energyman

    Kill 4 enemies with a single shot from the stun gun

  • Coward

    Stun 6 enemies at the same time with a stun grenade

  • Rocketeer

    Kill 8 enemies with a single shot from the rocket launcher

  • Firestarter

    Set 8 enemies on fire with a single molotov grenade

  • Maniac

    Finish all the levels on hard difficulty

  • Risky maneuver

    Kill ramper having 30% HP