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Ridge Racer (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Rocketeer19TrophyTypeYou successfully pulled off a rocket start.
Tinkerer19TrophyTypeYou took the first momentous step toward developing an upgrade kit on the Machine Upgrade Map.
Prodigy20TrophyTypeYour team sponsor acknowledges your steady efforts, and has upgraded your machine's specs to the next level. Keep up the good work.
Capable20TrophyTypeYour Skill Grade has increased to Level 2. Your rivals will be equally tougher. Make it a worthwhile victory.

Least Earned

Platinum Ridge Racer
Platinum Ridge Racer536TrophyTypeYou earned all the trophies in RIDGE RACER.
Socialite42TrophyTypeYou raced in over 50 Face-to-Face Battles.
Single Lap Spirit
Single Lap Spirit42TrophyTypeYou raced more than 200 laps in Lap Time Attack.
Triple Lap Trickster
Triple Lap Trickster41TrophyTypeYou raced in Total Time Attack over 50 times.
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