Revenge of the Wounded Dragons

PlayStation 3

Revenge of the Wounded Dragons Trophies

Most Earned

Home Run
Home Run16TrophyTypeKnock one rider off his scooter with a bat.
Nom Nom Nom
Nom Nom Nom19TrophyTypeFeed an enemy to a crocodile.
Pure Dragon
Pure Dragon23TrophyTypeBeat a whole level without picking up weapons or objects.
Finish Him
Finish Him24TrophyTypeUse all 8 finishing moves in one level.

Least Earned

All That Glitters...
All That Glitters...95TrophyTypeCollect every golden statue.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo86TrophyTypeFind every secret area.
Ultimate Revenge
Ultimate Revenge38TrophyTypeKill Fat Lu with a shotgun... at point blank.
Kung Fu Legend
Kung Fu Legend68TrophyTypeGet a x20 multiplier.
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