Two Crude

The year is 2020: A series of nuclear explosions has devastated the city of New York. The cause: the improper handling of plutonium, which was secretly hidden under the Statue of Liberty. The government declared the devastated city a “Nuclear Zone" and restricted all travel in and out of the area.

In a secret lair, high above the destroyed skyline, a mad scientist has mutated the genes of hundreds of unwary victims, turning them into ferocious fighting machines. His goal? To use their superior strength and advanced weaponry to gain total control over the ruins of New York.

As the most merciless of fighters, play one or two mercenaries hired by the American government to eradicate the widespread plague of dangerous mutants and regain control of the "Big Apple".

This arcade classic is bursting with exaggerated humor and over-the-top characters. Thanks to the innovative design with 3 action buttons, you'll be able to pick up and use all sorts of objects, such as throwing them at obstacles. You can even pick up your enemies and use them as weapons!
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