Resonance of Fate

PlayStation 3

Resonance of Fate Trophies

Most Earned

First Contact
First Contact15TrophyTypeA trophy for defeating your first enemy.
Maiden Mission
Maiden Mission16TrophyTypeA trophy for clearing your first mission.
Prologue Complete
Prologue Complete17TrophyTypeA trophy for completing the prologue.
Unison Assault
Unison Assault18TrophyTypeA trophy for defeating two or more enemies in a single attack.

Least Earned

Platinum Trophy
Platinum Trophy438TrophyTypeYou've unlocked every trophy in the game. You've mastered "Resonance of Fate"!
Stardust Hunters
Stardust Hunters216TrophyTypeA trophy for getting a ☆ in every rank!
Lap Two Complete
Lap Two Complete215TrophyTypeA trophy for finishing your second playthrough. Congratulations, and thank you!
Kings Of Neverland
Kings Of Neverland71TrophyTypeA trophy for clearing Neverland.
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