Resident Evil 4 Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

Chapter 1-1

The introduction cutscene provides backstory on the series as well as our protagonist, Leon Scott Kennedy. You'll get details of the previous Resident Evil games and the Raccoon City incident, as well as your current mission directive; find the president's daughter. After the scenes. walk ahead a bit. If you want, the birds on the path can be shot down for Pesetas, the in-game currency that you'll need. If you'd rather conserve your ammo, run into the house (hold cn_X as you move to run in that direction) and through the rooms for another scene, where you are attacked by a local villager. Use this fight to get used to the shooting mechanics, as well as the fact that you are stationary as you aim and fire. After the villager (Los Ganados) has been killed, another scene plays. Go up the stairs and turn around for some money on a table before moving over to the window and jumping from it. Once on the ground, get running! Bypass the villagers chasing you and keep an eye out for a small shack on the right. In here are crates which can be shot or slashed (cn_L1) open for ammo, as well as a green herb on the shelf for health. Leave the shack and proceed down the path, stopping to help the pupper caught in the bear trap on the right. He will return the favor later on. Proceed on, either stopping to shoot the tripwires lining the trees or running around them.

You'll come across more enemies by shacks, which can be avoided by running past them as they stop and point at you. Once you reach the bridge, put a shot into the face or knee of the enemy with the sickle in front of you. If your shot disables him, run up and hit cn_S to do a physical attack that will put him down a while longer. Run across the bridge and continue down the path until you reach the double doors which lead into the village.

Move up a few paces until a cutscene occurs, you pull out your binoculars and examine what appears to be a very grim situation. There are multiple approaches to this area, but I will describe what works best for me. Start off by running straight, making a beeline for the house on the left with an open door. A cutscene will play in which you are introduced to Dr. Salvador, a man who will kill you instantly if you allow him to get close. Go behind the stairs and get some supplies before heading up, taking the shotgun off the wall, some grenades, and shells from the bed. Hold out up here for a few minutes, using your pistol and physical attacks to stun and kick enemies off the roof. Once the rev of the chainsaw alerts you to Salvador closing in, exit from the window to the roof extension. Run around the right and collect the spinel from the rooftop before dropping down and running across to the next house. Enter and shoot the lock from the door inside, then get in. This door can not be broken, only opened by all enemies. Stand 2 feet or so away from the door and ready your shotgun. As soon as the door opens, let off a blast. Any enemy not killed will be knocked back and disabled. Keep up the pressure from this room, killing Salvador if you're able. If you manage to kill him, pick up the money from his corpse and enter back into the safe room. Eventually the bell will ring and the siege will be lifted, granting you:

It Begins With a Ring

Ring the mysterious bell. What happens after that, is up to you.

It Begins With a Ring
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Now that the village is clear of enemies, explore! There is a yellow herb on the right side on a wood pile as well as another herb on the far left side. Chickens may lay eggs, which are pretty good for a quick health boost if you need it. If you have herbs be sure to combine them to save inventory space before going into each house and breaking crates/barrels for some ammo and money. Once you're done, move to the far left side of the village and up the path, past some shacks with supplies in them, and into the smaller village area. This area contains some blue medallions which can be shot in order to receive a free gun later in the game, as well as some treasures for monetary purposes. Run ahead and make a left, saving with the typewriter in the shack if you wish. Exit the shack and look to the well on the left, shooting the board before shooting the dangling necklace so it will retain its full value. This will alert the few enemies around here, but they can be avoided. On the right, shoot the medallion in the tree before taking out the one high up in the barn loft to the left. Head in that direction and jump the fence to find another medallion on the tree here. Go into the barn across the way, opening the cabinets and crates for money and supplies. Climb the ladder and head out of the left window. Right ahead of you, drop down so that you are on the right side of the fence. Destroy the crate here for the Beerstein, a treasure that can be made more valuable by collecting other treasures and combing them with the Beerstein. Push the shelf away before making your way inside the barn again, leaving through the back door. Turn around and look all the way up for a medallion hanging from the edge of the roof. Destroy it, then go back upstairs using the ladder. Turn around from the ladder and pop the medallion before exiting from the window again, this time running left. There's a medallion on a windmill blade that may be a tricky shot with the starting pistol, as well as one near the large doors on the right, which you may want to drop down and get closer to. Once done with the medallions, exit the area through the right set of doors.

Move ahead a bit to see a group of enemies pushing a boulder, prepare to mash a button. Mash whatever button comes up, then prepare to hit another 2 buttons (either the triggers or cn_S + cn_X) simultaneously to dodge the rock. Down here, move into the tunnel, shooting down the 2 shining objects on the ceiling for 2 spinels. Exit into this new area, adorned with bear traps, tripwires, and dynamite tossing enemies. Make your way to the right, being wary of bear traps, and work your way around the house. Once on the other side, with an open window, wait for the enemy inside to light a dynamite stick. Once the fuse has been lit, shoot the stick in his hands to clear the majority of the enemies in that room. Jump inside, check for survivors, then clear the place of money/ammo/health. Leave here from the same window, shooting the birds nest in the tree above you. Pick up the Rec Catseye from the nest and move to the door with a padlock on it. Destroy the lock and enter this room, clearing it of items. In the hallway, move all the way back before shooting the tripwire blocking your way. This next room contains more cabinets with money, as well as a bookshelf to move. Go into the next room and investigate the closet for a cutscene and completed chapter. Make sure to save when prompted!

Chapter 1-2

You'll awaken to a cutscene which ends in a QTE, so prepare to react quickly. After the next scene, move out of this room to be introduced to a mysterious stranger. Grab the herb and exit this building before moving to the left for a scene, where you meet the merchant. In this first meeting, all you'll want is the medium attache case. You can also sell the spinels you've collected, but hang onto the Catseye and Beerstein for now. There's also not much point in tuning up your starting weapons, or blowing money on the bolt action rifle. Once you have concluded your business with our new friend, move behind him and follow the small path for some crates containing high quality items. Leave through the double doors and prepare for a mad dash.

You'll get spotted straight away, so run right down the planks and around the enemy. Keep left, going across the planks and through the door. Take the shells if you can, otherwise run through the next room and climb the ladder as quickly as possible. Examine the large chest up here for the first half of the emblem we need to leave this area before turning around and running to the other end of the building, jumping down from the roof and running across the plank bridge again. Make a left here and ascend the path as it winds around, past the barriers until you see the chest on the right. Open it and retrieve the last piece of the puzzle, now quickly turn around (cn_LSd + cn_X) and run to the platform behind the enemy you ran past to get to the chest. Drop down from here and drop down again for a choice. You can go into the building directly ahead of you for some ammo and a yellow herb in the lockers, or run to the door on the right and exit the area. Either way, you'll need to exit through the door. Approach it and open your inventory, under key items/treasures select the 2 pieces of the emblem and combine them before using them on the door to unlock it.

You can breathe a bit easier now, so move ahead and go down the left path for some items. Enter the double doors in front of you and move through this area as quickly as you can. There are some enemies in here that should be dealt with, as they can hit you before you're able to run by them. Go around the wall here and jump through the window here. Shoot the dynamite sticks as the Ganados across the way lights them before carefully moving to the door they were guarding, being wary of bear traps. Open the oven doors along the way for a spinel, then leave through the door. Destroy the boards on the left with a slash and jump the window for an elegant mask, another treasure that is worth more after combining it with other treasures. Jump back out and continue down the path here, destroying the crate here for a green herb. Go through the door to the right and descend, being cautious of the 2 enemies on the slope that will make a grab for you. A bullet will deter at least one of them. Follow the path around before climbing up the ladder at the end.

Look left for another well, shoot the board before the watch so it will remain a valuable treasure. Shoot the tripwire to take out a flock of birds, many of which will leave behind some money. Look in the shack for some supplies before going up the path into the house. Up the stairs examine the door, first selecting up and then left when prompted to move the emerald ball. This unlocks the door, allowing you to check in the closet for some cash and pick up the insignia key from its resting place, initiating a cutscene and ending the chapter.

Chapter 1-3

Turn around and check the cabinet for a green herb, now turn back around and go downstairs into the living room. The study holds an incendiary grenade and the kitchen has an egg in the stove. The bathroom has nothing but an enemy, so avoid it! Exit this room to find some more enemies, including our old friend Dr. Salvador. Use your shotgun at this point, knocking out the little guys and pummeling Sal with shells. Once he dies, he drops a valuable Ruby. Down the path are a few more enemies who cluster up and block your way, so killing them is advised. The small shack and the birds nests hold ammo as well as treasure, so collect everything before returning to the village. There's nothing new to note in the village, so quickly run through and bypass all the enemies until you reach the insignia door (where the villagers fled to in the cutscene when the bell rang) and use the insignia key on the door to open it and escape.

Grab the ammo in this room before opening the door. Shoot down the lantern hanging in here for a spinel then jump down the hatch. In the underground area with a pool of water, shoot down the lantern to reveal a few other treasures embedded in the ceiling which should be shot down and collected, mainly the Elegant Headdress. Open the crate in here before proceeding on to meet out buddy the merchant once again. Sell all treasures except the catseye, mask, and stein and purchase the TMP as well as the stock if you're able. It's an amazingly underrated gun that will make your life much easier. Tune it up a bit if you so desire and hoard ammo for it, don't forget to combine the TMP and stock in the inventory screen either. When you're finished, leave through the ladder and enter the cemetery.

Move ahead for a scene showing the area, then go right and shoot the medallion hanging from the tree. There's another medallion to the left, in the center of the cemetery. There's another medallion on a far left tree. Once these 3 are destroyed, clear out the shack in the bottom right corner near the first medallion and be careful of the knife wielding woman inside. Go up until you find the church doors proper, kill the enemies and shoot the medallion hanging from the left-most tree. Make your way behind the church, shooting the dynamite out of the Ganados hand as soon as he lights it to kill both enemies back here. On the roof to the left, another medallion is dangling. Shoot it and examine the device in front of you, which can only be moved in increments of 3 and 4. The combination is 3,3,3,4,4,4,3. After inputting it, you will get the Green Catseye, which only leaves one more of those jewels to collect. Leave this area and go down the sloping path on the side. Enemies here, if shot at the right time, will simply fall off the walkway and into the water. Try to use single pistol shots to either use a physical attack or knock the enemy off into the water. When you get to the gap, look up a little and to the right for a medallion. After that one, turn completely to the right and look under the walkway for yet another medallion. Now jump the gap and turn around, looking down for the final medallion.

Go into the shack, shoot the boxes and the snake within for an opportunity to get an egg. Take the items from in here, then leave and make a left. Follow this path to the end, easily avoiding the lone enemy close to the exit. This area has some crows which drop money and items, kill them with a grenade if you wish. Investigate each hut for ammo, treasure, and health. You can also check the mine cart on the far left for another spinel. Follow the path and break the crates, but don't worry about the stairs for now. We will be returning here soon enough! Exit through the doors and investigate the shack on the right. Move down the path until a boulder rudely interrupts you, so mash those buttons same as before. After you dodge the rock, turn around and look for a glimmer on the side of the mountain. Shoot it down for a spinel, then turn around and continue into the swamp. Avoid the first enemy and drop into the water, shooting the tripwire on the right and following the watery path. When you see a small clearing with a tree on your left, look up and shoot the nest in the tree, which drops an antique pipe. Pick it up and continue on, making your way back up to dry land. Shoot another wire in your way and disable the enemy behind it, running straight past the remaining Ganados here and exiting trough the doors.

Since we will be going for an trophy first, ignore everything and run to the right, following this path to the edge of the dock. Look into the water and put a few bullets into it for a pleasant surprise. After that, you'll unlock:

Do Not Shoot the Water!

Summon the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat.

Do Not Shoot the Water!
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Restarting from the checkpoint puts you in the beginning of this area, so go right again, this time shooting down the birds nest for a treasure. inside the shack is a crate that contains a yellow herb, with some ammo possible as well. Leave and go up to the boat and enter it, driving it to the center of the lake for a cutscene and boss fight. The only thing you can use against Del Lago are the harpoons in the boat, so start off by chucking a few at his tail. After 2-3 shots, put the harpoons down and swerve the boat right to avoid the little mini-island. Once the creature resurfaces, throw a few more harpoons. Continue to drop them and dodge the islands until it goes quiet. The monster will eventually surface and charge you, mouth wide and ready to kill. Use a few harpoons to deter it and make it dive once again. When it resurfaces, once again use your harpoons and repeat the cycle. Eventually, it will die, and you will be forced to do some button mashing in order to cut the rope binding your leg. This will lead into a cutscene, as well as a chapter finale.

Chapter 2-1

One nightmare leads into another, as you awaken in the shack on the shore opposite of where you first took out the boat. Raid this room and exit, looking to the right. Shoot the torch which has a shine inside of it for a spinel before getting back on the boat. Steer the boat to the blue light in the distance, then enter the cave and dock the boat. Shoot the torch on the right here for another spinel, then move the crates out of the way, climb the ladder, and move the remaining crates. Pick up the items here, as well as the green gem from inside the barrel. Go back down and talk to the merchant, who offers you an upgraded Blacktail pistol free of charge for destroying all 15 medallions! I don't care for the Blacktail, and prefer the starting pistol. Since it's free, take it. You can now sell it (or sell the starting pistol) for a nice sum of cash. You should also upgrade your TMP and shotgun a bit, if resources permit. As usual, sell your treasures with the exception of the mask, gems, stein, and catsyeyes. When you're done, get back on the boat and return to where you started the chapter, going through the door on the shore.

This next area reveals a danger that will be present for the rest of the game; the Las Plagas. If you headshot a Ganados from this point forward, there's a chance that a Las Plagas parasite will emerge from their head. Plagas are very resilient, but they can be killed by a powerful weapon or a flash grenade. This first one should be killed for practice, as well as the 5000 pesetas it drops. Once it's dead, jump across the gaps in the waterway and follow the path around. At the end of the path, shoot the 3 crates down below you. One is to the right, one is about center, and the other is in the back right. This will save a fair amount of time in a moment. Use the winch to get down, turning down afterwards and shooting a spinel from the cliff face. Proceed on, jumping to the first box, then the walkway. Turn right and shoot the glowing part of the wooden beam for a ring before jumping over the remaining 2 crates and onto the shore again. Climb the ladder again and activate the switch to turn off the waterfall and unleashing a few more enemies. Drop down and jump across the crates again, going left. Take out the enemies here, as the area is so cramped they'll be difficult to run past. Run through the cave once you can, destroying the torch on the right for a spinel and collecting the insignia from the chains in the back. Exit through the doors here and jump on the boat to get taken back to an area that will be familiar. Get off the boat and sell your usual stuff to the merchant, tuning up the TMP if you can afford it. Once you're done, go up the stairs and exit for a fight.

Destroy the barrels for some items, then go left into the quarry. El Gigante will break his restraints and attack you, but the doge you saved earlier will jump in and play decoy for the beast. Good boy. Now equip your TMP and fire at the beast, keeping a medium distance so he will only use very obvious attacks against you. Gigante is big but very slow, so stop shooting and start running as soon as the foot or hand goes up to strike. Unload your TMP into him and do your best to avoid the huts, you don't want them to get destroyed. After enough bullets, Gigante will drop to a knee and reveal the parasite on his back. Run up to him for a button mashing sequence that has you slashing the parasite multiple times. Once you jump off, repeat this process another 2 times. After the last attack on the parasite, Gigante will fall...Literally, so be sure to avoid his body and unlock:

A Rock and a Hard Place

Outmaneuver the rampaging beast, El Gigante.

A Rock and a Hard Place
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

He will leave behind 15.000 pesetas, so be sure to collect those. The huts contain treasures, ammo, and health, and a yellow herb is resting on the same cart you found the spinel on in your first trip through this area. Once you're done, exit through the left door. Go back up this path until you reach the top and a short scene plays out, where you will be introduced to the infected wolves. Run right by them and to the door of the church, using the insignia to unlock it. In this room, run straight ahead and collect the cool 3 grand from behind the altar. Turn around and go down the narrow corridor on the right for a ladder, which you can climb up to reach the next floor. Jump on the chandelier here, jumping off when it swings close to the other side in order to make it. Examine the panel here to adjust the 3 colored circles, you'll want to turn the red circle twice, green 3 times, and finally blue once before combining them and opening the door. Enter the door to secure the ballistics and earn:

Secure the Ballistics

Rescue the president's daughter, Ashley. Afterwards, the real fun begins.

Secure the Ballistics
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

You have now Ashley accompanying you, which would be terrible and annoying in every other game, but it's done correctly this time around. The next area is most likely the hardest. Search this room for items and leave, going around to the ladder and jumping down. Ashley is no secret agent unfortunately, so she needs your help in getting down. Catch her and move back into the aisle of the church to be introduced to Lord Saddler. After the cutscene, the chapter ends.

Chapter 2-2

Search this outside area for items and unlock the door. You'll be greeted by a happy horde of villagers, who happened to place a cart full of explosive barrels at the top of the hill, then proceed to stand behind it. Repay their kindness by shooting the wagon, following its destructive path through the cemetery until it crashes, heading back to the ladder you emerged from on your first visit here. Shoot the nest in the tree in front of the ladder for an item drop before descending. Pay the merchant another visit if you want to sell anything, otherwise just head back to the ladder which leads to the village. Shoot the lantern at the top of the ladder again for another spinel, prepare yourself, then exit through the insignia door. As soon as you leave, run right and shoot the bear traps. Go for leg shots on Ganados, as the last thing you need in these tight quarters is a Plagas emerging. Skirt around/destroy the traps and keep the Ganados off Ashley, going through the door in this area. This section is a bit different, as it contains a few more bear traps. Go back to the barn with the ascending ladder, shooting the traps in front of the ladder before going inside. Climb the ladder, take care of the enemy up here, and go through the window. Run to the end, where the windmill is, and drop down. Catch Ashley and deal with the enemy down here, avoiding or destroying the traps. Interact with the door to boost Ashley up, who will unlock it from the other side and allow you to proceed through. Go down this path to see the merchant and get a cutscene, tuning up the shotgun would be fairly wise about now as well, especially in the capacity and fire rate departments. Once you're done, go across the bridge and initiate a cutscene.

In the house, remain on the first floor for as long as possible. It's not really worth it to barricade the windows, just stand at the foot of the stairs and remain vigilant. Once the Ganados start breaking through, use your pistol to keep them at bay in small numbers. Once the house begins to swell with them, switch to your shotgun to blast the crowds. Luis will soon move upstairs, so follow him. Push ladders down as soon as they break the windows to prevent yourself from getting surrounded, and keep your shotgun ready by the stairs. There are grenades, healing items, and some ammo boxes up here if you need them. Once the Ganados back off, the chapter ends.

Chapter 2-3

Explore the house and take the herbs and ammo you may have missed during the siege and exit. Approach the merchant, after making sure you have the money, sell your pistol and purchase the Red 9 plus stock. Yes, it takes up a fair amount of space, but it is by far the best pistol in the game and you will be able to use it for the remainder of the adventure. Make sure to combine the Red 9 and stock in the inventory, equipping the TMP while you're here. Approach the lever to select your path, choosing the right one (the easiest by a mile) before turning around and going down that path.

Move forward until a Gigante drops down, then quick turn and run. Burst with the TMP to destroy all 3 chains on the door. Look up to the bucket on the left and very quickly shoot down the gem, then enter the middle hut and grab the old key along with the items inside. Exit before the Gigante catches up, snatching the gem from the ground and running to the next door. Shoot the chains off again and run to the end, using the old key to unlock the door and exit. In the next area, head down to the shack in the right. There's tons of ammo and supplies here, hopefully some TMP bullets for the next part and the upcoming boss fight. Once you've restocked, leave this building and run straight until you reach a gondola. Equip your TMP and get on.

Go right up to the front of the gondola and aim down. There will be an enemy on the left waiting, using a single shot to make him fall. Keep your eyes on the platforms to the left as well as the incoming gondolas on the right, using short bursts to knock off every enemy before they're in attacking range. After every enemy has fallen, you'll step off the ride. Go to the control room here and raid it for supplies in the lockers before going down the stairs, taking the path directly in front of you. There's a number of enemies in here that can be disposed of easily by shooting their dynamite. Once it's clear, climb the ladder and follow the path to the end for a yellow catseye. In your treasure screen, combine the 3 catseye jewels with the beerstein and the 2 gems with the elegant mask. These will fetch some nice amounts of cash pretty soon, so exit your inventory and drop back down. Follow the cave out and go down the stairs, sticking to the path until you find...A merchant! Sell all of your treasure, upgrade your shotgun and TMP, and your Red 9 a bit. Save some money for the next part of the game, it'll be useful. Once you're all stocked up, grab the ammo here and go down the path to a door. This leads to another open area with a door in the distance. Approach it for a cutscene.

The end of the scenes involves a QTE, so dodge Mendez and prepare yourself for a hell of a fight. Start off with the TMP, keep your distance and aim at the base of his spine. Put every shot you can into him, a quick QTE may pop up if he decides to take a swipe at you so pay attention. As you back up to create distance, try to get him next to a red barrel which you can blow up for some massive damage. Keep plugging away with the TMP until he splits in half, leaving the legs to die as Mendez attacks with his upper half. Follow his movements as you aim with the TMP, shooting when you have a clear line of sight. Try to maneuver behind him when possible, as it takes him a while to fully turn around. Aim for his head and tentacles, as you have the chance of making him fall to the ground defenseless if you damage him enough there. If you run out of TMP ammo, switch to the shotgun. Wait for Mendez to be on the lowest level, then run behind him and quick turn, putting 1-2 shells into him at close range before running behind him again. Keep up the pressure and he will die, giving you a cutscene and:

A Bloodline Severed

Defeat the village chief in battle.

A Bloodline Severed
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Mendez will leave lots of money on his corpse. This building also contains spinels, various herbs, and ammo. Most of it is on the 2nd floor, so climb the ladder and gather up all the items you can grab before exiting through the hole in the wall. Make your way back all the way to the gondolas, take them back up without molestation. Run to the door in the center of the area and use the eye you got from Mendez to unlock it. After a few paces, a truck engine will rev to life. Step back a bit and aim up, shooting the driver when the truck comes over the hill. The truck will crash in front of you, quickly examine the back for some money, then run straight. Once the area opens to the left, destroy the barrels here for ammo and a velvet blue. Run to the bridge here for a cutscene and chapter completion.

Chapter 3-1

This first room has items in the little area to the right, as well as a snake. After grabbing the goods, go into the small room with the merchant and take those items as well. Now, you have a choice. You can likely either get the Large attache case or the Semi-Auto sniper + scope. The sniper makes life MUCH easier, but you'll be struggling big time with real estate in your inventory for a few chapters. Since this is your first playthrough, I think you should take the sniper, but just try to conserve ammo as much as possible. Ignore the riot gun entirely, as a much better shotgun becomes available later, just pick up the sniper and semi-auto sniper scope. With all of that fit tightly into your bag, sell your treasures and open all the barrels in this area. Equip your sniper and go through the next door.

After a view of the imposing castle, take the rifle shells from the crate in front of you and run up the stairs. A cultist will give the order to fire the catapults at you at this point.

Note: In the Xbox 360 version it is much easier to just run straight through this first area, but it is nearly impossible on the Xbox One. If you're playing on the One, hide to the right and wait for the shots to land before running straight to the stairs.

After reaching the top of the stairs, equip your rifle and scope to zoom in on the catapult across the way and take out the cultist manning it. Now run to the small stone building on the right, getting inside and raiding it for a yellow herb and treasure. Snipe the catapulting cultists on the left and on the right, then switch to your shotgun and go right across the small bridge. Examine the crank and button mash to raise the cannon. Examine the cannon to blow open the door blocking your path. Head through those doors to find the friendly merchant again, who will gladly take your treasures in exchange for cash. Go through the door here to enter the next room.

Check the cabinet on the right for money, then examine the sword to take it. There will be cultists on the stairs by now, so blast them away and go up. Turn around and take the money from the shelf on the back, as well as the herb. Examine the sword door here to take another sword, replacing the first sword you found with it. Go back to the stairs, where another group of cultists has spawned. Kill the one with red robes, who will always turn into a Plagas, for 4500 pesetas. Put the sword into the indentation here to open the door at the top of the stairs, so kill some more cultists as they respawn and exit this room.

Run past the huge doors on the right, leaving Ashley here while you go on ahead. Make the first right you can and try to lure the cultists out by the barrel before shooting it. Use your Red 9 to disable them for easy physical attack kills. After killing the house, search it for treasures and items. Kill the crossbow enemy outside of the room before proceeding. As you head down the slope, some shielded enemies will emerge from the door and attack. use your shotgun to destroy their shields and kill them before going into the room. Check the barrel and shelf for a velvet blue and green herb before taking the key, now quickly turn around and blow up the barrel as the next wave of enemies spill into this room. Exit and go back to where you left Ashley, calling her to follow again before using the key on the doors.

In the next rooms you meet Salazar, a very annoying little manlet who will be a nuisance for quite a while. After the cutscene, go up the stairs and watch the wall fall in front of you. Turn around and shoot down the green gem from high up on the wall. Collect it and go through the right door. In this room, go to the painting on the right wall and examine it, revealing 5000 pesetas. Break the vases and continue down the path until you reach the flaming horse heads. The barrels behind them contain a yellow herb, and a key can be found on a painting in the small inlet to the right of the horses. Go back the way you came, stopping at metal door near the door you came through. Make Ashley wait here and use the key on the door, descending down and equipping your shotgun. A small scene will play and you'll see the Garrador imprisoned in the wall. Kick down the cell door and run in to hit the switch, quickly turning around and readying your weapon. As soon as the Garrador breaks free from the wall, shoot it in the back and run out of the cell. The monster will swing wildly, then run towards you. Walk slowly, waiting for the Garrador to turn its back on you. Once the Plagas on its back is exposed, shoot it. Try to stand near a wall, so it'll charge you with its claw out. Move away quickly and let it hit the wall, getting itself stuck. Shoot the Plagas while its stuck, running around the pillars in the room and avoiding the swipes, firing when you see the Plagas exposed. Once it dies, pick up the money dropped from the body and the green herb from the corner of the room. Go back upstairs, call Ashley back to you, and wait for the 2 cultists to rush you. Shoot the lantern to incapacitate them, then run through the room, past the horses heads, and around the center structure in the next room as you avoid the enemies and enter the large doors ahead of you.

This next room is very tough, one of the hardest in the game. Run ahead and use a grenade on the group of cultists bunched up in the middle. They wont all die, so just go straight for the stairs. Use your pistol to disable anyone in front of you and go through the door in the center of this hallway. Once in here, rush to the yellow square in the left corner and make Ashley wait on it. Cross to the other one, grab the herb, and stand on this square. This will raise the crank upstairs, so call Ashley back, fight your way out of this room with the shotgun to destroy the shields and knock back cultists, before running around (be sure to keep an eye on Ashley) to the center hallway again. Examine the crank and make Ashley work on it, as you can protect her as it turns. Once the crank has finished, you better hope you didn't kill too many cultists. If you did, 3 with scythes and a powerful red robed one will await at the top of the stairs. If they're there, blast through them and run until Ashley points to another crank. Approach it and give her a boost up, then turn around and position yourself between the 2 vases. Take your sniper out, focusing on the enemies rushing you before single-shotting the few up with Ashley. Let her crank the first platform up, cover her as she runs to the next, then cover her again. Once she's done and both platforms are raised, she'll call to you. Go over to her and catch her before running to the platforms in the water, jumping across each one and going up the stairs, thus completing one of the hardest sections of the game.

Run ahead a bit, then turn around and shoot the shiny eye of a statue for a spinel. Go around the edge of this room and collect the items around this room. Talk to the (((merchant))) if you want to sell stuff (or buy the large attache case), then go down the hallway for a cutscene and the end of this chapter.

Chapter 3-2

With Ashley gone, you are going to start fighting Novistadors, large insects that are best killed by shotgun blasts and sniper fire as a last resort. Move down the hall and enter the door on the right, following the path until you round a corner. Take out your sniper and aim for the almost invisible, glowing eyes and breath down the hall. Shoot it in the head until it dies. Novistador's will likely drop either a green, red, or blue eye. You'll need 2 of each in order to get the most out of the butterfly lamps in the game. Continue on, sniping the bug in the water before dropping down. Take the velvet blue from a corner and proceed up the ladder, going left into the next room. There will be a few Novistador's in here, so keep back with your shotgun and blast them when they get close enough to slash you. Once the area is clear, go left and follow the path around until you reach a door. Open the chest in here for a butterfly lamp and break the crates for supplies. Leave this room and kill the Novistador waiting in the ceiling hole before returning to the main area. Some more will enter from the ceiling or break down the cell doors, so deal with them accordingly. Afterwards, investigate every cell for ammo and herbs before dropping into the water. Kill the remaining Novistador down here and go into the next area.

This is the pit of pendulums. Walk forward and just time your run when you won't get sliced, it's very easy to predict. Up the stairs after the pendulums you will find a velvet blue on the right and a ladder to the left, climb the ladder and destroy the barrels for a spinel before exiting. You'll be back in the main hall, with a group of cultists worshiping down below. Toss 2 grenades into the crowd and jump down to kill the stragglers. If none escape, you earned a pendant and 10 spinels! Climb back up to the 2nd floor where you entered and swing across the chandeliers to find a velvet blue in a pot, then across the other chandelier to find an elegant mask in a chest. Jump down and go up the stairs next to where the merchant was, sell items minus the gems and mask, buy what you need and get ready for another difficult room.

If you kept one flash and one incendiary grenade, you're gonna have an easy time. Run up a bit and take the red herb, then move into the next room. Go through the door in the back left corner, going up the stairs and around the terrace area. When you reach the drop down point, toss a flash grenade and incendiary in the back right corner and drop down. If done correctly, the red cultist won't run during the cutscene since he's stuck in the flames. Quickly snipe his head off before he gets back up and shoot the barrel on the left to clear out the enemies still here. Take the key from his body and the 4000 pesetas from the room next to you before using your key on the door on this balcony.

This following room contains some vases on the side that contain useful items, so collect them and shoot the spinel from the deer eye. Examine the center console and select 1, 2, 3, and then 4 when prompted to open the sliding wall. Exit this room for a cutscene and confrontation with infinitely spawning cultists. Run through the door on the right and up the stairs, grabbing the yellow herb when you see it. Exit onto the 2nd floor and start running to the right, avoiding the enemies that may be around. Check the button next to the door to raise the center platform before continuing around this room. Ignore the rocket launchers behind the painting, going into the right alcove and snagging the green herb from the dresser on the right. Enter the door and destroy the vase to reveal a button that needs to be pressed. After hitting the switch, leave this room and immediately run RIGHT. The cultists rockets should hit the wall and leave you undamaged, allowing you to run around to the extended bridge. Kill the disarmed RPG cultists on the center platform so you can collect a chimera piece from the chest without worry. Quick turn and get off this platform, going left and through the unbarred door next to the first switch.

Go through the corridor and go through the left door until you see a shiny object above a doorway, shoot it down for a spinel. Follow the path around until you find a fountain covered in crows, which you can kill for extra cash. Do so and collect the spinels and velvet blues from the fountain itself. Move behind it and destroy the barrels in your way to enter the door ahead of you. Move down this balcony path for a short scene before proceeding down the stairs, opening the gates which lead to the hedge maze. Starting from the door, run all the way past the stone structure to the back hedge before making a left and the first right. Run diagonally, aiming for the torch on the right. Go up the stairs and grab the piece of the emblem from the fountain before dropping down from the right ledge. Turn around and run until you can take a left, then proceed on until you can go left again. Run past the open-ish area and the cage on the right, then take another left to go up a stone staircase. Follow it to the end and hang right, going around the hedges until you find another fountain and the final part of the moonstone. Run back around, avoiding the incoming dogs entirely, running up the stairs and jumping down the left side of the walkway as soon as you're able. The gate in front of you is the same you entered from, so leave through it and go right, back up the stairs and to the middle door. Combine the moonstone halves here and enter the room for a cutscene and end of this incredibly long chapter.

Chapter 3-3

Destroy the vase and go into the left room, opening the cabinet near the merchant for a valuable mirror. Clear out this room and sell whatever you want to the merchant, tuning up your shotty/TMP/Red 9 or buying the XL attache case if you still haven't (you'll need it for sure in this chapter). Leave this room and go through the door on your left. There's an herb on one of the tables in the next room, so take it and equip your sniper. Continue on until you see a bell and long corridor on the right. Hit the bell to flip the painting over, then snipe the wine bottle to unlock the door. Equip grenades for this next part, it can be a bit tricky. Once you enter the room far enough, a cage will drop down around you and a Garrador will jump in with you. Use a grenade once he lands to cripple him and damage the lock, then toss another to break the lock and knock him, in addition to the cultists, back a bit. Open the center chest for an hourglass treasure, then kick the cage door off its hinges and run for the door on the left.

This next room will introduce the last variation of Plagas which can emerge from an enemy, the type that break free of the body and crawl to you. When you enter, go to the edge of the room and shoot down at the 2 red robed cultists to kill them from afar. Jump down once the area is clear and flip the middle switch. After the platform has been raised, climb the ladder and get off the first floor. Run across the platform to be greeted by a group of shielded enemies, which should be dealt with by grenade or shotgun shells. Go to the left and follow the path down before destroying the glass case in the middle of the room. Take the items you need, but make sure the rocket launcher makes its way into your inventory. Go up the other set of stairs, killing the cultist and breaking the lock off the door. Make your way back across the platform and through the door at the other end, making a right and meeting the merchant once again. Sell your treasures, tune up your sniper, then exit the room. The next room will have a cutscene and a chapter end.

Chapter 3-4

Ashley is below you, strapped to the wall. This room has a few items in it, but I wouldn't worry about them till later. Equip your sniper and make your way to the small platform under some stairs. Shoot the 3 chains off Ashley for a cutscene, then get ready to defend her. Every cultist that appears deserves a headshot, so be quick in picking your targets. Some will run for Ashley, others will stop and shoot at you with crossbows. The ones going for Ashley are the priority, the crossbowers usually take their time lining up shots. After the first wave, another group will rush in. Snipe them, same way, and make sure to kill the red robed cultist so he drops the key. Once these have all been killed, Ashley will collect the key and escape the room.

You're now in control of Ashley, who is unfortunately not a secret agent, meaning she lacks some of the combat skill and finesse of Leon. Grab the spinel on the table to the left before proceeding down the hall and encountering a cultist. Run to the right and duck under the table here, then crawl under the wall right in front of you. Find a lamp in this room and wait for the cultist in here to stop running before throwing it. As he burns and falls, run to the 2 cranks near the gate and turn them until the gate opens. Go through the open gate and make a right, going through the old wooden door.

In this room, crawl under the table to the left and hit the switch on the far wall. Go back the way you came, but crawl under the left table instead. Hit the switch on the left and pick up the stone tablet from the fireplace in front of you. Go right and push the shelf over enough to hit the switch concealed behind it. After the last gate has been raised, go through it and open the door. Move down this hall, picking up the velvet blue from the chair on the right, before continuing into a room with many knights protecting the center table. Examine it for a puzzle that looks much more daunting than it actually is. Start off by moving the center left piece, it will automatically slide to the middle. Now, starting with the bottom left corner and working your way around the edges to the right, up, left, down, and right again hit every piece once. That will leave the puzzle completed and the bottom right corner without a piece, which is what the stone tablet is for. Here's a video for reference:

With that puzzle done, go through the now opened door and clear out this room for supplies and treasures before examining the knight with the dais in its chest. It'll turn around to reveal a chest containing another chimera piece, which you need to take to unlock the door. This act brings the knights to life, so turn around and run! They attack very slowly, giving you time to avoid their blades and run right by them. Once you return to the hall up the stairs, the knights in the corners will force you into a 2-button QTE that you'll need to hit correctly in order to avoid massive damage. Run past the first 2 knights and return to the room with the gates, avoiding the third knight by the door before leaving this room. Run down the hall and enter the door at the end, raiding it for herbs, ammo (for Leon) and 2 treasures before using the dais to turn the center platform and lower the ladder. Climb it and go right first to collect some pesetas, then turn around and run straight to the door at the end of the hall to end the chapter.

Chapter 4-1

After the lovely reunion, go around this room destroying vases ad collecting items. Examine the Saddler portrait to reveal extra loot, then exit the room through the door by Luis' body. Run back past the merchant and across the platform to the exit door. In the cage room you can either go left and down the bell corridor for magnum ammo or just run down the small hall to the left of the bell for a door. This room contains many treasures, so clear them out and unlock the door in here. Leave the room and go right, leading back to near the beginning of an earlier chapter. Follow the path again until you reach the fountain, but this time go over to the building in front of you and piggyback Ashley so that she can drop down and unlock the door for you. This room contains herbs, treasures, money, and the Broken Butterfly magnum. Keep this gun close, ammo is limited but it's going to make some chapter 5 boss fights much easier. once you have your loot in hand, go back the way you came and return to the room where you freed Ashley.

In here, take the large double doors out of this room. Go on the small moving platform, abandoning Ashley mere minutes after rescuing her again, equip your sniper, and go into the next area. Move forward until a cultist runs onto the dragon to control it. Quickly pull up your rifle and shoot him off, knocking the dragon into the lava and bringing up a chest. Continue on and snipe the 2nd dragon rider when he appears, bringing up another chest. Collect your money from the first chest, then go ahead and jump the spinning platform by correctly timing your jump with the rotation of the platform. Start off by running straight, watching the dragon descend in front of you. Wait until it glows, ready to shoot flame, then run right. As the dragon turns spraying its flames, look at the driver and shoot him dead. This opens up the stairs to the final chimera piece, so take it and deal with the cultists who are likely very close to you by now. Run back out of this room, grabbing the pendent from the chest on your way out.

After exiting, ride the platform back and go right, down the stairs and onto the rail cart. Once you get back off the cart, crack open the vases and unlock the door to be conveniently placed back into the room with the chimera relief. Use your pieces on the wall until it raises again, allowing you to progress. Go up the stairs and make a right halfway to the top, leading to a secretive passage. Examine the Saddler portrait for more money once again, then return to the stairs and take them to the top of this area and a door. The next room has another cart, but you can jump the side barriers for a spinel and some money. Once done, ride the cart to the next area.

After getting off the cart, break the vase for a velvet blue and examine the painting for even more cash. Leave this room and make a choice; left or right. I normally go left first, but it truly doesn't matter. In the left room, push the knights onto 2 of the squares in the room, have Ashley stand on one, and you take the other. This will open the gate here, giving you a cutscene. As the ceiling falls on you, pull out a gun and shoot the 4 red lights embedded in the ceiling in each corner of the room. With all 4 destroyed, the ceiling stops and the door opens. Run down the next hall and Ashley will get locked out of the room as 2 cultists start up a drill at the end of the hall. Snipe them both to unlock the door and reunite with Ashley. Check the back cabinet here for an elegant chessboard, the chest for the Queen's Goblet, and the barrels for other supplies before destroying the padlock and exiting this room.

With that side done, run straight and collect the yellow herb from the table. Go into the next area with shotgun in hand, telling Ashley to wait as soon as you enter the room. Walk forward and go left down the hall, hitting a QTE at all 3 knights to avoid their devastating slash attacks. With the knights dissolved, go into the center room and collect the King's Goblet from the center and awakening 3 white knights. Unfortunately, these white knights don't protect women on the internet and write them poetry, they will attempt to surround you and hit you with very damaging slashes. Get a medium distance away from them and put shotgun shells into them until they quiver and drop their helmet, revealing their Plagas. Once all 3 have their Plagas out, throw a flash grenade to kill them all simultaneously. If you don't have any, use your shotgun to damage them as much as possible from medium range. There are shotgun shells and an herb in the corners of this room if you need them.

When the first 3 knights fall, 3 black knights will take their place. Use the same technique of revealing their Plagas first, then flashing them to death once they're all exposed. Otherwise, use your shotgun to blast away at their heads until they die, each dropping a generous sum of money. With all of them dead, leave this room, call Ashley back, and exit through the doors again. The center door on the left contains a merchant if you'd like to buy/sell anything, but at the moment he doesn't have anything too interesting. Go down the center hallway and prepare for a fight, start off by sniping enemies from afar (you can penetrate a shield and get a clean headshot if your aim is true) until you're forced into close quarters, which you can mop up with your Red 9. Shoot down each shining object on the left statues, giving you spinels and a purple gem. Combine your 2 gems into your elegant mask, and sell it the next chance you get, as we skipped the red gem in order to save a headache again. At the end of this hall, put the goblets into the respective statues hands and unlock the door.

This next room has vases and cabinets to open, so watch for the snake on the right side and clear the rest out. Avoid the double doors, instead jump over the broken window ledge on the right and climb the ladder. At the end of this walkway is a chest containing another Butterfly Lamp, so guess what'll happen very soon? Jump down from this ledge and run forward into this room for a cutscene, leaving you with some angry Novistadors to deal with alone. Switch to the TMP and run straight. hitting the switch on the left. Once the bridge puts tension on the chains, look up and left to shoot them down. With the bridge done, focus on the bugs. Shoot down as many as possible, then focus fire on the huge center hive. After enough damage, the hive will collapse, showering the area in dead bugs and eyes. Go around and collect them all, hopefully picking up a blue or 2 before moving on. The next room contains a merchant, so if you have a completed Butterfly Lamp now is a good enough time to sell it and your other treasures. Otherwise run to the next area.

Go forward on the bridge for a short scene, then go left and up the stairs. The cultists are packed tightly in here, so thin some out or disable them before running straight, right, and into the righthand door before the catapults can hit you. Move slightly over to the right and stand by the ladder, then aim up. You'll be able to see 2 golden-brown wooden beams stuck in cogs above you, one straight up and one slightly left. Shoot them both before climbing up and making your way around to another ladder. Follow this floor around to a table with an herb on top of it, turning right to shoot the last beam right beside the lever you need to pull. Once the machines start working again, you hear some guests join you. Jump back down to the floor below, running around to avoid the crossbow shooter and jumping down another floor. You may have to shoot some crossbow enemies on this floor, just enough to keep them from hitting you as you run around. Drop down another floor for a short scene, where a cultist throws dynamite at you. Let it explode before proceeding, going down the stairs and being very wary of the cultists waiting below. Shoot to kill down here, or at least use physical attacks to put them out of commission long enough for you to run around them. Get to the double doors as quickly as possible.

On this small bridge, run ahead until a cluster of enemies appear ahead of you. A well placed grenade will scatter the shielded ones, or a few shotgun blasts to put them down. Running ahead more will cause some mace-wielding enemies and an RPG cultist to spawn, so again use a grenade or shotgun to clear the path to the next tricky door. This next room contains infinite cultists and 2 Garrador's, making it the hardest room on Professional. Without moving, pull out your sniper and wait for a Garrador to turn its body enough to reveal the Plagas on its back, then take the shot. If done correctly, you get a free hit on one. They'll be gunning for you now, so run right and grab the herb in the corner. If you get lucky and they charge claws-out into the wall, get another free shot on each one while they're stuck. If not, snipe them from the corner as they turn around. Once they zero in on you, pull out a grenade or incendiary and hit them with it. When they take a knee to recover, give them each a shotgun blast to the Plagas before running up the stairs. Try to keep a distance, so they'll either charge with intent to stab or lose interest. Either way, you'll be given a free shot. This next one should be the kill shot on one, so then take out the remaining Garrador using the same method. Collect the cash from their bodies and proceed through the gate, picking up the treasure from the busts on your side before going up the stairs for a scene.

During the scene, you'll need to hit a QTE to survive. After this, run around this pit and pick up as many items as you can, especially the Salazar Family Crown from a dead cultist. Speak to the merchant and get ready for a big commitment, sell your treasures with the exception of any incomplete butterfly lamps and the crown, you'll need both later. Also sell your trusty old shotgun, whom you've been with since the first chapter, and buy a Striker in its place. The Striker is immensely fast to fire and powerful, giving you a 100-shell drum once completely upgraded. Tune up this gun if you wish, along with any others, then end your business with the Merchant. Ascend the ladder and equip your rocket launcher, running down the hall. You'll see a yellow herb and glowing treasure during your trek down this hall, as well as some cutscenes from a different perspective. After one of these scenes, you'll be prompted to do a QTE to dodge an attack by Verdugo, the assassin Salazar sent to finish you off. Continue down the hall, running straight until you reach the power room, dodging Verdugo once again. Work your way to the console to the right of this room, activating it and locking yourself in the room with Verdugo as the elevator powers up. Go to the exit door and examine it to get him to reveal himself. Once he appears, run over to one of the large canisters in the room and interact with it to tip it over, freezing the bug monster. With him frozen, use your rocket launcher to shoot and shatter him instantly, granting you:

A Terrifying Assassin

Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar.

A Terrifying Assassin
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These trophies can be missed.

This will also unlock the room and drop the crown jewels, which you should combine with the crown for the most valuable treasure in the game. Make your way around this room and the other one on the right side of the hall for some supplies before going into the elevator room on the left side of the hall. There's a first aid spray in here, as well as the elevator down to the mines and the end of this very long chapter.

Chapter 4-2

Start off by going down the stairs and talking to Mr. Merchant, who will gladly accept your treasures. You should also throw some upgrades into the Broken Butterfly, Striker, and TMP. They'll all be seeing lots of action soon. Leave through the doors after collecting anything in this room that you want, running straight until you run into some old fashioned Ganados. You can likely run past them without any trouble, so go to the end of the track and drop down. Immediately run to the lever on the right, hitting it to start the process of lowering the mine cart. Immediately turn around and put some bullets into the crowd following you, clearing a path to head to the left and up a few sets of stairs. Follow these stairs around until you come to a switch to press, hit it to return power to the lift. Check behind the switch for some gold bars, then run down to the lever again, taking out some of the Ganados who try to get in your way. After hitting the switch again and fully lowering the cart, Dr. Salvador will pay you a visit from above. Run ahead and make a turn to go around the fence, coming to the mine cart and the dynamite within. Quick turn and blast at the approaching Ganados as well as Salvador, disabling them long enough to plant the dyanmite on the rock blocking your way next to the lever. With the dynamite in place, quickly run back a bit to avoid the blast. Destroy the barrels for a good chance at some magnum ammo, equip your TMP, and get into the next room.

This room can be done rather easily with the help of a trap, but first make your way around the edges to collect shotgun shells and a first aid spray. With the items in hand, run to the huge doors to spawn in Los Dos Gigantes. As soon as the giants appear, run to the right and climb the ladder leading up to a platform. When one of the beasts starts to shake the platform, use the zipline to get to the opposite end of the room quickly. Once you drop off, examine the switch here to grab onto it. Wait for a giant to walk onto the center circle in the room and pull the switch, dropping it into the lava. Avoid the lava pit until it dies so you don't get grabbed and dragged in yourself. Until then, keep the other one busy with your TMP. Same strategy here as with the first Gigante of the game, pump TMP into it until it takes a knee. Once it does, climb onto its back and slash away until you get kicked off. If you run out of ammo in the TMP, don't be afraid to use your shotgun, just be sure to avoid the powerful attacks of the Gigante. Once it dies and drops its money, the door opens. Take the supplies from the barrels and proceed onward.

This next room is infested by Novistador's, which can be helpful if you have a butterfly lamp missing an eye. Use your striker here, knocking the bugs out of the sky or out of your way, as the gun is pretty great at doing both. Go right and up a slope, making a sharp right at the top and going down into a cave. Kill the flying nuisances in your way, grabbing the herb from the corner, and pressing the rectangular switch on the wall. Quick turn and blast your way out of this room, as the bugs will be swarming in by now. Many will drop ammo, so be sure to check every colored square you see if you need supplies. Run a bit to the right, going up the slope here and taking a left across the stone bridge. Don't worry about the bugs swarming in too much until they're close enough to strike, then deal with the ones in front of you. Run straight into the cave mouth, killing the bugs flying out to prevent damage. Examine the switch on the wall and quick turn again, blasting away at the wall of bugs sure to be pouring in. Run back across the bridge and make your way to the melted gate, where you will be safe from the Novistador's. Now you have to avoid the destructive ceiling traps, which is rather easy. Learn the pattern and make your way up the platform, then down the other side. Flip the lever on the left wall to force the middle trap to retract, allowing you to pass through the next area without trouble. Examine the center platform to take the royal insignia and ascend to the ruins above.

Chapter 4-3

Ahead of you is another appearance from the merchant and some barrels to break, so do your business here before moving on. Stick to the right as you move through the ruins, keeping away from the enemies as you jump into the left window of a small shack. Quickly examine the crank in the right wall and button mash in order to slide the concrete slab away from the ladder. Shoot the Ganado closest to you before descending down the ladder into the next area.

Run straight ahead, making a left and going don the stairs, banking right and down another set of stairs as soon as you hit the bottom. Examine the sarcophagus in the tomb for the staff of royalty, a valuable treasure. Turn around and head back up the stairs, working your way through the maze. shooting the Ganados that get in your way. Destroy the traps as you come across them, climbing the ladder when you reach out. Salvador will be up here, so run straight and grab the mine key from the table in the middle. Equip your Striker and turn to face Salvador, putting blasts into him until he dies. Grab the money from his body, then crack open the barrel up here for a yellow herb. Push the ladder down and knock down anyone climbing it, jumping out immediately after. Make your way back around and up the next set of stairs before the next Salvador finds you. Use the key on the large metal door at the top of the stairs here, going down the next path and into another trap ceiling. Simply shoot the 4 glowing lights on the ceiling while moving to avoid the crawling Plagas. With the ceiling lights gone, move to the open door and down the stairs. Destroy the barrels here and exit this room via the door.

Equip your TMP in here and make sure the clip is full. You'll be using many short bursts throughout this entire section, so be prepared. To the left of the mine carts is a green herb to take, so grab it and jump into the cart. Shoot the lever to the left to start the cart up, then jump to the first cart. Aim up and to the left as the cart starts to move, using short bursts to knock off all the Ganados waiting to jump down. The next group come from the right side just around a bend, so prepare to fire on them. The next group will appear on the left, so get ready for them. Switch to the Red 9 at any point if you run out of TMP ammo, just in case. After the bridge-like area, there will be a board for you to shoot and break in order to avoid damage. You'll be flanked on both sides by Ganados, but make sure you shoot Salvador if no one else. After the scene, kill the Ganado operating the lever and shoot it to get the cart moving again before more enemies drop down. Deal with anything in the carts, but beware of the Ganados waiting to drop down from the left after a bend. The next obstacle will be another board, so either dodge or destroy it as the mine cart continues on. Another point will come up where you'll be flanked on both sides, so shoot down as many as you can. At the end of this long sequence, you'll need to perform a QTE to jump from the cart and a button mash to pull yourself up. Once you've done both, proceed through the sliding door to retrieve the stone of sacrifice. Continue on and up the ladder which brings you back to the ruins and fire you started this chapter in. Run to the door on the right, inserting the stone into the mouth to unlock the elevator and finish this section off.

Chapter 4-4

The home stretch for disc 1, were this the Gamecube (best) version of the game. Proceed down the hall for a short scene, continuing down the stairs and left until the floor disappears before you. Turn around and make a right, going up the stairs and breaking the vases on the left for supplies before climbing the ladder. Take out your Red 9 and attack any cultists in your way before shooting the switch in the platform ahead of you. Once the hands come down, jump on one and quick turn as it rises. Once at the top, jump off the hand and onto the platform. Take care of the crossbow cultists here for convenience, then hit the lever in front of you to raise one of the platforms in the water. Turn around and look to the right of the Salazar statue to see another switch similar to the one you hit below. Shoot this one to add another movement to the hands, allowing you to jump completely across from hand to hand. Do so, being cautious of shielded cultists and crossbowers who will try to jump on with you. Make your way to the 2nd floor of the opposite side, jumping down the ladder and quickly hitting the switch to raise the final platform. Make your way to the exit, the Salazar statue activating as you begin to cross the bridge.

Button mash at first, hitting either cn_L2, cn_R2, or both when prompted to do so in order to dodge the falling pillars. When Leon stops running, quickly pull out your gun and shoot the padlock, rush through the door, and continue on. You'll need to mash more buttons as you run here, hitting a QTE as the statue falls so you can jump to the next ledge. Go through the door in front of you for a cutscene, hitting another QTE at the end of it. Now run right and go up the stairs, running up until you see a short scene of a cultist pulling a lever to drop barrels. Go up the stairs a bit more, making a left when you can and running across the wooden catwalk. Kill the cultist that drops down, climbing the ladder he came from once you do. Take care of the barrel dropper, turning around to the lift once it's clear. Push the boxes off the lift and take the herb in the area before hitting the button that begins your ascent.

This part can be a bit tricky. Use your Red 9 to destroy the dynamite as soon as the cultists throw it for some easy kills. Take out the crossbow shooters as soon as you can, the lift slowly climbing the entire time. Once you hear some chanting, pull out your Striker and aim at the center of the lift. A group of cultists will drop down, so blast them immediately and try to knock a few off the sides. When they're gone, you'll start to move again. Keep your shotgun pointed at the center, as cultists will continue to drop down until you reach the top of the area. Once you reach the top, exit the lift and work your way around the outside of this room, breaking boxes as you go. Eventually you'll get to another lift, so take it up and make your way up the stairs to the merchant. Tune up your stuff here and grab the ammo near the merchant, some heavy TMP work will be very useful in a few minutes. If you can also upgrade your Broken Butterfly, go for that as well. With everything done, steel yourself for your battle with Salazar.

After the cutscene, pull your TMP out and prepare for battle. Stay in the center, as going on either side will encourage Salazar to use his tentacles on you. Shoot his exposed left eye, try not to waste too much ammo on the armored carapace around the eye. If he opens his mouth wide and back up, run in one direction and don't stop until after his jaws snap shut, then return to the center and focus fire on his eye again. If a QTE prompt comes up, be sure to hit it in order to avoid a tentacle swipe that'd knock you into the pit below. After taking enough damage in the eye, Salazar will go limp and expose his human form from inside the armor. Use either your Broken Butterfly, sniper, or TMP (if you're loaded down with ammo for it) to attack the exposed Salazar until the mouth-tentacle blocks your shots again. Keep up this technique, attacking the eye until you see Salazar, then pumping Salazar with more powerful shots. Pretty soon, he will die and you will unlock:

The Castellan Falls

Defeat Salazar, and make your escape from the castle.

The Castellan Falls
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Salazar also drops a huge sum of money, which is beyond useful. The barrels at the bottom of this area contain herbs and ammo, so be sure to raid them before climbing the ladder, getting the money, and exiting this room. The next area has even more crates, so break them and use the winch to descend the castle wall. Go into the lift down here, taking you to another merchant and a room full of supplies that you should raid. Tune up whatever you can afford, but for the rest of the game you'll be using the Striker and Butterfly almost exclusively. If you can work on getting the exclusive upgrade for the Striker, your life will be infinitely easier later on. With your business resolved, leave this area and go down the hall for a cutscene and the end of this area.

Chapter 5-1

After the introduction cutscene, work your way around the docks until you can go left. Climb the rocks here until you find a crate to smash, open it up for an Emerald. Drop back down and continue down the dock, stopping when you hear Ashley screaming for you. From here, shoot the spotlight above you and jump over the gap. Run ahead until a large enemy wielding a Gatling gun spawns. I personally hate fighting these guys, so I do my best to avoid them at every opportunity. Run to the right and up the stairs, activating the beam for the door. Turn around and run back down the stairs, hopefully without enemy interference. Directly ahead of you is an herb if you need it, otherwise go around the back of the building and climb the ladder here. Examine the mirror, rotating it until the beam reflects into the other mirror across the way. Drop down from here, avoiding our new Gatling friend, and running across the courtyard to the building with the other mirror on top of it. Climb the ladder inside the building, breaking the barrel on top for a decent chance at magnum ammo, and examining this mirror as well. Position this mirror so that the beam aligns with the small red dot next to the door you first looked at in order to get the beam. Once the door opens, jump down and make a break for it. Once through the door and across the area, you'll see a crossbow enemy primed and ready to fire. Shoot the barrel near him to buy enough time in order to climb the ladder on the right.

Ignore the enemy on the left and run right, hanging right as you jump the gap and make your way inside the building. Shoot the red barrel to destroy the wall here, going inside and climbing onto the rock for the Golden Lynx contained within the chest. This another combination treasure, so hang onto it. Turn around and drop back down, killing any stun rod enemies that may be coming for you. Leave this section of cavern and hang right, grabbing the herb as you pass by it, and make your way into the spotlight. Bank left and go up the slope, disabling any Ganados in your way. At the bridge, look left and shoot the explosive cart to send it rolling downhill. As soon as it passes, drop down and run to the door on the right and press the button to open it. Run forward, ignoring the merchant on the left, and continue until a group of enemies drops down in front of you. Kill or disable them, then run into the door on the left.

Work your way through the corridor until you reach a door, then enter it. Go left at the gap in the shelves, getting some money from the locker and ammo from the case on the sink. Once done, proceed down the hall. When you round a corner, an enemy will burst free of the oven, rushing you for a grab. If you react quickly enough, one shot will kill him. Continue around this room until you reach another door to exit. Go around the bend, encountering a very large enemy that will now be commonplace for the remainder of the game. I use the pistols on these guys, shooting them in the face and kicking them to the ground, then shooting their exposed heads until they die. They don't turn into Plagas, so this strategy is rather safe. With him dead, take a quick detour downstairs. Take out a few enemies down here before proceeding into the back of this area, down a small crevice to find a case containing the Red Stone of Faith. This goes into the Lynx, so don't sell it either. Break the barrels down here for a yellow herb, then proceed back upstairs and through the door the big guy was guarding. Walk a bit into the next room for a cutscene.

Close your map and turn around, opening a locker for some money before going into the next room. To the right is a merchant, so do some deals with him should you so desire. Examine the drawers here for ammo, then go into the open area with the shutter door. Aim at the door, waiting for the Ganados to throw their dynamite. Shoot it out of the air or their hands, killing them. Another wave will soon appear, this time with crossbows. Shoot them, doing your best to kill them before the door closes again. When the door locks open, proceed through and collect an emerald from one of the drawers. Exit this room and proceed up the next set of stairs. Follow the path around to the left, breaking the crate for magnum ammo. Continue down the path to a door, which you must enter. Examine the console, hitting the red button 3 times, blue button twice, and the green once to complete the sequence and unlocking the door. Enter it and take the key card, turning around and running out as soon as you can. The Regenerator in the room you passed will be awake now, but you can't kill it yet. Run left and exit this room, following the path down again make sure to dodge the Regenerator in your way now. Continue running straight, through the doors, turning right when you see the large refrigerator doors with a keycard lock next to it. Use your keycard and enter the freezer, turning right once you get inside. Examine the small machine in this room to switch the keycard over to work with the waste disposal room. At the end of this room, examine the valve to open a cabinet in the back of the main room. Go over to it and take the thermal scope from within, which you should now combine with your sniper. Go to the door you came from, dropping in a Regenerator. Now that you have the thermal scope, you can combat the creatures now. Aim with your thermal rifle, which will highlight the Plagas in their bodies. Shoot each Plagas once until all are destroyed, making the Regenerator explode into a cloud of gore. Each Regenerator drops 5000 pesetas, so it might be worth going out of your way to kill them. Exit this room to come face to face with another Regenerator, so take it out. If you shoot all Plagas and it doesn't die, there's likely a Plagas on its lower back. To destroy this one, shoot out one of its legs out to give you a clear shot at the tramp stamp. After killing this next one, run straight to the case for some ammo. Turn around and go down the area to the left, examining the locked door at the end and using your new keycard to open it.

In this room, go down the hall and enter the door before taking the grenade and examining the crane controls. You can pick up and drop enemies using this crane, so target the mace and crossbow guys first. Once the crane shuts down, leave through the door on the left. Kill the remaining enemies and drop down, checking the left dumpsters for an herb and an emerald. Go into the next room, following the corridor until you find the break room. Take the yellow herb from the table and the items from the lockers on the right before exiting. This next room contains quite a few enemies, use your Striker in these close quarters to keep them away from you. Run down the stairs and into the door on the right. Continue down the hall and into the door at the very end for an herb. Equip your sniper and go into the door on the left. Walk into this room for a scene, where you will find an Iron Maiden. Kill this in the same way you kill a regular Regenerator, making sure to keep your distance. Once you kill it, plunder the keycard from its corpse. Walk around this area, taking the ammo and herbs scattered around. There's no need to leave through the other door in this room, it only leads to a control tower and a cutscene, as well as a merchant. If you want to explore that area, be my guest. Otherwise just go back the way you came, up the stairs again, being very cautious of the phalanx of crossbowers waiting for you to break their ranks. Hit the door on the left after disabling the enemy in front of it, making your way down the hall to the door. After exiting, look left to the 2 large enemies guarding the door. Kill them both with either the Red 9 or Striker, then use the key card on the door they were blocking. Walk into the room for a cutscene.

Chapter 5-2

With Ashley in toe, this might be a bit tough. Exit this room and take aim at the groups of enemies to the left, killing them all before proceeding on. Go down that hall, entering the break room when you reach the door. Kill all of these enemies as well, hitting the switch and opening the door once its clear. Move around the table to fake out the entering enemies, running through the door once its clear. Continue down this path, examining the garbage pit once you get close to it for a leap of faith.

Once down here, hit the lever to raise the gate and awaken the Maiden. Run a bit ahead before turning around and sniping the Plagas off the creature. You get a cool 20K for killing it, so it's well worth the effort. Work with Ashley to push the large container in order to create a bridge, then cross it and pick up any items you need. Down the left hall is another Maiden to kill for cash, so take care of it before pushing the next container out of the way. The next area is a bit tricky, so keep Ashley close. Kill the enemies in the hall, breaking barrels for supplies before going through the gate and dropping down. Ashley will point out the broken wall, so run straight to the control booth in the right corner. Operate the lever yourself for the first wrecking ball hit, forcing tons of Ganados to spawn. Throw a flash grenade to keep them at bay, waiting for the ball to reset. Once it does, pull the switch and get in another hit. Throw another flash or use your Striker to deal with the enemies as you wait for a third reset. Pull the lever again and run to the wall, opening the door as soon as the ball moves away.

In this next room,take the first right you can and raid the room for supplies. Pull out your sniper and hit the lever on the wall in the hallway you came from once you finish, then quickly turn around and run a few paces back. Turn again to face the Regenerator, killing him in the usual fashion. Take the money from the corpse and continue down the hall, dealing with the 2nd Regenerator in the same manner. Go down the left corridor and into the room at the end, hitting the red switch in the back right corner and raiding it for supplies. Leave this room and examine the half-opened shutter to the left, telling Ashley to go under it and unlock it. Once you can get through, go into the door on the right for a merchant meeting and some supplies. Once done, leave this room and go straight to the double-lever doors. Have Ashley wait at one, as you go to the other. Ready yourselves, and activate the switches as soon as the center light is illuminated.

In the next room, raid all the crates for ammo and health before climbing into the bulldozer bed as Ashley takes the wheel. Stand near the back of the dozer, Striker at the ready, waiting for the hordes to jump onto the bed of the machine with you. Blast them once they do, sending them flying back and too far away to catch up. Continue killing whatever drops down or jumps up as you progress until you see a truck rev to life. Use your TMP to shoot the engine until it blows up and stalls. A few moments later, it'll roar back to life and charge you again. Fire at it once more until you see another small explosion, flipping it on its side. You'll soon reach a loading bay and the dozer will stop, so jump out and run right, up the ladder. At the top of the ladder is an herb if you need it, with a few enemies behind you guarding the way. Kill them quickly and rush through to the middle, hitting the switch and going back the way you came. Drop down and back up onto the dozer bed to get it moving again, then resume your position near Ashley.

Turn around as the dozer starts to move again, shooting the Ganados off their perches above in order to kill them early. You'll still need to prevent the ones behind you from getting the jump on you, so keep pressure up on both sides. Once you've reached another obstacle that Ashley destroys, turn around and wait with the TMP. A truck will charge you head on, so fire on it until it swerves, knocking you into the building. Once back on your feet, raid this room for the Green Stone of Judgement (another Lynx stone) and some cash, along with ammo and health. Talk to the merchant, tuning up your Butterfly and Striker, before exiting this room for a cutscene.

Chapter 5-3

Right when you begin, check the left of the stairs for some money. Go up the stairs and through the door here, going down the corridor and stopping at the door for a cutscene. Go down the stairs and take the herb in front of the door before proceeding through. The boiler room has a few enemies that can be easily avoided, simply turn right and run for the door at the end of this room. In front of you in the next room is a box of money, so take it and go up the lift here. Walk forward on the catwalk a bit to initiate a long scene that gives a lot of plot points, but is also riddled with a number of QTE's and button mashing. Hit them all when they come up, ending the scene and allowing you to progress. Run straight and drop down, going into the door in front of you here.

In this room go through the automatic doors until the lasers come in. Watch the pattern and move under them as they rise, then wait for the next set to appear. Wait for the pattern again, then run under this batch. Run straight and hit cn_L2 + cn_R2 to dodge the incoming lasers. Examine the door for a scene, then begin to run to the incoming lasers in order to dodge them in time. With that done, go through the door you examined. Take the emerald from the throne, then turn around and shoot the elegant headdress from the wall above. With those items, descend down from the lift.

In the next area, go to the right and check out what the merchant has in his little cage. Take the items and ammo scattered around, sell your treasures, do some tuning up of your Striker and Butterfly, then head into the next cavern. Run straight ahead until a cutscene occurs, putting trapping you in a cage with U3. During this initial phase, you shouldn't fight the creature at all. Run around and past him, avoiding his tentacle arm and hitting any QTE's that come up. Run straight and to the left, blasting the green button on the right with the Striker. Activate the switch and turn back around, following the path right, left, and destroying the button here to raise the gate. Go all the way left, hitting the red button here to start a countdown and unlock the massive red doors behind you. Go through these doors and into the next container. Go forward, stopping at the intersection and looking up and to the right, shooting the button on the beam. Look to the left and shoot the button up here as well. Once the cutscene starts, run straight and to the left again, hitting the button here. Turn back around and follow the path right, then left to a button. Turn around after hitting it, running to the end of the area and through the door on the right for the final container. In here, go to the left first and aim your Striker at the faint green glow on the right. When you draw a bead on it, shoot. This will unlock the door and let you hit this switch early. Now run around to the right, hitting the last switch for a scene. Avoid U3 and run through the corridor (right then left) to find the door. Open it, then run to the crane and examine it to be put on solid ground. Take the ammo and health to the right before moving into the cave for the actual battle against U3.

The monster is only vulnerable when hit in the mouth/claw that is sticking out above his head. Start by running around the area, shooting the red barrels when U3 is close to them. Switch to the Butterfly afterwards, only taking guaranteed shots. Keep a far distance, as U3 will lunge at you and try to cut you with the large claw for a ton of damage. Try to run him around the rock for maximum effect, stopping to shoot when the claw pokes around a corner. If he goes underground, constantly keep running and hit the QTE prompts until he re-emerges from beneath you for more punishment. If you run out of magnum ammo, switch over to your TMP to finish the job. Once he dies, collect the money from his body and leave through the gate. Exit this area, picking up any supplies you need, before taking the ladder up out of this area.

Take another ladder up, opening the cabinet for a grenade. Leave this building and continue until you can drop down, killing all the enemies down here once you do. Go down the right path to find a yellow herb by the fence, then raid the camp for supplies and money. Drop down and shoot an emerald off one of the beams down here, then go down the right path for crate containing the Blue Stone of Treason. Combine all 3 of your colored gems with the lynx to create a very valuable treasure. Continue down the tunnel, veering down the left path to find more crates with more money within. Now go all the way to the end, entering the door with the guns on it next to the merchant.

Welcome to the shooting gallery, one of the more annoying parts of the game. Doing it now ensures you have access to every shooting range, instead of doing them one at a time when they become available. For the trophy, you'll need to collect every bottlecap prize associated with the 8 stages of the gallery. I say 8 because each range has an A and B side, with the B side being more challenging. You'll need to score 3,000 points as well as either beat the high score (posted near the merchant for that particular range) or hit every intended target, resulting in a perfect score. You can earn 2 caps per side (A or B) on each range by scoring 3,000+ points, and another 1 cap for getting a perfect/high score. I personally only used the TMP, which isn't that bad once you get used to the recoil and aiming. Priority is accuracy, hitting 5 targets in a row without missing sends out a little Salazar across the back of the screen worth a very helpful 500 points. Headshots are always worth more on typical targets, but shooting Ashley is a 1000 point deduction and is generally inadvisable. The best strategy is to learn each map and learn each pattern until you get it, no other way around it. You'll know you got a cap when you see "Prize Awarded" on the results screen. Below are some videos just showing how the stages are done:

Doing this and talking to the merchant awards you 125,000 pesetas and will unlock:

What Are They Worth?

Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game.

What Are They Worth?
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These trophies can be missed.

With that little headache out of the way. leave this room and talk to the merchant. Sell your treasures, including the complete Lynx, and use all of your newfound wealth to tune up your Striker as much as possible, with the remainder going into the Broken Butterfly and any leftovers being used for the TMP. The Ballistic Vest won't hurt, either. With your business concluded, ascend the ladder and proceed on through the double doors. Drop down after a short walk and run ahead, triggering a cutscene with Krauser. Start running to the door immediately after the scene, going through it and taking the herb from the table and the magnum ammo from the crate on the table. Wait by the door for Krauser, blasting him with the Striker a few times when he breaks through. He will try to slash you and enter into a QTE sequence in close quarters, but he can easily be stunned by the Striker blasts. After a short time, he'll throw a flashbang and disappear. This opens the door down here, so go through it and grab the shotgun shells on the left if you're brave. Run through this area, going right and then left, avoiding Krauser and not stopping. Hug the right side of the building, following the path and grabbing the herb along the way. Go up the short stairs for another scene, being ready for Krauser as soon as it starts. Same deal as before, use the Striker or TMP to keep pressure on him until he runs away. When the statue emerges, push it all the way left (when facing it) before going behind it and pushing it up to the square on the ground. Take the red herb here and go back the way you came, down the stairs and by the building. Go on the opposite side of the building, right as you're facing it now, hit the switch on the wall and drop down into the area below.

Look left and Striker the explosive bots on the ground. Run in their direction and turn right around the corner, shooting the little antenna poking out of the dirt. Continue down this path and around the corner, destroying the bots here as well before they rush or shoot you. Go into the gated area, picking up the herb from the right. Go all the way up the tower and ladder, going straight at the top and around the outside of the tower to pick up the last piece of the beast. This will initiate a cutscene that concludes with a QTE, hit it to avoid Krauser. Run ahead and down to the right, turning around to face Krauser. Use your Butterfly to hit his leg, dropping him to a knee. Put another shot into his head or body directly afterwards, repeating this process until he gets close. Run past him, hitting a QTE if he forces you into one, repeating the shooting process from the other side of the area. If you find yourself out of magnum rounds, switch over to the TMP so you're able to put in a large number of shots into Krauser while maintaining distance. Should this still not kill him, use the Striker as a last resort, just be very ready to avoid his attacks or do a QTE at this close range. Collect the final piece from his corpse after he falls, giving you:

The Ties That Bind

Defeat Krauser, your former partner, in battle.

The Ties That Bind
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Jump back down the ladder, quickly turning around and running across the wooden platform here and jumping down again. Go right and insert the 3 pieces of the beast into the relief, exposing a door for you to pass through and end the chapter.

Chapter 5-4

Run ahead and grab the herb to your right, then continue on a bit for a cutscene. Run straight ahead and up the ladder on the left, avoiding the enemies dropping down for the sake of speed. Run a bit to the right and drop down onto the bridge. Once the gatling starts firing at you, just run straight for the iron door to kick it down. Bank left and open the door here, passing through and seeing JJ appear once again. Run straight up the stairs, going right and stopping only to blast away the shield guy in the way. At the top, use the zipline to get across the way. Turn around and jump down before JJ can get a shot on you, looking left to the switch that raises the door below. After hitting it, drop down and run around the barbed wire to get into the compound. The gatlings are waiting for you, so run left and up the ladder. At the top stick to the right path, killing the shielded Ganado in your way and just pressing on straight until you pass the gatling on this side. Look down and kill the bottom gunner with a grenade or Red 9 before kicking down the door here, running to the end to activate the switch. Turn around and kill all the enemies closing in on you, looking right and shooting the gunner on the opposite side before killing the one directly ahead of you. With the major threats cleansed, run until you can drop down on the right. Run to the ladder on the left, climbing and passing the gatling on this side to hit another switch. Turn around again and drop down on the left, running past the center gatling and grabbing the first aid spray left behind before passing through the doors here.

Go a bit ahead and up the stairs for a cutscene. If you take nothing else away from the scene, just think of every other helicopter pilot who has met the same fate over the course of all Resident Evil games (it's definitely over 10). Follow the path to the left, collecting any items dropped by the dead Ganados and proceeding through the doors. Walk forward a bit and drop down, turning around for a necklace. Follow the path for a cutscene, then go through the doors ahead of you to exit this area. There are items in this room, but nothing urgent. Run straight to the back of the room, ignoring the Regenerators, grabbing the red herb before moving to the left and pulling yourself up before exiting through the door. Go down the stairs here and around the corner to find yourself as a target in a war zone. Run right, avoiding everything possible for now, going to the back-right corner of the room and examining the large metal doors here for a scene. Turn around and make a left at the corner, blasting the barrel down the way with the Red 9 and picking off any stragglers. One is very likely to drop the key card you need. Pick it up and go through the fenced door near the barrel you just blew up, grabbing the herb in the corner and climbing the ladder. Raid this room and insert the key card into the slot here. Leave through the left door, dropping down to the left and going into the room here, making a sharp right to activate the switch in here. Turn around and follow the catwalk to the other control room, using the Striker or a grenade to clear a path into the room. Activate the switch in here before dropping down the ladder in the room, following this path straight to the door you examined earlier. Pass through it and find your way to another door. There are some shield guys in here, so blast them and exit through the door here to find Ashley. Leave this room with here, grabbing the herb on your left as you pass by, down a set of stairs. Keep to the left, running past the large enemies here for a sliding door and cutscene.

Chapter 6-1

The final chapter! Exit this room with Ashley, opposite of the way you came. Ascend the stairs and grab the yellow herb by the door before exiting. Out here break all of the crates and talk to the merchant, now would be a fine time to sell your treasures and try to get the exclusive Striker upgrade if you don't have it yet. Otherwise, sell your rifle and scopes (it has served you well, but isn't necessary anymore) as well as any spare ammo. Keep enough space in your case to fit a rocket launcher, you'll be picking one up soon. When you're done, go down the stairs and approach the lift for a series of cutscenes to initiate the final battle. If you played Resident Evil 5, 6, 7, or Dead Aim before then you should have an idea of what to do. Target the eyes on Saddler's legs, he has 2 on each of his 4 legs. When he falls down, approach him and hit the button prompt to stab his main eye. His back legs can be tricky to hit, so use some other methods. Destroy the barrels when he's close to them for an instant down, and also use the cranes. Climb on the crane and wait for him to get close before pulling the lever, knocking him down with the beams. Run across the way as soon as the bridge re-forms in order to avoid a QTE to get access to another crane and barrel. If he's not giving you easy back leg access, use grenades in order to damage him severely. Stay on this side of the area, as Ada will throw you a rocket launcher once Saddler has taken enough damage. Take aim and fire at him for a kill shot cutscene. This will launch into another cutscene, giving you:

We're Going Home

Defeat Saddler in battle, and escape from the nightmare.

We're Going Home
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Take the hefty sum of money from the body of Saddler and run to the end of the platform, down the bridge to the right and then left onto the elevator. At the bottom another cutscene will initiate, so run ahead and jump down the ladder. Catch Ashley and continue, coming to a jet ski. Use the key and get on, driving down the path. Go through the clear archways before jumping off a rock, landing and sticking to the middle to avoid the cave formations. Hang left when the rock falls into the water and keep driving, going over 2 more rocks. Avoid the rocks in the last area and break for the sunlight, giving you an end of game cutscene and your results screen. You've unlocked 2/4 costumes and a ton of mini-games, as well as the infinite rocket launcher and Chicago Typewriter, which can be purchased from the merchant for a hefty 1,000,000 pesetas in New Game +.

Out of the mini-games unlocked, only one is really relevant to the purpose of trophies. If you're curious about Assignment Ada, it's a very short mission in which you play as Ada and collect Plaga samples scattered around the map. Completing it unlocks the Chicago Typewriter in Separate Ways.

The other game is The Mercenaries, which is an arcade-esque mode where you are placed in an arena with infinite Ganados and must rack up as many points as possible within the time limit, which can be extended by breaking the hourglasses around the map. Earning 5 stars on every level of The Mercenaries will unlock the Handcannon in the main game, which can eventually be upgraded fully to receive infinite ammo.

The last short scenario is all that we need right now, so start up a game of Separate Ways.

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