Red Faction II

Red Faction II

Red Faction II

Red Faction II Trophies

Full list of all 41 Red Faction II trophies - 26 bronze, 10 silver, 4 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Squad Goals

    Complete "Underground" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Urban Renewal

    Complete "Tank on the Town" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Our Nation Crumbles From Within

    Complete "Sopot's Citadel" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Blood in the Streets

    Complete "Hanging in the 'Hood" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Dead Man's Party

    Complete "Dancing With the Dead" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Critical Depth

    Complete "A River Runs To It" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Process of Elimination

    Complete "Inside the Nanobase" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Savior of the Commonwealth

    Complete "In Sopot's Deadly Embrace" (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • This Is How I Infiltrate

    Complete "Foreign Lands" killing enemies with only explosive weapons.

  • Relatively Precise

    Complete any level with a hit percentage above 60%.

  • The Art of Overkill

    Get 100 Headshot Kills (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • 250 Closed Caskets

    Reduce 250 enemies to "gibs" (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • As Non-Lethal As I Get

    Kill 25 enemies by pistol-whipping them (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Spray and Pray

    Kill 25 enemies with the CMP-32 or NCMG-44 machine pistols (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • The Burning Season

    Kill 25 enemies with incendiary or explosive weapons (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Cover Fire

    Kill 25 enemies by firing through a wall with the rail driver (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Simple, Yet Effective

    Kill 25 enemies with the NICW's primary fire (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Shoot From the Hip

    Kill 25 enemies with the CRS-60 or precision sniper rifle without using their scopes (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Whispering Death

    Kill 25 enemies with the CSMG-19 silenced machine gun (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Ankle-Deep in Spent Shells

    Kill 25 enemies with the CAR-72 on full auto (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Wrecker of Engines

    Destroy 25 vehicles with the WASP.

  • Suppressive

    Kill 25 enemies with the JF90 HMG (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Cruel and Unusual

    Stick a satchel charge onto 25 enemies (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

  • Points for Effort

    Finish the campaign on Easy (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Strong Enough to Prevail

    Finish the campaign on Medium (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Demolisher

    Finish the campaign on Hard (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Planning Stages

    Unlock all the concept art in the Gallery (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Classified Dossiers

    Unlock all the entries in the Gallery's Enemies menu (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    Unlock all the entries in the Gallery's Civilians menu (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • An Arsenal of Doom

    Unlock all the entries in the Gallery's Equipment menu (cheating may disable this trophy).

  • Acceptable Targets

    Complete "Search and Destroy" without killing a civilian.