Red Faction II

PlayStation 4

Red Faction II Trophies

Most Earned

Data Transfer
Data Transfer15TrophyTypeComplete "Foreign Lands" (cheating may disable this trophy).
The Burning Season
The Burning Season16TrophyTypeKill 25 enemies with incendiary or explosive weapons (cannot be completed in multiplayer).
And Now, Let's Meet the Team
And Now, Let's Meet the Team17TrophyTypeComplete "Public Information Building" (cheating may disable this trophy).
Simple, Yet Effective
Simple, Yet Effective17TrophyTypeKill 25 enemies with the NICW's primary fire (cannot be completed in multiplayer).

Least Earned

Wrecker of Engines
Wrecker of Engines45TrophyTypeDestroy 25 vehicles with the WASP.
Vanish Into History
Vanish Into History91TrophyTypeGet the "Judgement Day" ending (cheating may disable this trophy).
Revolutionary545TrophyTypeUnlock all other trophies.
Above and Beyond
Above and Beyond272TrophyTypeClear the campaign while accomplishing all bonus objectives.
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