Red Dead Redemption (PS3) Reviews

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    30 Sep 2014
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    I honestly wasn't too excited about this game upon its release. I didn't really take the time to read up about it because the western theme was all but appealing to me. However, many of my friends had bought the game and kept raving about how great it was and the similarities to the GTA series. So since we pretty much have the same taste in games, I finally decided to pick it up and give it a try.

    To say I ended up really liking it would be an understatement. RDR managed to take a minor feature from GTA IV and integrated heavily into the gameplay. This feature being the bonus missions/random encounter features. These appear very frequently throughout the game and not only help you gain money but also contributes toward the type of creditabilty you want to have. Similar to inFamous, cetain actions in the game determine how people will react to you upon seeing you. If you are more honorable, people may randomly stop you and reward with money or items...if you have very little honor, you can receive an all black horse as your default steed. The the single player campaign in itself is pretty fun but there is plenty of extra things to get into also. In addition to the previously mentioned bonus missions and random encounters, there are gambling mini games, you can hunt animal and sell their spoils to shops, quick draw challenges and bounty hunt. RDR's online gameplay is pretty emersive. You can either choose to free roam the game's map with other players from around the world or choose amongst several competitive game modes to participate in.

    The story seemed a bit "GTAish" and actually reminded me a lot of San Andreas...a reformed criminal's family gets taken into custody by a bunch of crooked cops and the only way to rescue them is to be an unwilling participate in their twisted games. The general plots are the same but it does play out far differently that San Andreas with a far more emotional ending.

    My Breakdown:

    What's Good:

    - Tons of extra content to explore in single player campaign
    - Emotional story
    - Funny and interesting group of characters
    - Great voice acting with a convincing script
    - Familiar control scheme (a lot like GTA IV)
    - Fun and addictive gameplay
    - Hunting some times reminded me of Organ Trail for some reason
    - Mission/Gameplay variety
    - Weapon variety
    - Internet stat tracking and bonuses: Rockstar Social Club
    - Plenty of trophies to unlock
    - Vast online gameplay with lots of variety of activities

    What's Not-So-Good:

    - The difficulty in unlocking the majority of the costumes on the game
    - Unless you know how to gamble, many of the mini games are useless
    - Those dang cow herding missions!

    What's Bad:

    - Having to pay for online add-ons that give you basic things that the single player campaign already include (parts of the map and certain animals)

    In all, RDR is a must on for any PS3 owner. GTA and non-GTA fans alike should find this game very appealing with hours of addictive gameplay.
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