3. Razed Story walkthroughUpdate notes

So let's hop into the game. After meeting all 4 of the characters in the game (yes I am literally referring to each shoe as a 'character'), you will get to try the first level. Beating that will unlock 'Training Shoes'. If you're hoping to get every upgrade and every A-rank or S-rank as you go, I can tell you that it is impossible to get any of those on 1-1 the first time you try it. The upgrade requires a powerup you don't have, and high ranks require even more powerups than that. Just play through each level to beat it for now. Sometimes you'll be able to get upgrades as you go, and that's cool, but don't worry about getting everything. High ranks will be impossible until we pick up 'boost' so don't even worry about them.

At this point I should mention, for me at least, my trophies sometimes were delayed in unlocking. Don't worry if this doesn't unlock right away, keep going. Meanwhile, beating the second level will unlock 'Hop Star'.

If you replay the second level, you will now be able to get the upgrade which you saw on the left path just before the very end of the level, which will get you 'Gumshoe'.

Feel free to restart the level and take a big jump off the left early on to get 'Moon Boots' while you're here.

  • Moon boots

    Get airtime of 2 seconds from a single jump

    Moon boots
    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.

And if you've not already picked up 'Every now and then I fall apart' (A trophy for dying), don't worry, it will come naturally as you play the game.

Another easy to achieve trophy you'll naturally get as you play the game around about the time you're doing the third level is 'Spring in your step' for jumping 20 times.

There will be a bit of a gap in trophies for a while, that's fine. At the end of world 1, you'll unlock drift, and the 'Burn Rubber' trophy with it.

Feel free to do a completely pointless drift for a second to unlock this trophy. You might as well, it's the most use that drifting will ever be.

As far as I can tell, the first time you can get an A grade without any upgrades is world 2-4. You can get the trophy 'Fleet of Foot' by getting the 'A' grade here. Do this by cutting the last corner of the level, nothing too fancy is needed.

You'll get a second powerup at the end of the second world. This one is stomp, and it's not terrible! Unlocking it gets 'Put your foot down'.

'Stomp' is a weird powerup. Sometimes it activates switches, sometimes it kills fire, sometimes it shapes land. Also, unlike what you might think of when you hear the word 'stomp', you never lose speed to do it, and never have to do it from elevated height (in fact, you can actually 'stomp' while completely in the air). Most things you can do with stomp give themselves little markers which show you when you can use it to do a thing but also bear in mind that 'stomp' will extinguish all nearby fire. That will become very relevant very soon.

It's very likely that you already have unlocked 5 upgrades for the 'Clever Clogs' trophy already. But if you haven't, feel free to revisit 1-1. The stomp was needed to get the upgrade on this level. I am going to count you as having completed 'Clever Clogs' now, but if you haven't, it's not the end of the world. You may want to revisit some levels to pick up some upgrades, as they make later levels easier.

You will also find that a lot of world 3 requires you to extinguish fires by stomping. Doing this enough times will get you the 'Hot Foot' trophy naturally as you progress.

There's also plenty of flowers and plants in these worlds which will allow you to get 'Green Fingers' by walking into them. If you don't pick this trophy or the one during world 3, don't worry, you will pick them up later in the game just naturally, and if not, don't worry, we'll be revisiting these levels.

From what information I can get from truetrophies, based on how many people have unlocked certain trophies, you'll probably be picking up "Athlete's Foot" for having run a certain amount of distance, too. Again, it'll pop naturally if it hasn't already, it's a trophy for running, you won't be able to complete the game without getting it along the way.

There's also a trophy for stomping 100 times. You will get this naturally over the progression of the game, most likely before you even finish world 3. Enjoy 'Stamp of approval'!

Beating world 3 for the first time will unlock the boost powerup. This is great for your speed not only for the obvious "well duh, it's boost" reason but also because of the 'snaking' technique. While boosting, if you shake left and right, you will gain speed. You can also do this by doing a short boost, and then jumping out of the boost, and snaking whilst in the air. This probably seems like it'd use a lot of energy, and right now it will, but as we gain upgrades that will become a very powerful tool. For now, enjoy boosting, and the trophy you get with it.

World 4 will feature lots of slime pits where you will be forced to boost to run across them, as your normal run speed will see you sink. You will naturally get 'Really putting your foot down' somewhen throughout your attempts at world 4.

Completion of world 4 for the first time will unlock the 'grip' ability (or 'wall-riding' to anyone who describes it the normal way), and the 'Dig your heels in' trophy.

Good news! For no apparent reason, there's not one but two trophies relating to using your new power-up. As with the other two useful powerups so far (drift doesn't count because it's garbage), the next world is full of things to make you learn your new mechanic. So as you play through world 5, you will unlock 'tread lightly' (probably as early as 5-1) and 'treading a fine line'.

Completion of world 5 will unlock strafing, a sadly anti-climactic final powerup, as it is mostly used to pick up a few upgrades and not much else. It's still good for the 'side step' trophy.

Because strafing is so terrible and consumes a lot of energy compared to drifting, I would leave the trophy for using strafing until later, you will save some time this way. Just focus down on beating world 6, which has no trophy for completing it! Once you've beat it, it's going to be time to do cleanup for upgrades. I am going to assume a good amount of you will have already picked up Shoeper Sleuth, which is for picking up a third of the upgrades in the normal levels. If not, you will pick it up as we get the upgrades in every level in one go.

The video below shows you at a reasonably slow pace (meaning every level of the game is shown to completion in less than 25 minutes) where you can find every upgrade, in case there are some that you can't find.

But completing this WON'T get you the trophy for getting all the upgrades. Weird, right? There are some other things we have to do for that one. We've done all we can for now though, so don't worry. With our new super-powered shoes, revisit world 1-1. You're now going to play through the game and pick up the A-rank for every level in the game. A-ranks are easy enough to get, and can be done as simply as "do the level the way you did before, but use boost more liberally because you can afford to be more lenient with your energy now'. By all means, start practicing your snaking. When you get all A-grades for the first world, you will get 'Rock your socks off.'

If you go back to the level select, you'll find you now have a new level open. Go there and complete it, making sure to get the fusion upgrade segment as you do. I cannot tell you if these bonus levels count towards the "earn all S-ranks" trophies, but given that they don't count towards the A-rank trophies, and it seems impossible to get the fusion upgrade segment without S-ranking some of them, I would not stress about it and just get the segments and complete them. If you didn't already get 'firSt', you should try to get it here.

  • firSt

    Got first S grade for a level

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Time/Date - These trophies require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.

Continue to go back through the levels, getting the A rank on all of the ones you didn't A rank the first time through. A ranks are quite lenient for the most part, so this shouldn't take you too long. Each world has its own trophy for getting all A-ranks, so you'll pick up 5 more trophies for doing this, and an extra for completing the set.

  • Clog

    Got A grade for Into the Woods

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Time/Date - These trophies require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.

This will also unlock all of the bonus levels. Upon completing the last of these, you should get 'The Shoe Box' (for completing every level), 'Fill your boots' (for unlocking fusion mode by collecting the 6 fusion segments) and 'fill your boots' (for collecting all upgrades).

I should mention that it is possible to get fusion mode without picking up every upgrade if you're willing to try to A-rank every level without all the upgrades, but that will only make things more difficult for yourself, and you still need every upgrade for the platinum anyway.

What fusion mode does is it means that your shoes can no longer explode. You can use your abilities infinitely, and stand still as much as you like, without it depleting your life energy. This will make S-ranking every level easier, which is good because that can be quite difficult. Don't be like me who tried to S-rank every level before I even found out what fusion mode did. While it is certainly possible (I S-ranked 57 levels without fusion mode), it's simply an unnecessary restriction. S-ranks require serious shortcuts and skips, some of which you probably won't be aware are possible until you see them. Use the ghosts of the world leaders as your first resource. If they pull off something crazy that you don't want to try, refer to this 15-minute video of every level being S-graded, which takes more reasonable routes.

If that fails and you find that hard to follow, feel free to message me on here, and we can add each other on PSN and you can use my ghosts to follow. Watch out for course 3-2 in particular, which I'd recommend doing first despite the order. You may have already found difficulty whilst trying to A-rank it, but to S-rank it, you will need to complete it in under 5 seconds. I didn't mistype that, I mean under 5 seconds. I did this by snaking and jumping to the platform on the right which is visible from the start, then jumping to the lower block around the corner (next to the platform you are meant to stomp) and then jumping directly to the finish line. The world leader ghost jumps off the course entirely, but I found that method inconsistent and difficult to practice. If you can S-rank that level, rest assured that nothing which follows is anywhere near as difficult. If you do that first, you can know that everything else after it will be possible. As before, each world has its own trophy for S-ranking every level. There actually isn't one for S-ranking every level, even though the platinum says that's what it's for. I guess it assumes that to be the last trophy you do.

Finally, as a little bit of a mop up to breathe out the difficulty, load up level 1-1. Ahh, nostalgia. Remember I mentioned strafing earlier? Yeah, still not really used it, have we? It's okay. You can strafe 100 times, back and forth, to quickly pick up 'Parallax Addict'. We do this now and not when we pick up the strafe powerup so that we're not weighed down by energy restrictions or dying.

And while you're in 1-1, drift in a circle for a little while for 'Freudian Slip', and then pick up your platinum.

I really hope you enjoyed Razed, and if you did, consider sending some love to Warpfish Games. They're a two-man indie group who I'm sure would appreciate you telling them you enjoyed it. I hope the walkthrough helped you enjoy this beautiful and quirky game!

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