2. Rayman Origins General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Rayman is back! Most of the gamers today played the original series back in 1995 as well. If you didn't, prepare for hours of fun and relaxed gaming (although it can be quite frustrating from time to time). Rayman Origins is a platform/action game in 2D. While most games cannot live without its 3D and its point of free running around, this game stands tall above games with greater names. It's not that hard, the soundtrack is amazing and the gameplay is fluent.

The game has a smart checkpoint system (passing a gate), where you do not have to restart a full level when you get "bubblized" (you get bubblized when you get hit in the game and die) unless you are going for speed trophies.

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Short explanation: The Glade of Dreams is created by Bubble Dreamer in his dreams (quite obvious). You need to rescue the Electoons (the inhabitants from The Glade of Dreams) from the Darktoons (Electoons that turned evil because of Bubble Dreamers nightmares and live in The Land of Living Dead). While going through every level, you need to collect Lums (yellow fireflies) to get bonus Electoons (there are 2 bonus Electoons in most levels, though some contain none). In most levels, there are two secret areas that hide a cage full of Electoons. Listen closely while playing the game, because most of the time you can hear them screaming for help. You also need to find every secret passage in order to complete the game (more information in the guide).

Have fun!

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